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Singapore hosts one of the most rigorous censorship and surveillance regimes in South East Asia. The Media Development Authority (MDA) censors media and regulates ISPs, maintaining strict laws within Singaporean cyberspace. To unblock Singapore sites and other popular web entertainment services millions of users utilize state of the art Singapore VPN services.

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These VPN are important because the MDA controls the content on ISP level. The MDA indulges in extreme censorship of entertainment (through Deep Packet Inspection) in the name of “the battle against online piracy”, restricts access to online entertainment services, and restricts access to websites that allegedly provide information on drugs. With 82% internet penetration, FreedomOnNet gives Singapore a ‘partly free’ tag with a rating of 41.

Avoid Deep Packet Inspection Surveillance with the Best Singapore VPN

The Singapore government does everything in its power to create obstacles and implement limits on content violates user rights in the process. Also, the press in Singapore is not free and the government actively chokes out criticism on the internet. The MDA conducts what we call Deep Packet Inspection on the three major ISPs operating in Singapore. By inspecting “meta data” and small data packets from netizen traffic regulators block access to various website & web services. This also gives the MDA the ability to identify and penalize netizens for using the internet freely.

A Singaporean VPN will secure you using innovative ‘tunneling protocols’ and ‘encryption algorithms’ securing both your identity & data through data encryption. Consider the following diagram to understand Tunneling Protocols & Data Encryption:

Best Singapore vpn services

Tunneling protocols are specifically designed to hide your and online activity from practically anyone who has access to the network source code. The dotted red line indicates the ‘tunneling’ being successfully completed. Data encryption is then applied to your online data being transferred over the global network ensuring even if someone can hack it or get hold of it they can’t understand anything, since everything has been converted into random alphanumeric characters.
Hence, a Singaporean VPN will not only secure your identity but also completely secure your data from literally anyone snooping on your connection.

Unblock Torrents with the Best Singapore VPN

Since torrent trackers and streaming services are actively blocked by the MDA, the only way to access these services is with a Singapore VPN. The best Singapore VPN allows netizens in Singapore to anonymously access any torrent website including TPB, Extra Torrent, Torrent Reactor and Kick Ass Torrents amongst many others.

Simply connect your Singapore VPN to a P2P Enabled Server (most Singapore VPN providers will be willing to provide you access to specific server addresses optimized for P2P activity) and access your favorite music, videos and other media without ISPs and the MDA breathing down your neck.

Unblock Singapore Websites with VPN

Singapore netizens can easily unblock Singapore websites blocked by the MDA for being either violent or inappropriate. All you require is connecting to a European or North American VPN server. The most famous ones are Netherlands, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Sweden, US New York, US Seattle, Germany and France amongst the high speed ones.
Access your favorite streaming services like Netflix or your favorite music services like Spotify and Pandora; plus many other online services banned under MDA laws with a Singapore VPN.

In A Nutshell

In July 2001, the Singapore government victimized a political critic Dr. Tan Chong Kee, which led to the closure of his website and blog, ‘Sintercom’. There have been similar cases where bloggers and students were demonized by the Singaporean government and prosecuted for criticism of authorities on social media.
Remember to stay safe within Singapore cyberspace with a Singaporean VPN. Use a pseudonym when blogging or using Social networks. Learn more about the best Singapore VPN services and access latest reviews through our exclusive research based ranking table. Unblock Singapore sites, download torrents, stream movies and use your favorite web services easily with a Singapore VPN.

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