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VPNMakers Overview:

VPN Makers is known for its quality of service as they have been providing VPN to thousands of users regardless of their location. VPN Makers has always strived to bring more security to the users and also to protect their identity on the internet. They provide anonymity to the users so that they are not vulnerable to the attacks on the internet. VPN Makers has been working on several server locations so that they can facilitate maximum number of users.

With a VPN Makers account you can access the internet without restrictions, bypassing blocks that prevent you from making calls from your PC using Skype, MSN and etc. In countries where many websites are blocked VPN Makers is an ideal solution. VPN Makers also provides anonymous surfing and a secure connection for Wi-Fi hotspots in any country.

VPN Makers provides browsing security on a variety of platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android. To use our service no additional software is required. They have strived to make life of the users simpler by doing all the monitoring while the user sits back and enjoys the internet.

VPNMakers Protocols

VPN Makers have incorporated many Protocols they are listed below:

2. L2TP/IPSec
4. IPSec

VPNMakers Packages

  1. One Month Plan $4.85
  2. Three Month Plan $13.35
  3. Six Month Plan $23.10
  4. One Year Plan $41.40

VPNMakers Supported OS

In order to make VPN Makers accessible to the majority they have made themselves compatible with three of the most common operating systems.
1. Mac
2. Windows
3. Linux

VPNMakers Payment Methods

VPN Makers has different payment Methods so that easy and reliable transactions can occur. The merchants are:

1. Visa
2. Discover
3. Echeck
4. Paypal
5.  Amex


VPNMakers has servers in 11 countries.

HongKong Turkey

France Germany Netherlands Spain Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom

North America
Canada United States of America

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