How To Watch Showtime Outside USA

American premium TV cable provider Showtime has over 30 million subscribers in the USA. Showtime is a subsidiary of CBS providing a huge collection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports and comedy shows. Showtime is also available over online devices through their Showtime Anytime feature. The only unfortunate thing about the service is that it is geo-restricted and does not allow you to stream from outside the US. Showtime subscribers travelling outside US, those living abroad and streaming fans around the world can access Showtime Anytime through state of the art VPN services.

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 Showtime Anytime is available for free to all Showtime cable subscribers. You can unblock and access it through your Android (phone & tablet), Apple (Mac & iOS), Windows (PC) and streaming devices (like Roku and Google Chromecast). Mobile Apps are available on iTunes and Google Play, while PC and Mac users can stream media directly from the website.

How to Watch ShowTime with VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPN, are tools designed to connect users to their home servers or computers when away from home. This technology helps unblock geo-restricted websites securely and anonymously. Switching your IP bypasses the geo-restriction while the encryption and tunneling help secure your identity, allowing you to unblock Showtime and watch the shows of your choice including Homeland or Ray Donovan.

Here are the top 5 benefits a VPN offers for Showtime fans:

1. Mask your local IP address with one from the USA 
2. Change your location virtually to the US 
3. Protect your information transfers by encrypting them into binary code
4. Make your online activities anonymous 
5. Secure you against online hacking and other malicious threats
Today VPN providers have facilitated connecting to their services through easy to use desktop and mobile apps, usually available for free with their subscription. VPN apps allow once click connect, server selection, protocols selection, encryption strength and advanced tweaks for pros. 

Why use VPN to Watch Showtime outside USA 

A VPN uses a mix of tunneling protocols, encryption algorithms and foreign based VPN servers to unblock geo-restricted services (like Showtime & Netflix) and registers the user as a US resident.
The basic function of using a VPN to access websites like Showtime outside USA is to securely connect you to a VPN server based in the USA, which concurrently assigns you a US IP address. Your IP address is the first point of contact that the Showtime website uses to determine your location. Once the VPN service has masked your original IP address and replaced it with a US IP, you can simply browse through Showtime and all other geo-restricted streaming services.

Accessing restricted services is considered illegal in US cyberspace due to copyright trolls lobbying their legislation through their government representatives. Users trying to circumvent restrictions without proper security are sent notices and penalties by ISPs and copyright owners like Showtime and HBO. 

Privacy Protection

A VPN protects you by cloaking your local IP address. This hides your location from ISPs, Government monitoring and copyright trolls. VPN are engineered to completely hide your online activity from ISPs and government surveillance programs, so that your IP address cannot be traced back to your device and/or your location.

Data Security

A VPN actively encodes all your information transfers, including passwords, emails, chat conversations, files and other data into indecipherable code to ensure the data is highly secured and unusable for snoops.

Multi-User Access

A brilliant feature offered by sophisticated VPN services is the ability to provide access to multiple devices and operating systems, simultaneously. This allows you to use one VPN account on up to 5 devices, allowing you to stream media and browse on different devices, in different places. 

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Showtime fans, brace your-self for a new season of movies, comedies, TV shows and documentaries. Hold on tight and get your mobile devices, tablets and PCs ready Showtime Anytime is now available anywhere in the world.
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