How To Setup Mac VPN

The ever growing mass surveillance, cheap online marketing tactics, ISP packet inspection, copyright trolling & censorship, hackers, data theft and online fraud with Apple devices demands a highly secure online privacy and security solution. Mac VPN fills this gap for Macintosh users across the world providing them specialized online privacy and security feature.

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 Access the best Mac VPN for 2016 in our exclusive ranking table. We have thoroughly tested the services over different regions to get you the best Mac VPN services available today.

Why Go For Mac VPN?

The Macintosh OS was the safest OS ever created at one time. That was in the past, and here is what headlines read these days:

latest mac worm


 Apple Inc.’s entire security and privacy claims have been flushed down the gutter, making them no safer than the Windows OS and Android. Previously the iCloud hack for which Apple blatantly “threw” the blame on Apple device users (which we believe is not a good thing to do, but okay), but what about this Apple Inc:


“In what could be the biggest Apple hack ever, more than 225,000 valid iPhone accounts have been compromised and thousands of certificates, private keys, and purchasing receipts stolen, according to a new report from security Relevant Products/Services company Palo Alto Networks.”

Mac VPN Service To Avoid Surveillance

Hacks, malware and firmware vulnerabilities are minor issues for Mac & iOS devices, the bigger issue is the ongoing mass surveillance and data retention capabilities built in to Apple devices. The largest markets for Apple devices by far are the USA, UK, China, Japan, Brazil and India. The interesting fact here is that all six countries are rapidly upgrading their surveillance & data retention apparatuses with systematic cooperation.

The US and UK governments for that matter, have demanded that technology manufacturers and online service providers eliminate encryption from their operating systems & services. There will be zero online privacy if that happens. A Mac VPN Service is where your online privacy thrives.

Using state of the art tunneling protocols, encryption algorithms, DDoS protection, Firewall and zero logging features, Mac VPN ensure your online activity and data are completely secure.

Mac VPN  For Torrents

Constant crackdowns and geo-blocks levied on torrent trackers like The Pirate Bay, isoHUNT, h33t, etc., are directed towards eliminating P2P file sharing & Torrents from the internet. ISPs in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Columbia, Indonesia and Japan (plus a handful of other European nations), are continuously punishing users through notices & fines.

Firstly, a Mac VPN will enable you to completely become anonymous online, so that your IP address and location are cloaked. Secondly, a Mac VPN ensures that your file transfers are encrypted from end to end, making sure ISPs and copyright trolls cannot inspect your data packets.

Download your favorite movies, music, comics, novels etc. and enjoy the freedom you deserve online with the best Mac VPN.

The Best Mac VPN

Mac VPN services are not graded over their ability to unblock streaming websites or a Mac VPN service that can unblock torrent websites. The real test of reliability of a Mac VPN is its ability to hide your online activity & local IP address, code your data into meaningless characters, maintain zero activity logs on the Mac VPN servers and ensure no one can inspect/infiltrate your wireless network.  

Here are the top 5 ways to evaluate the best Mac VPN Service:

Server Network of the Best Mac VPN

A widespread and strategically laid server network is the defining factor of the best Mac VPN service. You will find hundreds of providers that will have servers only placed within the US and UK only, some will even have servers across Europe but that’s that for them.

Always consider browsing through Mac VPN providers’ websites and look through their server maps and lists. This will give you better insight on how the best Mac VPN compares with the not so good ones. PureVPN listed on top in our table establishes over 450 servers in more than 100 countries.

Tunneling Protocols offered by Mac VPN


Tunneling is the feature provided by Mac VPN providers to ensure that all your online activity is shielded from hackers, ISP deep packet inspection. Government surveillance, 3rd party marketing cookies and other malicious infiltrations. Imagine tunneling as Harry Potter’s invisibility cape, once under it no one can see you are hear you over the internet.

The best Mac VPN services offer an assortment of protocols for subscribers. This ensures that Mac VPN users can enjoy the fastest bandwidth and most relevant tunneling protocols to protect their IP address, online activity and communications. The most common known protocols are PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (UDP&TCP) and IKEv2.

best mac vpn 2015

Encryption Standards of the Best Mac VPN

Encryption is the unique feature found in Mac VPN that enables end to end data ciphering (conversion of data into alphanumeric combinations). When you send out personal info on a website, use financial information, send messages and transfer other information the Mac VPN proceeds to convert all this outgoing data into series of ciphers. Encrypted data looks something like this:

mac vpn encryption

Once your data has been “encrypted” it can then only be ‘decrypted’ on the receiving end. To decode or decrypt your data you are required what are known as Encryption keys. Encryption keys vary between 128bit, 256bit, 1024bit and 2048bit. Most Mac VPN providers offer 256bit encryption keys by default unless a lower degree is required by your device.

