How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

BBC iPlayer is known for its amazing programming and is a great source of British entertainment around the world. The only set back, BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted and cannot be accessed from outside the United Kingdom. Using Virtual Private Networks or VPN is a quick and easy way to unblock geo-restrictions posed by BBC. Users residing outside the United Kingdom are blocked from streaming the huge video library of BBC iPlayer.

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 BBC iPlayer is the United Kingdom’s premier internet catch up service and, it offers both TV and Radio channels for UK based viewers. BBC iPlayer is available on multiple platforms & devices including Android, Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Smart TVs, Roku (1 & 2) Box, Apple TV (UK), tablets and smartphones.

How To Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK

Accessing BBC iPlayer from outside UK is easy however using one of the solutions presented in our table. A VPN for unblocking BBC iPlayer is created by remotely connecting your computer to a UK based server. This accomplishes the following:

Replaces user IP address with a UK IP address 

Unblocks all UK based geo-restricted content 

Hides your identity from ISPs, government and hackers

Secures all data flowing in and out of your PC/Tablet/Phone

Once you are connected to the UK based VPN server, a new IP address is assigned to your device. BBC iPlayer will now recognize you as a UK user allowing you unlimited access to their streaming library.

The Versatility of BBC iPlayer VPN

A BBC iPlayer VPN will also offer other benefits including privacy protection; protection from malicious attacks; reduced impact of ISP’s bandwidth throttling; data enhanced security; access to gaming servers; ability to engage in p2p file sharing servers, and business services amongst others. 

Virtual Private Networks were actually developed as a business tool to allow travelling workers to connect to their head office servers from remote locations. This would reduce their tendency to carry confidential and sensitive information, while letting them hands-on access from anywhere in the world. 

Users can also use VPN to access P2P servers from regions where file sharing is restricted and similarly access other services like shopping websites, banking websites etc. 

Modern day computing warns us of the threats of accessing the internet without proper security systems installed on our devices. For instance, a BBC iPlayer VPN is also capable to handle security against Denial of Service attacks and other malicious threats lurking on the internet. 

The Best VPN to Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

Expats, travelers and foreigners interested in watching BBC iPlayer from outside UK must be careful when choosing their VPN provider. Do remember that selling privacy, security and anonymity is the marketing trend of the VPN industry, look beyond that. 

The possibilities are endless once you activate a UK VPN. You can always have an added layer of security for social media, for encrypting your emails & other data transfers, P2P supported servers, gaming servers and multi device support to keep all you machines safe. 

An ideal BBC iPlayer VPN should have the following features:

A wide server network across the UK 

High speed server infrastructure 

Absolutely ZERO logging of activity and personal information 

Multi user support with one account

Unlimited bandwidth 

SmartDNS feature (exclusively for streaming)

Firewall and web protection tools 

Dedicated IP addresses

Privacy Recommendations for BBC iPlayer Fans

There are certain measures you have to take before subscribing to a VPN provider. The most important of these is the Data Retention and Privacy Policy of the BBC iPlayer VPN. Countries including the USA (DMCA), UK (UK Data Retention Directive), European Union (EU Data Retention Directive), Canada, Ireland, Australia and many others have legislation in place to retrieve data from VPN providers where necessary. 

Always seek providers based outside these regions since such providers are prone to share your data and online activity with ISPs, Government bodies and law enforcement for downloading music or streaming videos on Netflix.  Be assured that using a BBC iPlayer VPN is neither illegal nor banned in any region of the world including China. 

Always read through the privacy policy of VPN providers, know what information they are extracting from you, and never go for the Zero Log Policy marketing gimmick. 

In a Nutshell

For the average home user, a BBC iPlayer VPN is not a want but a necessity for a safer online existence. Using the BBC iPlayer VPN on public networks ensures you are secured behind an iron clad networking framework protecting both your identity and data. 
So without further ado, access our exclusive BBC iPlayer VPN reviews today. Learn about the provider, research top features and find the best service that caters your region. For more head over to our blog and compare several services and identify the best one to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK.
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