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Privacy and online freedom are serious matters at Bestvpnservice.com. This privacy policy contains information about how we collect, read, store and secure your data, and how we use it to improve customer experience and feedback.

This policy applies wholly to www.bestvpnservice.com. The policy is not applicable for third party provider websites and affiliates given in our listings.

Please note that privacy policy of bestvpnservice.com is subject to alterations and revisions. You might want to check back for amendments later.

Data BestVPNService.com Collects From You

In general, we collect information resulting from your usage behaviors on our website, including visited pages, clicks and time of your stay on bestvpnservice.com.

When you access bestvpnservice.com, an automated communication of user general data takes place. This includes items like referring source/website, user’s IP address, browser type and language, time/date of the visit and URLs visited during the session. The data transmission is powered by internet cookies stored on your browsers by your web servers.

User Generated Data

In addition to automatic retrieval of general user information, BestVPNService.com also gets voluntary data input in three broad manners:

By users grading and reviewing listed providers on our site
By users commenting, liking and sharing content pieces on our blog
By users participating in surveys
By users signing or subscribing to our newsfeed/newsletters for they give us their email IDs and other personal information like First and Last Names.
By contact forms and their messages of which we keep history to assist you in the best fashion

External Links and Affiliate Sites

Bestvpnervice.com contains a number of hyperlinks to affiliates, VPN providers, advertisers and other third party websites of which we have no control. A click and redirect to one of these external sites absolves us of the responsibility of data privacy on those sites. Because their privacy policies might be different, we suggest you to have a look on their privacy policies independently.

We bear no liability for data privacy on third party/affiliate/provider’s website routed from bestvpnservice.com

How bestvpnservice.com Protects User Data

The user databases of bestvpnservice.com rest in highly secured, clustered data centers having military grade protection.
We have made investments to assure security of our servers, so information of our subscribers (email addresses, names etc.) stay safe from exploits.
In addition, no user data is left on-site i.e. the information rendered by users is backed up offline so that no party can misuse it to your disadvantage.
Information security and server audits are a regular practice at bestvpnservice.com.

Use of Visitor Data

Bestvpnservice.com uses visitor data in a variety of ways to ensure your satisfaction and experience.

Data from Sign-ups and Subscriptions

User email IDs, names and other information retrieved during signups are used exclusively to inform, message, and aware customers about products and services dealt with bestvpnservice.com. Such data will not be furnished to any third parties or even affiliates.

Data from Comments

Data from blog comments may be republished and marketed at all channels of marketing used by bestvpnservice.com. We also reserve the right to moderate, delete or improve comments to make them consistent with our comment-moderation policies and guidelines.

Meta Data of User Activity

Meta data such as average duration visit, types and times of visits to specific URLs help us restructure, refigure and replace items on bestvpnservice.com.

Request Fulfillment Data

We may use data gathered from surveys, polls, feedback and comments for research and statistical purposes.

Feel free if you have questions and queries related to this privacy policy statement. You can fill in the contact form for any suggestion or question you may have regarding this policy.