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OverPlay is a heavy-duty VPN service of international standards that is loved by movie and TV show streaming fans around the world. Available with SmartDNS, OverPlay is compatible on all major devices and operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.

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Overplay Overview:

Overplay is another contender in the highly contested VPN market. As opposed to other VPN providers, Overplay provides two different services to serve two different purposes. These are:

SmartDNS – This technology gives an internet surfer access to all the restricted websites for streaming unlimited movie and music. Moreover, SmartDNS does not require any VPN application and can only be used by making a few easy changes in the internet settings of the user’s computer. One crucial advantage SmartDNS has over VPN is speed. SmartDNS allows unblocking of restricted websites without any loss in speed. However, SmartDNS is not designed to provide security and anonymity to the user.

Overplay VPN – While SmartDNS provides access to restricted websites but compromises on security, Overplay’s VPN service does not require any such compromises. It allows access to all the restricted websites with complete encryption of data for secure and anonymous browsing. Moreover, Overplay VPN supports Skype and MSN, as well.


Overplay Servers and Protocol Support

Overplay has multiple servers in 48 countries across 6 continents to provide a flexible browsing experience. Overplay VPN supports a number of protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN; however, there is no IPSec support. It also offers unlimited bandwidth for all its users. There is also the option to pick out a ‘smart’ server designated by Overplay that gives the highest speed of all servers. Although a majority of Overplay’s servers support OpenVPN, they also support PPTP and L2TP. Some serves also support SSTP.


Overplay Compatibility

Overplay’s VPN software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. It also supports DD-WRT routers. Similarly, the SmartDNS service also works on all operating systems as it only requires a simple change in the network settings.


Overplay Package Plans

As already mentioned, Overplay has two different services on offer and each service has been priced accordingly.

1. SmartDNS service is priced at $4.95/month and needs to be paid one month in advance.
2. Overplay VPN is priced at $9.95/month and includes the SmartDNS service, as well. It also needs to be paid one month in advance.


Overplay Payment Modes

Currently, Overplay accepts payments through credit cards and Google Checkout. The gateway service ‘2Checkout’ is also affiliated with Overplay and allows non-recurring payments to be made through PayPal and other similar payment services.     

Overplay has servers in 48 countries.

Egypt South Africa

HongKong India Israel Japan Russia Singapore South Korea Taiwan Turkey

Australia New Zealand

Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourge Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom

North America
Bahamas Canada Mexico United States of America

South America
Argentina Brazil Venezuela

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