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HideMyAss Review 2016

Everybody's favorite HideMyAss has VPN servers in over 160 countries across the globe, and comes with a heavy duty custom client as well as support for all leading operating systems and devices. The universal HideMyAss package is ideal for all your online privacy, freedom and accessibility needs.

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HideMyAss! Overview HideMyAss! Review


London based HideMyAss is now a part of AVG Technologies who recently acquired the company. HMA VPN is already an established brand since 2005 in the VPN industry with a huge customer base and possibly the best VPN infrastructure in the world. 

In our HideMyAss review for 2016 we will revisit the brands offering and analyze different features of their service.   


HMA VPN considers its high speed global server network as their competitive edge in the industry. With over 860 servers laid across 193 countries the brand has the most extensive coverage compared to other VPN brands.


hidemyass price and packages

Hide My Ass offers 3 great options to its subscribers these are described in details below:
- 1 month offered at $11.52 per month 
o Includes 866 servers in 193 countries 
o 2 simultaneous connections 
o 24/7/365 Online Support 
o Free Desktop & Mobile App 

- 6 months offered at $8.33 per month ($49.99 charged as one off payment)
o Includes 866 servers in 193 countries 
o 2 simultaneous connections 
o 24/7/365 Online Support 
o Free Desktop & Mobile App 

- 12 months offered at $6.55 per month ($78.66 charged as one off payment)
o Includes 866 servers in 193 countries 
o 2 simultaneous connections 
o 24/7/365 Online Support 
o Free Desktop & Mobile App 


HideMyAss offers the most extensive VPN global server network spread across 193 countries boasting some 866 servers that provide over 130,000 IP addresses to choose from. The HMA website offers a complete interactive server map plus descriptions for all regional servers.
HideMyAss servers map

The spread of servers in every continent of the world ensures HideMyAss provide connectivity to practically any geo-restricted service in the world. Their tier-1 network infrastructure also enhances their connection speeds maintaining their market dominance.


HMA VPN offers hands-on customer support to ensure subscribers are always protected and anonymous. Customer support is provided through:
- Live chat 24/7/365
- Getting Started FAQ section 
- Knowledgebase 
- Support Tickets 
Although HMA are established with their excellent service features and performance, customer support is no their secret weapon. Getting live online support can take up to 10 minutes to find a support rep to assist you. Apart from that ticket replies can take up to 24 hours or more for a response depending on the issue.    
The Knowledgebase and Getting Started section are however brilliant. The manual setup section is complete and very extensive making it very easy for beginners to understand. Since the service is compatible with a huge variety of devices & OS you will find them in the getting started section while troubleshooting issues can be found in the knowledgebase.
HMA VPN is compatible with some of the most diverse devices and operating systems being used in the IT industry today. HideMyAss being one of the VPN industry leaders are expected to have this brilliant compatibility within their offering.  Currently, HMA VPN is compatible with the following operating systems: 
- Windows 
- Mac 
- Linux 
- iOS 
- Android 
- Symbian OS 
- Bada OS 
- Chrome OIS 
- Maemo OS  
The service also complements a variety of devices including:
- Windows 8.1 Phone 
- Routers 
- Synology NAS 
- Apple TV
- HP Touchpad 
- Nook Color Tab 
- PlayStation 3 
- Boxee Box 
- Roku Box 
This diversity makes HMA VPN a brilliant option for varying uses including business work, streaming, P2P file sharing, VoIP, data transfers, banking, multi device access and much more. 


A dedicated Tutorials and Instructions section ensures you are never left calling for help in odd times. The tutorials section provides device and OS specific help to setup HMA VPN. Illustrated tutorials make it easier for even the most novice users to setup their devices with the service.


Securing your privacy, identity and data are the primary objectives of HideMyAss VPN, allowing you to be practically hidden on the internet. This is achieved through three tunneling protocols: 
- OpenVPN (TCP & UDP) 
o Both TCP & UDP delivered Using CBC Blowfish algorithm and 128bit encryption keys
o UDP is faster and allows bypassing more restrictions    
o Employs MSCHAPv2 authentication
o Utilizes MPEE 128bit encryption keys with compression  
- L2TP 
o Uses IPSec for data encryption employing 256bit encryption keys 
o Utilizes 3DES/AES algorithm for resilient data protection


This is probably where the brilliant ends and the bashing begins for HMA VPN. While the Privacy Policy is decent like many other competitors operating VPN services, HideMyAss are known for upholding both National and International law when their services are used. The brand does not associate with crime or even minor misdemeanor when using their services.
Yes, HMA VPN records multiple pieces of your information as their privacy policy clearly states. Collected information includes: 
- Username, Email Address, Password, Local IP Address 
This data is stored for up to two years if you are not using HMA VPN and if you do use the service this data stays on HMA servers permanently. The service also establishes in its privacy policy that data can be retained as long as necessary to resolve issues and legal cases. Following data is logged in when using HMA VPN as indicated by their privacy policy: 
 a time stamp when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service;
 the amount data transmitted (upload and download) during your session;
 the IP address used by you to connect to our VPN; and
 the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you
The privacy policy assures that no activity logs are maintained, which means it does not record what websites you visit, what services you use and what content you download. This data is logged for 3 months and is erased from HMA servers after that time. In case of illegal use data can be stored for over 3 months for investigators and legal bodies.    


HideMyAss does not offer a Free Trial of their service, Refer to the subscription plans section to activate your service today.  
Reviewer’s Verdict 
HMA VPN offers a brilliant service bundle for those looking for proactive privacy and data protection. We identified the following are their competitive Pros in the industry 
- The largest VPN server network 
- A Diverse device & OS compatibility
- Excellent payment plans
- Multiple payment methods 
- Rich selection of Tunneling protocols and Encryption standards 
- Multiple customer support channels
- Extensive knowledge base and tutorials section 
We did however notice that the service had taken a step backwards due to the ever increasing state surveillance and international data retention laws. We identified the following as areas of improvement in our HideMyAss review:
- A very strict privacy policy 
- No Free Trial of the service 
- Absence of modern tunneling protocols 
As a whole HideMyAss offer a brilliant service package, our latest Hide My Ass review ranks the service 4.0 out of 5.
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