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ibVPN is one of the most experienced VPN services online. It comes with a wide variety of protocols, amazing tech support as well as custom software that is super fast and extremely easy to use. People in over 130 countries trust ibVPN to secure their online freedom and internet privacy.

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ibVPN Overview ibVPN Review


In operation since 2003, the brilliant team at ibVPN is known for their customer service excellence coupled with an excellent server network across the globe.The ibVPN brand was launched in 2010 and has been growing and improving since then. 

The provider now has a brilliant ibDNS service (SmartDNS), in addition to a dazzling client appand a management team with a vast wealth of technical experience.In our latest ibVPN review we will evaluate the service offering and its salient features to determine the strengths & weaknesses of the ibVPN bran. 


Summed up in one word the mission of ibVPN management is to deliver “quality”. While their actual USP is their well versed and immensely talented customer service team, invisible browsing VPN is also known for its high speed server network across the western hemisphere. 

As a reviewer I also consider their very competitive and diversified subscription plans a definite competitive edge in the VPN industry. As we proceed in our invisible VPN review, you will notice how ibVPN slams the competition to dominance.  


BestVPNService Exclusive deals

Currently, ibVPN are offering their top tier services in 3 exclusive packages in association with BestVPNService. These subscription plans include: 

1 Month Plan

  • Offered at $7.66 per month
  • 92 servers in 32 countries 
  • 7 Torrent support servers
  • 7 proxy servers
  • Free App 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • 2 simultaneous connections 
  • 15 days money back guarantee

6 Month Plan

o Offered at $5.01 per month

o 92 servers in 32 countries 

o 7 Torrent support servers

o 7 proxy servers

o Free App 

o 24/7 customer support 

o 2 simultaneous connections  

o 15 days money back guarantee 

12 Month Plan 

o Offered at $7.66 per month

o 92 servers in 32 countries 

o 7 Torrent support servers

o 7 proxy servers

o Free App 

o 24/7 customer support 

o 2 simultaneous connections  

o 15 days money back guarantee

ibVPN offers subscription plans in 3 categories on their website: 

  • -Premium VPN & DNS 
  • -Location based VPN 
  • -Multi VPN Connections


ibVPN offers its high speed server network in 39 countries with slightly over 100 servers. A complete list is available on the provider’s website, also detailing the ibDNS and proxy servers. 

Some of their fastest servers include Romania, Netherlands, UK and the US. Specialized ibVPN servers are based around the world to provide customers high speed P2P &torrent access as well as for other requirements like streaming, business services, browsing and gaming. 


Customer Support is one of the core competencies of ibVPN and is also part of its mission statement. The brand has accomplished huge customer appreciation because of their brilliant customer support services. Currently, ibVPN are offering their superbsupport services through:

  • -Support tickets 
  • -Email
  • -Live Chat
  • -Remote Assistance
  • -FAQ section
  • -ibVPN community forums
  • -Knowledgebase

A major chunk of ibVPN consumers feel attached to the brand for their unmatched customer support services. Invisible Browsing VPN ensures through proactive customer support that your security is top priority while maintaining complete online privacy in the process. 


ibVPN offer a multitude of options to subscribe to their excellent service packages. Being an anonymity provider, Invisible Browsing VPN allows subscribers to pay through multiple anonymous payment methods including:

  • -Payment Wall
  • -Bitcoin
  • -Perfect Money 
  • -Payza 
  • -Ok Pay
  • -PayPal 
  • -Credit Card & Debit Card 


Compatibility has never been an issue for ibVPN compared to other more expensive VPN brands. The service establishes compatibility with: 

  • -Windows 
  • -Mac
  • -iOS
  • -Android 
  • -Linux 
  • -DDWRT Routers
  • -Sabai Routers
  • -Tomato USB Routers
  • -NAS Synology 
  • -Raspberry PI 
  • -Boxee 
  • -FreeBox Revolution

Their device & OS compatibility is complemented by a state of the art desktop and mobile app available on all mainstream devices including: 

  • -Windows 
  • -Mac 
  • -iOS
  • -Android


A dedicated tutorials section listed on the ibVPN website is regularly updated to accommodate changing OS and device needs. Customers can simply learn about Invisible browsingVPN, ibVPN features and setup their devices manually through illustrated setup tutorials. 

