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HideIPVPN Review

Hide your IP and become anonymous with HideIPVPN. Choose from the best global locations including UK, ISA Netherlands and many more to unblock websites with one click. Enjoy 28 high speed servers in the best regions to unblock all your favorite websites.

$4.5 per month
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HideIPVPN Overview HideIPVPN Review


In operation since 2008, HideIP VPN has been a niche provider of VPN security and unblocking solutions. The actual location of the provider is highly debated given reviewers have claimed it is in the USA or Moldova, the website has no mention about the location of the company.

HideIP VPN is based on the premise of online privacy, anonymity and unrestricted internet access to all.The Hide IP VPN website is brilliantly designed allowing users all relevant product information on their mainpage. The website consists of a very informative support page supported by the brand’s official blog updated regularly with new offers and features.

In our HideIP VPN review learn about the salient features of the service. Read through thevarious features and benefits of this privacy specializing service as we unveil HideIP VPN’sbrilliant service packages.


HideIP VPN believesin a free internet and thus considers it itsunique propositionto provide

  • Proactive privacy protection
  • Anonymity against ISP, marketing, Government and hack monitoring
  • An unrestricted internet

The company sticks to its core values but does provide a list of illegal activities that must not be committed over their VPN network.


HideIP VPN currently offer 5 unique pricing plans concentrating on two unique niches of the VPN consumer market, namely

  • Regional unblocking solutions
  • P2P & File sharing solutions

The five subscription plans are summarized as follows:


  • Offered at $5.99/month, $15.99/ 3 months and $49.99/ year
  • 9 servers located across the US
  • Brilliant for streaming Netflix, Hulu, ABC, FOX, HBO and Spotify


  • Offered at $5.99/month, $15.99/ 3 months and $49.99/ year
  • 9 servers in the UK

Canada VPN 

  • Offered at $5.99/month, $15.99/ 3 months and $49.99/ year
  • 2 servers located in Canada

P2P & File sharing VPN 

  • Offered at $5.99/month, $15.99/ 3 months and $49.99/ year
  • 5 specialized servers in Netherlands & 3 specialized servers in Germany

All in One VPN 

  • Offered at $9.99/month, $26.99/ 3 months and $83.99/ year
  • 26 server located across USA, UK, Netherlands and Germany
  • Offers P2P & File sharing support


HideIP VPN offers servers based in five countries, a complete list and breakup by city is provided as follows:

Since HideIP VPN is a niche market provider, requirement for a vast global network is irrelevant. Hide IP VPNoffer strategic locations that users can connect to and unblock various entertainment services plus websites that are geo-restricted.

HideIP VPN also offer P2P and File Sharing servers based in Netherlands and Germany. The Canadian servers are only available through their Canada VPN package and are not included with the all in one subscription plan.

I proceeded to test their servers with a 1.5Mbps connection using, here are the results

hideipvpn speed test 1

Result without VPN

hideipvpn speed test 2

USA Server Test Result

Customer Support

HideIP VPN offers multiple ways to troubleshoot issues and get assistance.The available methods are

  • Live chat
  • Support Tickets
  • FAQ
  • Setup Tutorials Page

In addition to the above methods for support and assistance, Hide IP VPN also hasactive social presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+. So the next time you feel all hope is lost, give the guys on live chat a buzz, they will sort out your issue 24/7.


Being a provider of anonymous solutions HideIP VPN believes in the secrecy of your financial information. The payment solutions offered by HideIPVPN includeexclusive anonymous payment methods with only one identifiable method. Payment methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypro
  • Credit Card & Debit Card


HideIP VPN is a highly compatible service available through manual configuration or through their brilliant user friendly desktop app available for Windows and Mac OSx. HideIP VPN is available on operating systems including:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android Phone & Tablet
  • DDWRT- Routers
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Windows 8 Phone
  • Google Chrome book

This variation of compatibility with different operating systems also makes HideIP VPN highly suited for an array of devices. Since manual settings are available, HideIP VPN can practically be installed on any devicesoffering therequired protocols.Amongst the many devices catered are laptops, desktops, routers, smartphones, tablets, Windows surface and others.

The desktop app is only available for Windows and Mac desktop devices currently. The software has an advanced outlook with the simplest available features.

The amazing desktop app has the simplest of designs allowing even the most oblivious users to get used to it quickly. In addition to an easy to select protocol menu the app also offers server dropdown list, country selection and logs saving feature.

