How To Watch VUDU Outside The USA

Walmart owned VUDU is an American based media delivery service using TV and online streaming. VUDU offers its service over Smart TVs, third party TV boxes, gaming consoles, Roku boxes, Android devices, iOS & Mac, PC, Boxee Media Players and the VUDU Spark USB device (similar to chrome). To watch VUDU outside USA, start by activating your VPN and connecting to a USA server. Once the connection has established, proceed to check your IP address on an IP check website like or Once you have confirmed your local IP address has been masked with a US address, simply access the VUDU website and browse through the vast media library.

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 The amazing feature of VUDU’s service is their ability to deliver latest movies unlike Netflix, HULU and Google Play. The only setback with the service is that media can only be accessed within the USA. Fans around the world, US expats and travelling subscribers can however watch VUDU without facing geo-restrictions using VPN or Virtual Private Networks. 

How to Watch VUDU outside USA  

Virtual Private Networks are tools designed to allow users’ access to remote servers and devices through the public internet. A VPN allows you to connect to a US server and get access to a USA IP address. The VUDU website thus recognizes you as a US user, allowing you to watch VUDU outside USA. It doesn`t matter if you live in UK, Canada or any where of the world.
Most VPN services now offer easy to use apps for both desktop and mobile devices making it easy for users to access blocked websites and geo-restricted services. Apart from the app, most VPN also have manual setup guides published on their websites allowing users to easily setup the service. 

The Best VPN for VUDU

The hard part is not unblocking VUDU but choosing the best VPN to unblock the service. Although VUDU can be accessed through any VPN service with a server is the USA, always take caution with which service you subscribe to.

Privacy Logs & Data Retention

Modern data retention laws and propaganda campaigns have changed the way users choose VPN providers. The most essential aspect when subscribing to VPN is to ensure the service is based outside the USA, UK, EU and Australia. The reason behind this are the stringent ‘Data Retention’ laws laid down within these countries. 
Foreign based VPN providers tend to be the most private and secure option when connecting to a US based geo-restricted web service. Australian copyright trolls are already lobbying to ban VPN services, since more than 200,000 users access Netflix, HULU and other streaming services through them. 
VPN providers working under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) tend to 
- Log user information (name, email address, local IP address, online activity and time of use) 
- Submit user information to the NSA, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and FBI 
Retaining data logs is one of the worst kinds of invasion of privacy (a technique initially orchestrated by the US government) and the ridiculous fact is that privacy providers are involved in it. 

Widespread US Server Network

A wide & extensive server network is the most important feature when selecting the nest VPN for VUDU. More servers establish that you will have a stronger, more responsive and stable connection when watching VUDU outside the USA. 
More servers also mean you will have more US IP addresses to connect with. Usually premium providers have dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and P2P downloading allowing users to connect with servers according to their requirements. 

Tunneling & Encryption    

The best VPN for VUDU should by default offer a range of secure tunneling and data encryption features. The ideal VPN to watch VUDU will offer between high speed (streaming, P2P & browsing) and high security (data transfer, emails & social networking) protocols. Tunneling protocols ensure all information sent over the internet is protected from prying eyes like government spying, ISP monitoring and hackers. 
Also essential when using VPN is the encryption strength provided by the service. Simply explained ‘encryption’ is the feature that encodes all information passing in and out of your device into binary code (0 & 1). This protects all your credentials, sensitive information, files, emails, chats, communication and other information submitted over the internet.   

Added Benefits of the best VUDU VPN

A VPN although is the ideal tool to unblock geo-restricted services and protect your privacy when online, it was however meant to do more than streaming. Added features include:

DDoS attack prevention (Selected providers)

VUDU fans rejoice, access our premium VPN reviews and learn more about best VPN to watch VUDU. Choose the best VPN service catering your region and watch VUDU outside the USA from anywhere in the world. Protect your privacy, secure your data and enhance your device security while browsing through hundreds of VUDU movies.
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