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Alright guys, there is a new crazy VPN app in the market and I am not shy in saying that it is awesome !! Its TunnelBear, which is an extremely simple, easy to use, plug and play technology to “watch, listen to your favorite music from around the world without annoying geographic restrictions”. TunnelBear is seriously a beautiful VPN Service that has just launched it self publicly and the best thing is that it is free for the limited usage of 500MB.

TunnelBear offers you with VPN Tunnels through UK and USA which help you access all the Internet TV Streaming and Music Streaming websites operating in UK and USA, including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Spotify, 4oD, Netflix and several others. Obviously the free VPN will not let you surf and use all these as it has a limited bandwidth of 500MB and to get 1GB bonus you need to Tweet the promotional message of TunnelBear. What you have to do is directly visit their website and download their app for your PC or Mac. After downloading it, start the installation.

When you have installed and started the application it will ask you, whether you are registered with TunnelBear or you are a new customer, if you are not registered, TunnelBear gives you in-app sign up form. Sign up for will ask you for your Twitter Name, if you have a twitter name and tweet the promotional message you will get an extra 1GB of bandwidth on TunnelBear. The app is extremely simple to use as I told above and shown in the picture. TunnelBear currently offers VPN Tunnels in UK and USA to access content from around the world without any geographic restrictions.

After I connected to the UK Server, I had a successful IP change and the most surprising part was the speed test. I have tested quite a lot of Free VPN Services, which completely fail in Speed and Download test but it was not the case Tunnel Bear as I had the same speed while I connected to their UK Server. Now, it was time to connect to their USA server, I had successful IP Change and the speed again was good as I had 10 to 20% drop of speed on US Servers, but that’s quite understandable.

While I watched Hulu on their USA Server it remained quite stable for me with out any interruptions or buffering halts. Same goes with all other Internet TV Streaming websites. Moreover, if your free 500MB plan ends, TunnelBear offers a very affordable plan of $4.99 with unlimited bandwidth and speed. You can easily upgrade your package with in the app by clicking at Upgrade to Giant Button just next to the bandwidth graph on the app. Free Plans gives you only 128-bit data encryption and 500MB of usage, whereas Giant TunnelBear gives you Unlimited international tunneling with awesome 256-bit Data Encryption.

Currently the payment method available with TunnelBear is through Credit Card only including Visa, Master, Discover and Amex and all credit cards are processed via Paypal. Bottom Line: This App Style VPN is amazing and very user friendly to use. Though it might not get popular with in serious security, anonymity, privacy and encryption seeking market, but it will surely make VPN a part of everyone’s computer. It is extremely simple and fun to use, which will remove all misconceptions from the hearts and minds of people, who never used VPN because of perceived misconceptions and misunderstandings that it is something we can’t do. It is sure to get popular in China, UAE and Europe as many people in these countries want access to content restricted to USA and UK. Its a sure shot hit. I just wish they don’t turn themselves into another Hotspotshield and maintain their speed and stability.

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