VPN Purposes

The Best VPN Software 2016

Ever since the debate on online privacy began, particularly after Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks VPN software became the online standard for users to secure their online privacy. In yesteryears it was a task in itself to configure VPN on various devices but state of the art VPN software have changed the way Netizens protect their privacy online. Read more

Torrent VPN Providers That Value Your Privacy In 2016

A large number of governments around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Japan, Finland, and Sweden have begun crackdowns (thanks to large media corporations like Fox, Time Warner, Virgin Media etc.) on Torrent tracker websites like The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass Torrents, Torrent Reactor, and Extra Torrent. By design a Torrent VPN has one primary task: it makes you ... Read more

Simple VPN for Beginners & Non-Tech Savvy Users

So you know about government sponsored surveillance, censorship, data mining and data breaches, welcome to the online privacy debate. But, what next? Usually beginners have to spend hours and hours of research time exploring various methods to enhance online privacy & security strategies, but novices need not worry. A growing populace of netizens is deploying VPN or Virtual Private Networks for their multiple online privacy ... Read more

How To Setup Mac VPN

The ever growing mass surveillance, cheap online marketing tactics, ISP packet inspection, copyright trolling & censorship, hackers, data theft and online fraud with Apple devices demands a highly secure online privacy and security solution. Mac VPN fills this gap for Macintosh users across the world providing them specialized online privacy and security feature. Read more

How to Bypass ISP Throttling With VPN

Throttling is by far one of the cheapest tactics that ISPs can use to retain enormous amounts of bandwidth on both mobile and desktop devices. Not only is the tactic against net neutrality (a blazing concept these days), it also leads to dropped connections, slow streaming, lag in online gaming and slow site load times. VPN for throttling are used to cure lagging or dead network speeds for various tasks like streaming, gaming, ... Read more

Business VPN 2016

Modern businesses are evolving to integrate online models – exposing them to an all new set of opportunities and threats. These threats have the capacity of compromising and leaking sensitive business data, without leaving any detectable traces. The hack attacks on Amazon, Tesco, Sony, and JP Morgan are classic examples of this fact. A business VPN is the most significant step any organization can take to secure confidential ... Read more

Bitcoin VPN

Bitcoin maybe a secure method of payment that is independent of scrutiny from any financial standards and organizations, but it is not entirely anonymous and can be traced back. A Bitcoin VPN ensures transaction data privacy and process security for both parties. Read more


Available over multiple OS and hardware profiles including a UI that can be played over Televisions. The app is designed to play video, audio, music, podcasts from the internet and other digital media from local & network storage devices. A major hurdle when using KODI is the geo-restriction placed on various channels available on the KOBI app. A KODI VPN will ensure that you can play regional content without having to face ge ... Read more

How to Buy VPN - Read our Complete Guide

You might be looking to buy VPN for internet security, accessibility or online anonymity. In all of these cases, there are a number of characteristics that demand attention before you sign up. Amongst other things, there are payment limitations and compatibility issues that you must consider before you buy VPN. Every second VPN promises the world, but only a fewactually deliver the service, features, flexibility and anonymity ... Read more

How to Setup Raspberry PI VPN

The most critical part of setting up VPN on Raspberry PI is to find a VPN compatible with Raspberry PI. Only a select few VPN services offer compatibility, tutorials and tech support for the Raspberry PI device. Experimenting with different VPN can be time consuming and costly; unless you opt for one of the veteran VPN services that have been providing reliable and quality VPN services consistently. The list below lists som ... Read more

Best Router VPN Services in 2016

A Router VPN service or Virtual Private Network keeps users safe from threats like malicious meta-data collection, unwarranted surveillance, and unwanted geo-restrictions. A Router based VPN functions to provide data security, unstoppable accessibility and untraceable anonymity to users of all internet-enabled devices connected to the internet through the configured router. Following are the best VPN for routers we have tested ... Read more

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