How to Watch SkyGO outside UK

Sky has been a leading TV cable service provider in the United Kingdom for well over a decade. SkyGO is the premier on-demand streaming service by the Sky since 2006. SkyGO allows subscribers to watch shows online through their MAC, Windows PC, Android, iOS, gaming consoles (XBOX & PS4) and other compatible devices. Sky offers its service within the United Kingdom, but SkyGO is geo-restricted for travelling Britons and streaming fans around the world. SkyGO fans outside UK can still access the complete Sky programming online using VPN or Virtual Private Networks. Learn more about VPN in our premium review table below:

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 Providers offering SkyGO VPN solutions also offer easy to use desktop and mobile apps making the process as easy as 2 steps to protect your privacy and unblock most geo-restricted services in the UK.

Benefits of a SkyGO VPN

A SkyGO VPN will not only be handy in the case of circumventing geo-restriction but is a necessity for the anti-privacy nature of modern internet. With malicious attacks, hacks, online theft, copyright policing and many other threats existing on the internet no matter where you are a SkyGO VPN is the ideal solutions for most of these threats.

A SkyGO VPN provides the following protections & benefits online:

While we only evaluate the benefits of VPN upon how to watch SkyGO outside UK, there are numerous other advantages to business personnel and public Wi-Fi users.

What's On SkyGO? 

SkyGO now offers over 80 channels available through different bundles starting at £21.50/ month. You can get exclusive entertainment, sports, movies, documentary and custom bundles (personalized) depending on your watching preferences. You can access the complete programming schedule and subscription packages here just ensure you have a SkyGO VPN active before you access the website.  

Currently, Sky has the following subscription plans available for customers:

1.      Original – £21.50/ month (currently on a 6 month offer costing £10/month)

2.      Variety –  £28/month

3.      Family – £33/month

Custom or Personalized bundle prices depend upon the number of channels that you wish to add to your package.

How Does A SkyGO VPN Work?

Once you understand the process of a VPN, unblocking SkyGO is a two-step process. A VPN basically creates a virtual connection through your broadband connecting you to a remote server located within the UK. Once connected to the UK based VPN server your local IP is replaced/masked with one from the United Kingdom.

A VPN by definition is a remote connection tool designed to allow users’ access to server based at home or even connection to home or office devices. The uses of Virtual Private Networks have evolved today as they are deployed as exclusive unblocking and privacy tools.

Once your IP address has been replaced the SkyGO service will recognize you as a UK subscriber, allowing you to watch SkyGO outside UK practically from anywhere in the world. Let me clarify at this point, VPN are not illegal anywhere in the world (including China) nor are these tools dangerous (they are in fact the best security measure for modern internet).

The IP address is the first point of interaction between your device and an online service. Once Sky’s website realizes your IP is not UK based it will display a gorgeous geo-restriction message to flog you away. A SkyGO VPN simply changes your IP address and location through a tunneled connection to a UK based VPN server.

Watch SkyGO Outside The UK 

You can now watch SkyGO outside UK through any online device, without the threat of any copyright issues. Your VPN will also protect your online data transfer by encrypting them into binary code, making it unreadable for any ISP monitoring, Government intruders or Hackers.

Streaming fans get to it, access our tested SkyGO VPN reviews and find the best one for your region. Here are some tips to select the best VPN service to watch SkyGO outside UK:

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