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4 20 Hungary

USAIP Overview:

USA IP VPN is a VPN service provider with 20+ VPN servers operating in 9 countries. USA IP VPN platform serves many resellers who receive our services at a reduced rate. USA IP VPN can also use their own servers from our centralized control panel converting it to a VPN server without compromising other, already established services on it. USA IP VPN can create custom service plans that include our and their servers in any combination, those best suites their target market in both price and service offerings.

USA IP VPN are also serving satellite based ISP's with custom and private VPN and proxy solutions since the satellite services IP geolocation might be different from the region where their services are offered.

Internet Censorship is on the rise and since USA IP VPN inception they have strived to bring the most secures and reliable VPN service to their users. USA IP VPN has servers located in multiple geographical locations this gives their customers a lot of options. USA IP VPN gives unlocks VOIP and various other websites. USA IP VPN is easy to setup and it does not require any extra software to run, USA IP VPN is plug and play.

USAIP Packages

  • One Day Plan $1.49
  • One Week Plan $3.99
  • One Month Plan $7.99
  • One Year Plan $74.99


USAIP VPN Protocols

• L2TP/IPSec

USAIP VPN Supported OS

• Windows
• Windows 7
• Windows Vista
• Mac OS
• Linux

USAIP VPN Customer Support

• Email
• Remote Desktop
• Live Chat

USAIP VPN Supported Devices

• iPod
• iPad
• DDWRT Router
• iPhone
• Android

USAIP VPN Payment Methods

• Paypal
• Credit Card
• Visa
• Master Card
• Discover
• Diners Club
• American Express
• Plimus


• Shared IP (dynamic)

USAIP VPN Server Locations

  1. Austria
  2. China
  3. Estonia
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. HongKong
  7. Hungary
  8. Ireland
  9. Italy
  10. Luxembourg
  11. Netherlands
  12. Pakistan 
  13. Poland
  14. Russia 
  15. Spain
  16. Sweden 
  17. Switzerland
  18. Ukraine
  19. UK
  20. USA

USAIP has servers in 20 countries.

China HongKong Pakistan Russia

Austria Estonia France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourge Netherlands Poland Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom

North America
United States of America

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