ibVPN stands true by their claim of having one of the best customer support services in the VPN industry. The brand not only seeks to offer you privacy solutions but also aims to educate subscribers plus upgrading their VPN proficiency.


ibVPN offer four unique tunneling protocols to ensure your privacy is maximized while ensuring military grade data security through maximum strength encryption algorithms. Since each tunneling protocol is unique, each of them carries their own encryption strengths. We have listed the available protocols with theirrespective encryption grades: 

  • -PPTP offered with 128 bit Encryption 
  • -L2TP/IPSecoffered through 3DES or AES 256 bit Encryption
  • -Open VPN offered with AES 256 bit encryption
  • -SSTP offered with either 128 bit or 256 bit Encryption 

Not all protocols are available for use over different operating systems and devices. ibVPN provide a complete table listing the availability of protocols over different platforms. 


In our previous ibVPN review we discussed how transparent and minimal thedata logging policy of the brand was.Not much has changed since then as ibVPN do not log in their customer data and activity. 

ibVPN servers collectspecific data recommended by the EU Data Retention Directive for 7 days. This includes: 

  • Time, Date and Location of VPN Connection 
  • Bandwidth Used 
  • Duration of VPN connection 

ibVPN only log this information to identity spamming, criminal activity and enforce their terms of service.

For marketing purposes, ibVPN retains certain personal details. The company establishes that this data is never shared with any third parties, individuals and affiliates. The data is used solely for marketing purposesby ibVPN only, data collected includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Payment details 
  • Location 
  • Phone number 
  • IP address
  • Last four digits of your credit/debit card number

Data is never rented, sold or presented to third parties for any reason what so ever. 


One of the most amazing features of their subscription plans are the two free trial versions that come with it. If you are using PC or Mac you can subscribe for a 6 hour trial and check the speed, reliability and security of the service. Although only offered for 6 hours you can test the service will not all but most good servers in UK, USA, Hong Kong and Netherlands plus many others. 

Similar to the offer above there is a 15 day Android trial that you can get when you download the ibVPN app from the Google Play Store. Once registered through the app you get a 15 day trial for the service. The bad thing here is that the trial is limited to 4 servers and the OpenVPN protocol.

Reviewer’s Verdict 

In our ibVPN review we critically analyzed all areas of significance allowing you to get a better picture of the brand. We will now summarize what we loved and what needs improvement in the ibVPN brand. 

The best feature of ibVPN is their preference towards the highest quality customer service rather than speed, server infrastructure and unblocking abilities. The emphasis on customer service & service quality is the defining characteristic of a leading VPN brand. 

Although ibVPN have a top tier network infrastructure, the Asian side of their network is not as good as the one in the Western Hemisphere.As I tested I noticed the Netherlands, UK, USA, French and German servers to be the most reliable and offering brilliant bandwidth. The slow server speeds in Asia are attributed to the low tier infrastructures; restrictions imposed by governments and low speed broadband connections in most Asian countries. 

The service is highly compatible and is aided by the easy to use desktop and mobile app. The app makes it easier for users to connect to their favorite servers and secures them without worrying about time consuming manual setup instructions. We loved the fact that the service is compatible with more than 2 operating systems. 

I wasn’t too excited with the privacy policy at first since ibVPN claim they hold no logs. They do maintain service logs for 7 days to ensure you get the best service and to ensure they can identify if a serious issue comes up. 

Although the privacy policy mentions that personal data is saved by ibVPN a guarantee is issued within the same document confirming that none of the information will ever be rented, sold or offered to someone. Not too sure of this but some providers even log your activity, so there is no harm sinceibVPN is now a trusted name of the industry. 

ibVPN offers some of the most powerful encryption standards and tunneling protocols to subscribers. You are completely shielded from hackers, government surveillance, third party marketers etc. while enjoying an open and unbound internet. The service keeps a balance between speed and data security to ensure customers can use features according to their needs. 

In comparison to last year’s ibVPN review we saw two changes to the brand this year, the privacy policy and the updated server network. While there is not much I can recommend as areas of improvements, the pricing of the service is a bit stern. The management at ibVPN should consider re-designing their pricing policy.

Overall I loved the service, but due to some lacking features I rank the brand 3.5 out of 5 in this year’s ibVPN review. Visit us again for more discounts, reviews and information about your favorite VPN services. 



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