The Fastest Super computer Tianhe-2 in China is estimated to break through a single 256bit encryption key in slightly over 9 billion years. 38 million Tianhe-2 computers will possibly break 256bit encryption keys in about 10 years

Activity Logs & Privacy Policy Maintained by Mac VPN Services

The most significant flaw found in even the best Mac VPN providers is their policy to retain your data for long periods of time and submit this data to Government surveillance trolls. Reading through the privacy policy of Mac VPN providers is essential given you are buying something to enhance your online security & privacy.

An ideal Mac VPN will not retain any information from you, neither will it login information about websites you visited or the files you downloaded. Always remember to read through the privacy policy usually listed by Mac VPN services on their websites as a separate section.

This section will inform you if the provider logs any data or activity, what information is logged, what Mac VPN do with your data, what activities are illegal when using Mac VPN and if your information will be passed on to law enforcement upon demand.

Originating Region of Mac VPN Provider

The region where your Mac VPN service is based is a very critical factor. Enforcement of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in North America and EU Data Retention Directive in Europe has required that all Mac VPN providers maintain proper activity logs and submit them when demanded by law.     

Now consider this, if your Mac VPN service is not even based in these regions, then there is simply no compliance to these draconian laws meant for mass surveillance and user traffic analysis. Never subscribe for a Mac VPN service based in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and Canada. Such Mac VPN service providers will not wait a second to hand over your personal details when you have downloaded a movie through torrents..

How To Setup Mac VPN - Step By Step Guide

Usually there are two methods to setup Mac VPN on your devices, they are:

  1. Using the Mac VPN provider App
  2.             Manually setting up Mac VPN

Mac VPN Apps

Most Mac VPN service providers offer their innovative apps with their service free of cost. These apps are optimized to ensure minimum installation time, configuration steps and expertise level. Mac VPN apps are also optimized to tweak bandwidth consumption and connectivity features on your Apple Macintosh computer.  Here is an example of the PureVPN Mac VPN app:

pure vpn mac app


Access our top tier Mac VPN provider reviews and trial your favorite services. Test the best Mac VPN apps and commit only when you are satisfied. Enjoy top notch connectivity with minimum effort.

How To Manually Setup Mac VPN

Macintosh machines are embedded with 3 protocols to help you setup your Mac VPN service. The supported protocols include PPTP, L2TP and Cisco IKEv2. To begin setting up your favorite Mac VPN service following our 8 step manual below:

Step 1

From your home screen go to the System Preferences and locate Network settings icon and select it, as shown below.

how to setup mac vpn app

Step 2

Once you are inside the Network settings menu, you will see the following menu:

mac network dhcp

Locate the “+” button on the bottom left as shown in the screen cap above. This will activate the wizard to create a new Mac VPN connection.

Step 3

After clicking the “+” button a new window will pop up on top. The box will require you to choose an Interface, Service Name and VPN Type.

mac network dhcp vpn 

For Interface choose VPN as shown in the image above. Type in the most appropriate Service Name that you want (you can type anything you want) and lastly in VPN Type choose the tunneling protocol that you are setting up which should be PPTP, L2TP or Cisco IKEv2 (we have chosen to setup PPTP).

When you have filled out all boxes, it should look like shown below:

mac pptp vpn settings

Click ‘CREATE’ and proceed to step 4.

Step 4

Once you have completed the basics, it is time to configure your Mac VPN with provider settings. You will return to the Network settings page. If you observe on the left hand side list your Mac VPN should be clearly visible.  

You will be required to configure 5 options

-          Configuration : Leave this option on “Default” settings as shown in the image

-          Server Address: This will depend on the Mac VPN server you wish to connect to, we have used a fictional server address. You can get a complete Mac VPN server list from your Mac VPN service provider website or customer support.

-          Account Name: This will be your registered user name with the Mac VPN provider and should be emailed to you upon registering your Mac VPN service.

-          Encryption: You can choose between two types for this option  

Authentication Settings: This will be shown in the next step.

mac vpn configuration

Step 5

The very last thing to configure for your Mac VPN service will be your password. Click the Authentication Settings button as shown below

mac vpn user authentication 

A new box will pop open and ask you for your Mac VPN service password. Simply enter the password provided by your Mac VPN service provider and then click OK and then click the ‘Apply’ button on the bottom right of screen.

You have successfully learned how to setup your Mac VPN. Simply click the Mac VPN name on the left hand side menu and connect to your new Mac VPN service.

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