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As the cheapest VPN service online, PrivateInternetAccess has thousands of VPN servers that are spread out across all major country locations. The light-weight VPN service is known for extensive protocol support, unlimited bandwidth and the SOCKS5 proxy which is included in the standard package.

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PIA Overview PIA Review

PrivateInternetAccess Introduction

PIA VPN or Private Internet Access is one of the oldest names and for that matter one of the most trustednames in the VPN industry. PIA VPN is owned by London Trust Mediabased in Los Angeles, California (USA). The parent company’s goal is to bring back the internet to the user allowingthembrowse the web as they wish without restrictions, without getting tracked and having their privacy breached. 

Private Internet Access VPN’s mission is to:

“Bring the internet back to its original state. Ensuring you are in your own private world, where you can explore, learn and create. Using advances in technology, including but not limited to those in privacy, security, cryptography and peer to peer, PIA aims to change things back. No more big data.

PIA VPN invest in, mentor and support individuals, companies and groups who stand with the brand in solidarity.”

Our 2016 Private Internet Access VPN review will critically analyze the provider’s features comparing them from changes made since last year’s PIA VPN review. 


Private Internet Access VPN as a brand consider two features their USPs 

1. Their highly competitive pricing 

2. The “ABSOLUTLY NO LOGS” policy

Although these would sound like simple features, when comparing with the competition PIA VPN manages to maintain decentprices and their absolutely zero logs policy. 

PrivateInternetAccess Plans And Pricing

Private Internet Access offers 3 subscription plans

All PIA VPN subscription plans are offered with the follow features:

  • Data Encryption
  • P2P and VoIP Support
  • Tunneling Protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
  • Ability to use 5 devices simultaneously
  • Multiple VPN Gateways
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Proxy Server 
  • Absolutely “No traffic logs” 
  • Instant Setup using state of the art mobile apps & desktop clients

Providing an array ofsecurity features PIA has been a leading name when it comes to regaining your online privacy and removing restrictions from your internet. It’svery competitive pricing is one of the brands unique selling features in addition to delivering high value for money. All PIA VPN subscriptions come with a7 Day Money Back Guarantee.


PIA VPN offers 2,905 servers based in 20 countries reaching 6 continents.A complete list of countries and servers can be found here.PIA VPNs extensive server network ensures high speed connectivity, proactive identity protection, data encryption and un-crack able identity protection. 


The one thing I noticed that was simply brilliant was Private Internet Access VPNs customer service. It took the CSR about 6 minutes to join the chat but she was engaging,very helpful and well-informed. There are three different online departments you can talk to namelySales, Tech Support and Billing.

Customer support services are available through:

  • - Live Chat 
  • - Support Tickets 
  • - FAQ & Guides Section, and
  • - Phone Support

The brilliant FAQ section was very well maintained and had latest guides and troubleshooting material for self-help. PIA VPN establish that waiting times for response on support tickets can take around 14 hours depending on the frequency of complaints, the FAQ database can prove to be vital in such situations. 

Phone support is available Monday to Friday (9 AM – 5 PM)where you can talk to an expert for your routine or advanced issues. The brilliant aspect of the service is that you never have to call the support team twice. You can also write to the team through the postal service in case you ever feel like using the postal service. 

PrivateInternetAccess Payment Methods

Private Internet Access VPN ensureseveryone and literally anyone from around the world can easily sign up to their services. While some are plain ordinary payment mediums, other anonymous methods are also available to signup privately with PIA VPN. 

PIA VPN Available Payment Methods:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Google Wallet
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • CashU
  • OKPay


Private Internet Access VPN can be considered a versatile service for users across the world with varying devices. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices, in addition to being compatible with routers and Boxee players. 

The variability of devices makes the PIA VPN service a great option for users across multiple platforms & devices. The service is not just helpful with online privacy but also a great option when considering video streaming and P2P sharing needs.

PIA now offer apps for Windows desktop, Android (mobile & tablet), Apple Macintosh and Apple iOS devices.The innovative app is a great way to learn all the amazing privacy & online security features offered by Private Internet Access, plus it makes using the service easier. 

PrivateInternetAccess Protocols And Encryption

Offering a variety of tunneling protocols PIA VPN ensure users can primarily secure their IP addresses and online privacy. Availabletunneling protocols include PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec offering a great mix of security and speed. 

Private Internet Access VPN offer the following encryption strengths to ensure you can secure yourself online while you enjoy an array of services like video, music, gaming, P2P & Torrent file sharing, browsing etc. Here isa list ofencryption standards followed:

• Default Recommended Protection — AES-128 / SHA1 / RSA-2048

• All Speed No Safety — None / None / ECC-256k1

• Maximum Protection — AES-256 / SHA256 / RSA-4096

• Risky Business — AES-128 / None / RSA-2048

The list mentioned above establishes your preferred protection level, deployed encryption standard and certificate authentication standard. For instance, if you desire the default protection your data will be encrypted using 128bit encryption keys over SHA1 algorithms, while your passwords and usernames will be encryption and authenticated using RSA-2048bit keys. 


The Absolute Zero Activity Logs policy not only a USP but the most consistent privacy feature from PIA VPN. Although the statement stands true for the Private Internet Access VPN, they do log in your personal information like email and payment data.

One of the aspects of PIA VPN that was new is the inclusion of Google tracking cookies on the provider’s website. It not only tracks your original location but also delivers ads based on your browsing preferences. 

PIA VPN also complies with the DMCA, so ensure nothing illegal is ever hosted or viewed using the service since the authorities will come looking for offenders. PIA VPN management will in this case submit all available data to the relevant authorities who come with a warrant. 


There is no free trial associated with Private Internet Access VPN you do however get a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee in case the service doesn’t inspire you.

Reviewer’s Verdict

PIA VPN has kept a consistent service bundle we especially liked their very decent pricing coupled with an excellent support center. Update apps are another great addition to the service removing certain bug and making the user interface more fluid and stable. 

Once again the Privacy Policy has remained the same since our last Private Internet Accessreview. The zero log policy has kept PIA VPN a strong competitor against much larger brand names. Although not an easy task,users will like to see the Google tracking cookies removed from the website. 

Another area where the provider has improved over is the customer support section. Adding new FAQs and guides is a very smart move, while a significant improvement is noticeable in the support staff and theexperience they deliver to customers. Top brand in this area we loved the customer support sections for their vastcoverage of issues.

The mobile and desktop apps as we tested all of them we’re significantly better than the previous versions and were faster than their predecessors. The simple tweaks here and there in the apps have made them friendlier for users making the experience much simpler. The apps have been tailored to address basic users while keeping advanced settings present forserious privacy seekers. 

In a nutshell, Private Internet Access VPN is a great all round privacy & security service concerned more about customers that monthly sales. The expert support and updated apps is a clear sign of their involvement with & dedication towardsthe subscribers. Encryption standards are explained and categorized showing another orderly strategy of the provider. 

The areas where the brand put us off were the lack of tunneling protocols, tracking on the website by Google, logging in of personal information which can be submitted to authorities without informing and long waiting times for live chat &support tickets. 

Another aspect that we did mention in the last Private Internet Access Review was the absence of a free trial. For choosy users like me, especially when I am also a VPN reviewer trailing the various aspects of a service are not just fun but very crucial. So, we will be awaiting a minimum restricted free trial from PIA VPN soon.

This Private Internet Access Review gives the provider a decent 3.5 out of 5.



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