HideIP VPN also offer a brilliant Applcation Killer built into the app, you will notice this feature with the Darth Vader helmet.This brilliant featue is an amazing for users who seek to enhance their privacy when downlaoding torrents, accessing block streaming services and when connecting to restricted social networks. You can define the apps manually so they app will close those apps in case the connection fails during downlaoding or surfing the web.


HideIP VPN offer a brilliant tutorials page on their website equipped with latest setup tutorials on varying operating systems. The page is very easy to navigate and offers all tutorials with illustrations making them simple even for novice users.


HideIP VPN offersthe complete range tunneling protocols, compared to other competitors that cost more.Currently, HideIP VPN offers the following range of tunneling protocols

  • PPTP offered with 128bit MPPE encryption
  • SSTP                            offered with 256bit AES encryption
  • L2TP/IPSec                  offered with both 128bit& 256bitAES encryption
  • OpenVPN                    offered with 128bit AES encryption
  • SoftEther                     offered with 256bit AES encryption

Availability of protocols is highlydependent on the device and OS you are using. While Windows operating systems will have the entireoffered protocols arsenal, others will have different protocols depending on their compatibility.

Hide IP VPN offers SSL 128 bit and AES 256bit encryption plus 2048bit authentication keys. For newbies, 128bit SSL encryption algorithm implies that your online data transfers will be converted into binary code (0 & 1)and then createfrom amongst 34 quadrillion combinations to unlock your your data (hence it’s impossible to crack this encryption manually).

All passwords and authentication information (usernames, passwords, and certificates) are validated using 2048 bit encryption algorithms (calculate how many combinations that gets).


HideIP VPN has a very concise and simple to understand Privacy Policy that establisheshow the company collects, maintains and shares your information.

The privacy policy clearly mentions that information on users is collected through various ways. HideIPVPN collect information through the following sources

  • Online forms
  • Subscription information
  • Volunteer data submitted by users

The HideIP VPNalso uses cookies to track your usage of their website, understand your behavior when sending you new offers and feature updates. Although all this information is collected, there is no chance as the policy mentions that your information is shared with or sold to third parties, marketing firms, independent contractors, business partners and even trusted affiliates.

HideIP VPN secure your data ensuring that all information is encrypted, but also claim that not all user info is 100% secured (this is a generic statement in almost every providers privacy policy).


HideIP VPN offers a full feature 24 hour free trial so you can test their complete service offering before committing to it in the long run. Although a very limited time frame I got to test the entire server network with their free trial.

The Good, The Bad and The Summary

HideIP VPN offers a very decent service package when compared to some of the heavy weights of the VPN industry. I really liked 3 unique features that really built up to this HideIPVPN review these are the excellent desktop app, the brilliant setup tutorials on the website and the superfast connection times of the service.

The connection speeds did show a bit of loss that you can clearly observe in the server test screen captures. Considering this was just a 1.5 Mbps connection, the loss of bandwidth over high-speed connections 10 Mbps and above will be negligible. This will still remainas an area of improvement for the HideIP VPN team.

The privacy policy and terms of service are although strict but the good thing is the provider mentions all the requisites very clearly. The privacy policy is quite direct when it mentions required information will be logged. The terms of use clearly state what can and cannot be done when connected to a HideIP VPN server. I really like the honesty of the provider, but there should also be clear mention of how long customer data is withheld.

HideIP VPN also offers a brilliant service when it comes to customer support. In addition to the channels available, support has been designed by an expert team of technicians with utmost dedication towards customer ease. Two thumbs up, great support guys! 

One area that can prove crucial in the success and failure of HideIP VPN on a global level is the absence of both HideIP VPN Android & iOS apps. Their team should concentrate on developing apps for mobile and tablet operating systems since this is a great competitive edge against many top tier global VPN providers. This will remain an area of improvement until our next critical evaluation.

The security provided by HideIP VPN is simply amazing, since they offer a mix of 128bit and 256bit encryption coupled with 5 different tunneling protocols. Users can select if they want high speed or max security connections staying completely anonymous and keeping their data ciphered.

Reviewer’s Verdict

I really liked the offering all together and although it is a small scale provider, HideIP VPN brings more to the table that many apparent “tier-1 premium” VPN providers. The server speeds are decent, encryption keys and protocols are promisingly good, customer support is delightfuland the website is very helpful when it comes to educating yourself about the service.

Due to some areas of improvement we will rank the brand a striking 3.5out of 5

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