Best VPN For Australia To Fight Data Retention Law

The Australian government has finally managed to pass their Data Retention Directive allowing it to maintain detailed online records of individuals connected to their cyberspace. Data retention in Australian cyberspace not only allows the government to penalize netizens for free speech but send out penalty notices to users involved in file sharing. The legislation has a special clause to monitor journalists’ metadata with the inclusion of special warrants to access this data. Using an Australia VPN can also help you save. According to the official report by Australia's official Competition Policy Review: "in markets for digital content, virtual private networks can help consumers access digital content in overseas jurisdictions at the prices offered in those jurisdictions". You can beat the unfair pricing, government surveillance, data retention and ISP monitoring through these tested and verified Australian VPN services that provide anonymity, online privacy and top tier data security. Read on for more on the internet monitoring situation in Australia.

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The Australian Government pushed data retention on its population giving security agencies access to phone records, SMS records, IP address logs and other communication data. Hoards of privacy advocates and activists swarmed social media and the Australia Parliament to no effect.

Another aspect of this new retention law is “storage of massive amount of data”. The Australian government has indicated data will be stored on ISP & telecom provider servers, but only two providers are even capable to store the massive data.

The rise in searches for VPN from Australia indicates that people are now worried, as Edward Snowden tweeted:


“Beginning today, if you are Australian, everything you do online is being tracked, stored, and retained for 2 years.”


Edward Snowden 12th October 2015

The Australian government has now lost trust and public sentiment with serious questions regarding the use of this massive data arise.


Australia Data Retention in Effect – 13th October 2015 Block Day for Privacy

In one of the most draconian moves by any government of the world, the Australian government has finally put in effect their $300 million data retention regime on Tuesday 13th October 2015. The new data retention law demands that reliable (identifiable) information of users be maintained for 2 years.

This latest piece of surveillance garbage from the Australia government will make it compulsory for telecom providers and ISPs to maintain massive 2 year logs for calls, texts, call durations & times, location of parties, data volume used, devices information and email IP addresses.

While intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies are denying this surveillance, these same agencies will be able to self-authorize access to this data, no courts or judges involved.  Everyone from the ASIO, AFP, Border Force and even the Australian Tax Office have access to these highly private records.

Government Restrictions are Mounting

In a new copyright legislation being considered by the Australian government, corporate lobbyists and government henchmen are relentlessly trying to ban Bit torrent downloads in Australian cyberspace. While the Australian government has established that torrent trackers and website will be the only service blocked under the new law, the ACCAN believes otherwise.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has opposed the new changes to copyright laws claiming this is the beginning of the end for VPN services in Australia. The organization believes the Australian “patsy” Government will begin a hunt for torrent and VPN users, penalizing them for downloading songs and watching movies online.

Location tracking is also disabled with a VPN and no entity can actually pin-point your actual location. The ISP will only see a connection to a VPN server, while no activity will be logged or identified to your device.

The kicker came recently when the Australian Federal Court asked six ISPs to forward the IP addresses (and identities) to law enforcement authorities so that action can be taken against users who engaged in downloading dallas buyers club content via torrenting and thereby engaging in copyright infringement.

The Australian government will change the face of the internet if the ISPs agree to divulge their users' information - in which case users who were not using VPN can expect anything from penalties to jail time.

2016 will see the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) push into high gear with its censorship campaign by geo-blocking a leaked list of websites as well as those that are considered to be engaged in online legal betting, legal adult entertainment, online gambling, homosexual advocacy, animal care vacation, euthanasia research and more.

Bypassing the 10% Netflix Tax with Australia VPN

The Australian government has created a special tax to impose on online services. This 10% tax will apply to all 'intangible goods' and will therefore increase the membership price of movie streaming websites like Netflix and make games on Steam more expensive.

The new tax has only strengthened the Australian internet users' resolve to use VPN services. Millions of Australian Netizens use Australia VPN to access US and UK Netflix, and the new tax is giving more people the motivation to switch towards a safer (and clearly more cost-effective) internet experience by using VPN.

The Best VPN for Australia

Mass demonstrations by the opposition political parties led to the end of the draconian internet web filter imposed by ACMA back in 2009. This time, however, we are a bit less optimistic about the ability of the public to succeed in the battle for internet censorship.

Much like the US government’s domestic internet surveillance strategy, the Australian government has evolved to gain a better understanding of the people’s objections. As a result the ACMA has developed the latest censorship strategy to ensure that it contains enough leeway to survive through public opposition.

An Australian VPN is the ideal solution for users looking to avoid and/or bypass the mass censorship that seems to be gaining momentum in Australia. Using a VPN for Australia allows you to establish a connection to a server in another country, allowing the user to view all restricted and blocked content.
Advantages of an Australian VPN.

P2P and Torrents Downloading

Users looking to download through P2P and torrents can use the best VPN for Australia. VPN providers have exclusive servers dedicated for torrent and P2P users, most are located in a handful of European countries.

Encryption and Security

The best VPN for Australia is crucial for those who value their privacy and demand anonymity while online. Encryption, which usually varies between 128bit and 256bit key standards, can cipher communication over the internet to protect your emails, VoIP conversations, social posts and blogs.

Streaming Video

Australian users, both at home and abroad, can enjoy unrestricted video streaming and geo-restricted services through an Australian VPN.  Those within Australian boundaries can access geo-restricted services like Netflix US, Netflix Europe, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify.

In a Nutshell

Around 5 million Australians fall victim to cybercrime every year. Cybercrime however should be the least of worries for Australian netizens as the new Data Retention Laws are now active in Australia’s cyberspace. The Data Retention legislation allows legal surveillance on the entire cyberspace of Australia with the ability to retain user data for up to 2 years. While journalists are exempt from the surveillance, special warrants can although be procured to extract their data.

With a range of VPN services available I will suggest you research four important aspects when choosing your provider:

Once you have researched and identified the best Australia VPN to satisfy all of the above criteria you have found yourself complete online freedom and impenetrable internet privacy.

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