Best Canada VPN Service Providers in 2016

The Canadian government has recently injected excessive censorship and surveillance into Canadian cyberspace, amid massive protests and criticism. The controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 will enhance the state's surveillance powers; allowing security agencies to collect more data, and giving them the ability to share this data across any relevant government agency with judicial oversight. The bill will not only facilitate the collection of terrorism related information but also data relating to the economic stability of Canada. When faced with such dire circumstances, a VPN service in Canada can ease the tension by giving you a combo of online security, anonymity and privacy. After careful testing and research we have assorted the best VPN for Canada ranking them by features, customer preferences and reviews:

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L2TP over IPSec , IKEv2 , L2TP/IPSec , PPTP

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IPSec , OpenVPN , L2TP/IPSec , PPTP

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The only way to secure your online privacy in the face of the blatant surveillance is to cloak your IP address. Activating a VPN will anonymize your data traffic and browsing activity, making it impossible for your ISP or government to monitor you. Surveillance agencies will be unable to detect your browsing activity since all of it will route through a secure server located outside Canada.

In their 2014 report, ‘Freedom On Net’ ranked Canada a brilliant 15, classifying it as one of the top tier free internet regions. But this was before Edward Snowden’s revelations about Canada’s cyber surveillance agency CSE or Communications Security Establishment. It turns out that the CSE was busy spying on users who downloaded files, communicated and browsed through Canadian cyberspace.

If you are a streaming fanatic residing in Canada then Netflix, Hulu and Spotify must be on top of your list. Circumventing geo-restrictions is an ongoing debate in Canada as ISPs and entertainment corporations are forcing the Canadian government to impose severe restrictions on customers. Downloading torrents and accessing streaming services in Canada is now punishable through fines.

Using a Canada VPN for Internet Freedom

With an internet penetration rate of 86% and rising, Canadian internet users are more vulnerable to cybercrime, censorship, surveillance and geo-restrictions.

A Canada VPN is especially designed to address privacy and security issues online. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a remote connection tool designed to ensure that users can access their home or business networks through the public internet.

A Canadian VPN service will establish an encrypted tunnel within the public internet. This tunnel will anonymize your IP address and assign you a new one from the regional server you are connected to. For instance, you can connect to a US Server and watch Netflix with a US IP without having to face geo-restrictions.

Best Canada IP VPN Services

Top Tier Encryption

Encryption is the most crucial aspect of the best VPN for Canada. Military grade encryption ensures that your data travels through secure tunnels without the threat of being intercepted by cyber snoops. Data is encrypted through various ciphering standards that are dependent on the priorities of the user.

·   The minimum encryption standard for a secure internet experience is using 128 bit. Ideally, the best VPN service for Canada will offer up to 256 bit encryption (used by all military IT infrastructures).

·   Stronger encryption standards (1024 bit and 2048 bit) are also used to authenticate passwords and certificates to ensure ironclad protection.

By converting data into a series of binary numbers (0,1), the Canadian VPN secures all your data, messages and online transfers. Cyber criminals, ISPs and Government spies will only see a connection to a VPN server and a page full of binary digits (humanly impossible to decipher). 

Protection against Cybercrime in Canada

Canadian cyberspace is also victim to various forms of cybercrime that mostly affect children and businesses. Over 7 million Canadians became victims to Cybercrime last year. Although the incidents reported are meager, the combined cost of cybercrime is well over 2 billion.

The idea is to ensure that unsuspecting internet users are not exploited or bullied over social channels. Businesses are also under threat from cyber crime in Canada, as the cost of cyber crime rises worldwide, Canadian netizens need to prepare.

Global Server Network 

The ideal Canadian VPN should have a worldwide server network to ensure you can connect to any region in the world and securely unblock video, music, news and other sources of information from those regions. Usually providers who offer specialized servers post their unique features in their reviews and home pages.

There are exclusive providers with servers dedicated to P2P & torrents, like Le-VPN which has a mix of servers in Europe and the USA. Online gamers can also enjoy low latency gaming with friends all over the world, simply by choosing a specialized server to play on.

Although you will come across numerous providers offering VPN in Canada, always ensure you research and trial before committing to a provider. Remember that there is always the possibility that a service may perform better in one region and worse in another. A vast server network will also ensure you have more IP addresses to connect to so you never have to wait in line for a server slot.

Added Benefits of the Best Canadian VPN 

In addition to data security and the freedom to unblock websites, a VPN for Canada also provides added value to your online needs. Some of these features include:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. P2P and torrent servers for faster downloads
  3. Dedicated IP for privacy
  4. DDoS attack prevention feature
  5. Gaming support servers to lower latency during game play
  6. 24/7 Customer Support so you are never left hanging with an issue
  7. SmartDNS feature for faster video streaming, and much more


Canadian cyberspace is slowly succumbing towards a totalitarian controlled quarantine zone. Government surveillance, compounded with copyright infringement laws, geo-restrictions, news censorship and cybercrime is leading towards a draconian internet. Canadian spying agencies have been monitoring the internet since 2001, yet they failed to prevent a massacre of government officials in Ottawa city in October 2014 (if this doesn’t prove their competence I don’t know what can).

The best way to protect yourself online in Canada is through a Canadian VPN. Those looking to download through torrents & P2P; stream video from geo-restricted websites; protect data online; access foreign news sources; use online banking services; play games online; or simply browse undetected can go invisible through a Canada VPN.

Access our reviews above and trial the services to know which ones are ideal for your online needs, leave us a comment and visit again soon.


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