YouTube Gaming VPN - How to Unblock YouTube Gaming

Termed as the “YouTube Built for Gamers”, YouTube Gaming is the one stop for those who wish to be connected their favorite thing, “online games”. The new YouTube Gaming app and website are dedicated to gaming videos and live streaming, built to cater to the global community of gamers. To access the full features of YouTube Gaming outside USA & Europe you will require the best YouTube Gaming VPN out there.

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Promising more gaming videos than anywhere else, YouTube Gaming will built on a foundation of broadcasters of over 25000 games, with the number expected to cross the million mark within a few years. Each game will have its own broadcasting page serving as a single stop for all videos, broadcasts and live event streams, including channels from a huge populace of game publishers and YouTube creators.

Regional Restriction on YouTube Gaming

Like its parent website YouTube Gaming is also unavailable in many regions of the world including China, South Asia, Russia, South East Asia, Iran, Germany and Turkey. YouTube Gaming’s press release was very specific about the region-restriced availability of the platform.

While Google restricts these users they find alternative ways to access their favorite gaming feeds and events without a sweat on their brow. Using modern YouTube Gaming VPN services users can easily access the streaming service in HD with full bandwidth. 

Unblock YouTube Gaming with VPN

A YouTube Gaming VPN works like an immunity shield hiding you from ISPs, Google tracking, Government surveillance and hackers. The primary function of a YouTube Gaming VPN however is its ability to hide your IP address, change your location virtually to a desired region and securely send all your online requests to the internet.

Finding The Best YouTube Gaming VPN

The ‘how’ to part is not too difficult. The hard part is finding the ideal YouTube Gaming VPN in a sea of hundreds. You will get swamped with thousands of providers (based in locations from New York to Beijing to Tokyo). Instead, cut through the cotton candy and go through the no-nonsense reviews of YouTube Gaming VPN providers.

As you go through various VPN reviews to unblock YouTube Gaming lay emphasis on 5 aspects namely Server Network of provider (more servers better network), availability of Desktop & Mobile apps, Bandwidth utilization (Limited or Unlimited, where Unlimited is Good), Security Features (tunneling protocols, encryption, firewall security, DDoS protection etc.) and always available Customer Support.

Ideal YouTube Gaming VPN offer Vast Server Network

Having a vast server network will ensure you have ample of virtual servers to replace your IP & Location with. In this case if YouTube Gaming is only accessible within the USA, UK and a handful of other countries then having multiple US & UK servers will be the benchmark for any YouTube Gaming VPN service. 

Desktop & Mobile Apps for YouTube Gaming

Ease of use is essential when it comes to streaming, you don’t really want to get into the advanced aesthetics of using a YouTube Gaming VPN. Having a Windows desktop or android mobile app will ensure you can connect the service anywhere, anytime and without the worry that your boss or your school IT department catching you streaming.  

Non Stop Bandwidth

The point of having an UNLIMITED bandwidth service is ensuring that your streaming is never affected. Be on the lookout for services that limit bandwidth, usually YouTube Gaming VPN providers will offer unlimited bandwidth consumption promising no unanticipated streaming issues. 

Security Features

When bypassing restrictions on the internet it is essential that the tool you use protects your privacy, IP address, location, data transfers and communication. Accumulating an array of advanced security tools a YouTube Gaming VPN will ensure all your data transfers and communication is highly secure. 

Encryption converts your data, communication and other information into useless combination of characters. This is complemented by tunneling protocols that ensure you are invisible to the internet and hence to hackers, ISPs, copyright trolls, Google and to government surveillance. All anyone will see is a connection from your device to the YouTube VPN server.

Customer Support 

Having someone to help you at 1 in the morning would be a brilliant prospect. There are numerous YouTube VPN providers that host Live Chat 24/7/365 to ensure you are never left hanging when using their service. 

Many providers even offer remote desktop support so you never have to worry about connectivity issues. Many premium YouTube VPN services also offer ticketing system, email, social channels and phone support. Go through the various YouTube Gaming VPN provider reviews to know who have the best offer on the table.

How to Unblock YouTube Gaming 

Once you have sorted out your YouTube Gaming VPN accessing the service is 2 steps no more. 

Step 1

Install the YouTube Gaming VPN provider’s app and then proceed to connect to a server in either the US or UK. 

YouTube Gaming VPN

Screen Cap of New PureVPN Windows Desktop App Connected to US Chicago Server

Step 2  

Go to Your Browser Window and type in, press enter and we are ready to stream & broadcast. 

How to Unblock YouTube Gaming

Enjoy Streaming & Broadcasting with a YouTube Gaming VPN

Enjoy your favorite gaming replays and broadcast your epic moments with a YouTube Gaming VPN today. Unblock YouTube Gaming streams and join your favorite gaming channels and post comments on your favorite videos.

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