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The US based StrongVPN has a fleet of top tier VPN servers spread out across two dozen countries around the world. The feature-rich service is very easy to use and is known as one of the most reliable, compatible and fastest VPN services online.

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As one of the longest serving networking solutions provider, Strong VPN has earned its place amongst the best VPN providers in the world today. The strength of the brand comes from its dedication towards a customer service culture, making the customer their highest priority.

Strong VPN offer a great mix of remarkable service features and highly experienced staff & tech support. Our latest Strong VPN review analyzes the brand’s existing features, service quality, server network, customer support, apps, policies and updated features. 


Strong VPN puts emphasis on three USPs:

• Unblocking content worldwide 

• Easy & secure internet access to  unblock any content 

• Protecting your online privacy

Strong VPN establishes its core competency around complete online freedom to unblock any video, music, entertainment, news or any other content with utmost privacy & security. Due to their extensive experience in the networking industry Strong VPN believe in protecting online privacy above all other features. 



Strong VPN offer three unique subscription plans for users with varying needs and also tailor these plans to address certain regions of the world. Here is a breakdown of what each subscription plan gets you: 

1. Lite Plan

The Lite package is offered for $6.25/month and allows access to 319 Servers in the USA only. The Lite package is also limited to 25 server switches in a month it is especially designed for users who have dedicated use for VPN features e.g. streaming video/music or simple browsing. The Lite plan only allows PPTP and Open VPN tunneling protocols.

2. Deluxe Plan 

The Deluxe Plan is offered for $16.95/month and allows access to 455 servers in 21 countries. The Deluxe subscription is also limited to only 25 server switches per month and allows PPTP and OpenVPN protocols for secure tunneling. The Deluxe plan is an excellent prospect for users who are always online and need their privacy protected against numerous threats like marketers, hackers on public WIFI, government surveillance and malicious infiltrations. 

3. Special Plan

The special plan is Strong VPN’s yearly subscription offered for $85/year. The plan gives access to 387 servers across 4 countries. The special plan has the same restrictions with 25 server switches but is ideally meant for streaming, gaming and P2P & torrent fans. 

All subscription plans are available for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly terms. You can also choose which protocol you want to use (only PPTP or only OpenVPN) and subscribe using the amazing ordering menu.

All Strong VPN subscriptions are offered with a 7 Day Money back Guarantee, so if the service doesn’t click for you simply apply for a refund.  


StrongVPN now boasts a wider server network adding new server locations and more servers to existing locations routinely. Strong VPN’s server network is also one of the few infrastructures rated Tier 1 in the VPN industry. Strong VPN currently hosts 457 servers in 22 countries, with a massive presence in the USA.


Some of the prominent locations include USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany plus many more servers located strategically to allow users instant access to global entertainment and other content. 


Since our last Strong VPN review, the brand has significantly improved its customer service features establishing a Live Chat (for subscribers only), Remote Assistance (for subscribers only), faster response times for support tickets, an improved FAQ & tutorials section and multiple languages for customer support. 


A unique feature of the Strong VPN brand is the selective choices they provide with their service. Similar to other features, the payment methods offered to subscribe to the Strong VPN service are also carefully chosen.

 Offered payment mediums include Credit Card (Amex, Discover, Visa and Master Card) & Debit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin. Although there is no huge variety in payment methods the provided merchants are universally available thus allowing customers to subscribe from anywhere in the world.


Strong VPN has never had an issue with compatibility over a range of devices. The service is highly attuned to work with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers (Sabai, DDWRT, Tomato and Mikrotik), Microsoft Surface, Linux, Bada, HP Web OS and Chromium OS. 

 Compatible software is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. While only a handful of devices & OS are not catered, the provider acknowledges these devices and we can hope for updates for them soon.     

 StrongVPN iOS Client App

The StrongVPN client for Windows is by far one of the best VPN apps available in the world today. With one of the simplest UI’s and easy to use features the Strong VPN client is a simple blockbuster in itself. You can also install a StrongVPN client on Mac, iOS and Android all available on the provider’s website. 


Since our last review StrongVPN have completely revamped their tutorials and support section. Their concentration towards customer service can be seen through the updated “setup” section which makes life easier knowing complete illustrated tutorials are available for help.  


Since our last Strong VPN review the provider has continued offering the selective tunneling protocols as they had previously. Strong VPN offers a brilliant mix of tunneling protocols including PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. StrongVPN use their customer centric strategy to ensure they keep subscribers secure using the best tunneling protocols.

Offered encryption algorithms range between 128bit and 256bit keys ensuring you can choose between security & speed, depending on your purpose. Added to this amazing encryption regime is the provider’s exclusive choice of 2048bit certificate authentication.


Since our last Strong VPN review the provider has also paid immense attention on their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The privacy policy now addresses issues such as those related to cookies, emails, recording of personal information, etc.

Do remember that Strong VPN complies with the DMCA and collects personal information during the service experience. This implies that if you are caught infringing intellectual property or violating your terms of service all available information will be handed over the authorities who come looking for evidence. 

It is essential to read through the Terms of Service document as this clearly points outs the do’s and don’ts when using Strong VPN.


StrongVPN offers no free trial but they do offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can test the service and apply for a refund (within 7 days) in case the service is not your cup of tea. 


In the latest drilldown of the Strong VPN service bundle we didn’t experience much that was revamped in the actual service itself but we did notice a massive change in the way StrongVPN serve customers. A very noticeable customer centric strategy can now be seen on the website and is being slowly embedded into the service features too. 

The most prominent change that we noticed was in the customer support features and tutorials section. More sources for help including Live Chat and Remote Assistance add to the amazing service bundle. A detailed FAQ and support section also depict the provider’s dedication towards the customer. 

The routine changes in the server section and upgrades to the existing network are also and excellent prospects for subscribers. Strong VPN has not really pushed through borders, but more servers and more locations to connect from is a great sign of a growing brand. 

The remote assistance service is also a great addition to the support side of Strong VPN. In addition to the updated FAQ and tutorials section the remote assistance service will definitely improve the customer experience over time. 

We still feel some features are missing from Strong VPN’s service bundle, some of which are the same we pointed out in our previous Strong VPN review. The first of these is the absence of a free trial which we strongly feel there should be, a chance to test limited servers for a limited time is a great retainer. 

Another area that should be generic throughout the service package is the live chat support which should be open for feedback, complaints and other communication needs. Last but not least, we are still very unsure about the privacy policy of StrongVPN which we have criticized in our earlier Strong VPN review. 

In a nutshell, our verdict on this amazing service due to some lacking elements is 3.5 out of 5. 


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