Best VPN For Australia

The best benefit of an Australian VPN is that it hides your IP address and assigns a new shared dynamic IP address from the VPN server. This protects your identity, and hides your entire online activity from your ISP, the government and hackers. The government of Australia is not only blocking websites they deem as offensive, they are doing it without any warning. The government does not provide the names of websites they block or serve any notices from complainants who request the block in the first place.

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 Location tracking is also disabled with a VPN and no entity can actually pin-point your actual location. The ISP will only see a connection to a VPN server, while no activity will be logged or identified to your device.

Government Restrictions are Mounting 

The Australian government tends to block websites in the name of measures against pedophilia. It is the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) that designs and implements internet restrictions campaigns in that region.

2015 has seen the ACMA push into high gear with its censorship campaign by geo-blocking a leaked list of websites as well as those that are considered to be engaged in online legal betting, legal adult entertainment, online gambling, homosexual advocacy, animal care vacation, euthanasia research and more.

The Australian government, through its secretive and cheap censorship tactics, has frustrated the Australian people and various organizations. An unmonitored web filter is the tactic of an oppressive government – designed to oppress critics and those in opposition. For a country that parades freedom of internet around the world this sounds hypocritical.

The Best VPN for Australia

Mass demonstrations by the opposition political parties led to the end of the draconian internet web filter imposed by ACMA back in 2009. This time, however, we are a bit less optimistic about the ability of the public to succeed in the battle for internet censorship.

Much like the US government’s domestic internet surveillance strategy, the Australian government has evolved to gain a better understanding of the people’s objections. As a result the ACMA has developed the latest censorship strategy to ensure that it contains enough leeway to survive through public opposition.

An Australian VPN is the ideal solution for users looking to avoid and/or bypass the mass censorship that seems to be gaining momentum in Australia. Using a VPN for Australia allows you to establish a connection to a server in another country, allowing the user to view all restricted and blocked content.


Advantages of an Australian VPN

P2P and Torrents Downloading

Users looking to download through P2P and torrents can use the best VPN for Australia. VPN providers have exclusive servers dedicated for torrent and P2P users, most are located in a handful of European countries.

Encryption and Security

The best VPN for Australia is crucial for those who value their privacy and demand anonymity while online. Encryption, which usually varies between 128bit and 256bit key standards, can cipher communication over the internet to protect your emails, VoIP conversations, social posts and blogs.

Streaming Video

Australian users, both at home and abroad, can enjoy unrestricted video streaming and geo-restricted services through an Australian VPN.  Those within Australian boundaries can access geo-restricted services like Netflix US, Netflix Europe, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify.


In a Nutshell

Around 5 million Australians fall victim to cybercrime every year. This number can reduce to zero if everybody realizes the importance and effectiveness of encryption.

Also, Australian users residing abroad can always access their favorite movies, TV shows and videos by logging through some of the best VPN for Australia. The VPN assigns you an Australian IP hence removing all restriction when watching video on channels like FOXTel Presto and Fox Play.

With a range of VPN services available I will suggest you research four important aspects when choosing your provider:

Once you have researched and identified the best Australia VPN to satisfy all of the above criteria you have found yourself complete online freedom and impenetrable internet privacy. 

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