Top VPN By Country

We reviewed and ranked the best VPN services of 2015, to short-list the most reliable and user-friendly VPN from around the world. Explore our directory of VPN for countries to find the one with the protocols, prices, and compatibility that match your needs.

Top UK VPN Service Providers of 2016

UK VPN services bypass geo-restrictions set by BBC iPlayer and other much loved streaming and entertainment websites in the UK. These top-tier VPN services offer unbeatable internet security and anonymity through globally dispersed VPN server networds, user-friendly software, military grade encryption protocols and comprehensive compatibility. Using the best VPN for UK allows you to cloak your IP, unblock streaming content, an ... Read more

The Best USA VPN Services of 2016

A USA VPN gives you peace of mind and complete internet freedom from the NSA and from geo-restrictions. There are countless USA VPN services that promise complete online privacy, but only a few of them provide the server spread, compatibility and protocol variety that are needed to experience an uncensored and unrestricted internet. Enjoy streaming Netflix, Hulu, Panodra, BBC iPlayer and more from anywhere! These are the best ... Read more

Best Canada VPN Service Providers in 2016

The Canadian government has recently injected excessive censorship and surveillance into Canadian cyberspace, amid massive protests and criticism. The controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 will enhance the state's surveillance powers; allowing security agencies to collect more data, and giving them the ability to share this data across any relevant government agency with judicial oversight. The bill will not only facilitate t ... Read more

Best VPN For Australia To Fight Data Retention Law

The Australian government has finally managed to pass their Data Retention Directive allowing it to maintain detailed online records of individuals connected to their cyberspace. Data retention in Australian cyberspace not only allows the government to penalize netizens for free speech but send out penalty notices to users involved in file sharing. The legislation has a special clause to monitor journalists’ metadata with th ... Read more

The Best IP VPN for France

The November 13, 2015 Paris attacks were a terrible tragedy alerting the French government to renovate their national surveillance apparatus. “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” take a backseat as the French government prepares to limit free public WIFI services and completely ban Tor from French cyberspace. In addition, ISPs in France reinvigorate the HADOPI legislation to crack down on torrent and P2P media sharing networ ... Read more

The Best German IP VPN

Considering the level of spying being conducted on German internet users and those in the European region, a German VPN is not a bad idea. Considering the security the best Germany VPN can provide hiding the IP and browsing activity of users, it is the only viable solution. Germany is known for its relaxed internet censorship policy and firm privacy laws. Germany has also shown resistance towards NSA spying on their ... Read more

Best Europe VPN For 2016

A VPN Europe is essential to protect your privacy and secure your data through military technology encryption and unblock all geo-restricted websites. While the other two are bonus benefits, the most important factor is protecting your identity when online. The European VPN ensures your identity is shielded, your location is changed and all your data is encoded through what are known as encryption algorithms (converts data ... Read more

Best China VPN To Bypass Restrictions In 2016

China’s great internet firewall is possibly the most complex and sophisticated censorship framework in practice today. Over the years we have seen bans on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Four Square and many other web services. The only way to get through this giant digital firewall of censorship and surveillance is to use a VPN. This will give you access to social networks and geo-restricted websites – without having to fear ... Read more

Top Turkey VPN Providers in 2016

The compounding online laws, restrictions, arrests, surveillance of news websites, assaults on journalists and social media bans have all contributed to a severe atmosphere of user right violations in Turkey. Intelligence agencies have gained less supervision and increased surveillance power from judicial entities. Users living in the region or travelling there can make use of Turkey VPN to encode all communication and online ... Read more

Best Iran VPN for 2016

Iran has some of the strictest internet restrictions and censorship in the Middle East. Freedom House ranked Iran 89 out of 89, behind China and Syria. An Iran VPN is the ideal solution to unblocking favorite services and accessing geo-restricted content in Iranian cyberspace. Unblock your favorite social networks, stream videos unrestricted and access your favorite websites using a premium Iran VPN service. According to Fre ... Read more

Austria VPN 2016

Austria has historically enjoyed one of the most liberal cyberspaces in the Europe, until recently. On 1st August 2015 an Austrian court followed suit to other EU nations and blocked The Pirate Bay and several other P2P, torrent & online streaming websites. Apart from copyright infringement, Austria also suffers from proactive state censorship of journalists and online news forums. Like its EU family members, Austria also seek ... Read more

Singapore VPN

Singapore hosts one of the most rigorous censorship and surveillance regimes in South East Asia. The Media Development Authority (MDA) censors media and regulates ISPs, maintaining strict laws within Singaporean cyberspace. To unblock Singapore sites and other popular web entertainment services millions of users utilize state of the art Singapore VPN services. Read more

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