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You might be looking to buy VPN for internet security, accessibility or online anonymity. In all of these cases, there are a number of characteristics that demand attention before you sign up. Amongst other things, there are payment limitations and compatibility issues that you must consider before you buy VPN. Every second VPN promises the world, but only a fewactually deliver the service, features, flexibility and anonymity that are expected from a VPN these days.

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How to Buy VPN Online

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are slowly becoming the most credible tool to protect your personal information & online identity on the internet.It is also one of the most sought out solutions when it comes to unblocking online video streaming (Netflix, HULU) and music services (Spotify, Pandora)plus hundreds of websites blocked in different regions of the world.

You can easily buy VPN online without the worries of getting noticed by surveillance agencies, ISPs and copyright trolls who have recently lobbied to end VPN encryption and access all VPN user data. Amongst the easiest methods available you can buy VPN using credit card, Buy VPN using Perfect Money or buy VPN using PayPal. The amazing prospect is that it is also possible to buy VPN using Bitcoin so none of you details is ever revealed when subscribing online.

Buy VPN Using Credit Card

You can easily buy VPN using credit card if you are travelling on vacation, on a business trip or just worried about connecting to a public WIFI network (hotels, school, train & bus stations etc.)In case you are looking to test a VPN service you can easily buy VPN using Credit Card and cancel just and easily incase you are not satisfied.

Buy VPN using Perfect Money

Perfect Money establishesits brand around perfection giving users and merchants the ability to transfer money with ease, through the highest security standards and with the best money management tools. You can buy VPN using Perfect Money to get instant access. When you buy VPN using Perfect Money payments are made instantly and using the securest channels available.

Buy VPN Using PayPal

Just in case you are worried about the security of your payments and want to manage it from one console PayPal is the way to go. Simply buy VPN using PayPal and never worry about your details getting stolen. You can setup easy monthly recurring payments when you buy VPN using PayPal, this way you can manage multiple accounts and have a specific account you want to pay the VPN with. The editor recommends using IPVanish for quick and easy PayPal VPN registration.

Buy VPN Using Bitcoin

When you Buy VPN using Bitcoin there is no trace who made the payment and through which financial channel. The secure aspect when you buy VPN using Bitcoin is its ability to remove all personally identifiable characteristics making it very hard for malicious trackers to identify you.Buy VPN using Bitcoin and enjoy an experience of pure internet freedom.

Our editors pick, buy PureVPN using Bitcoin and enjoy 100% anonymity, privacy and zero activity logging today.

Buy VPN for Security & Anonymity

The primary purpose to buy VPN is always to attain the best security & possible anonymity when visiting websites, using social services, downloading torrents & media and communicating with contacts through various channels.

When you buy VPN for security you are basically addressing features like hands-on ‘Tunneling’ and state of the art ‘Data Encryption’. Tunneling is the term used when, like the name suggests, your internet activity is encapsulated or tunneled using what are known as ‘secure tunnelingprotocols’. These secure tunneling protocols create a secure tunnel over your connection with the VPN server/gateway as follows:

How to buy vpn online using different payment methods

Data Encryption on the other hand occurs in the midst of this tunneling and usually before data or internet traffic requests are sent from your devices. This can be better explained with the following example,consider sending an email to your friends in China that you will visit them on Christmas. Now as we all know anyone from the Chinese Internet Police to a Chinese hacking group can intercept this email. Simply buy VPN and let it work its magic on your communication, here is an example:

vpn hashing

Our editor’s recommendation to buy VPN for tested privacy and security is world renowned PureVPN. Using 256bit military grade encryption and 6 different tunneling protocols including the latest iKEV2 protocol, PureVPN is the power behind exclusive online protection.

Buy VPN for Android

By far the most unsafe commercial OS in the world is Android. Although open source and very friendlyto use, Android OS is known for its multiple security vulnerabilities and is prone to cyber-attacks.When you buy VPN for Android, there are various features offered by VPN providers to secure your Android devices, arming them to the teeth.

Features including data encryption, optimized VPN Android apps, internet kill switch feature, DDoS protection, firewall technology and easy to setup guides ensure iron clad protection of your Android devices.

The BVS editor’s ranting puts IPVanish VPN top of the list for Android users which accompanies a great app and super speed connections on smartphones.

Buy VPN for Mac & iOS

It was brilliant while it lasted but Apple’s iOS & Mac OSx devices are no morethe pinnacle of security and privacy for users. Services like AppleiCloud and Apple App store is also not secure when used freely without enhanced VPNsecurity. Remember that epic breach of the Apple iCloud, Apple blamed it on the celebrities and other poor users who were affected, claiming they lost their credentials by their mistake ‘all 200,000’ of them.
Buy VPN for Mac & iOS ensure that next time such a travesty occurs you are not in the midst of it. You passwords, usernames, financial information, personal information and all communication will be expertly encrypted and transferred using tunneling protocols. ExpressVPN,a legend of the VPN industry, offers brilliant iOS & Macapps ensuring your Apple devices are completely secure no matter where you are.

Buy VPN for Windows

Known for its user friendliness, but also for its high susceptibility to viruses & Trojans Windows PC OS is the most used operating system in the world. Recently Microsoft changed it company vision, making a turnaround from “a computer on every desk in every home”to “we will steal your data and privacy if you want it or not”.
Apart from being highly vulnerable to malicious threats online, Microsoft have finally partnered with the NSA. Your local data and activity is collected and sent straight to America’s finest surveillance agency without you knowing.    Windows 10 came out without giving users a single idea what Microsoft intended to do. By the time developers and programmers identified the various privacy flaws in OS 10 it had already reached millions of computers worldwide.
It is probably time users buy VPN for Windows.This exclusive tool will provide you the ability to protect your passwords, data, financial information and especially your download history &online activity.
Our editor’s recommendation for Windows is none other than the first Tier-1 VPN service in the world, IPVanish VPN is being offered with a dazzling 60% off this Black Friday!

In a Nutshell

Buy VPN online today through your favorite payment methods including PayPal, Bitcoin and Credit Card. Protect all your devices buy VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android and enjoy the enhanced security of virtual private networks.
Buy VPN today to protect your work, you loved ones and your personal life on the internet. Access our tested reviews and buy VPN online to protect your OS &devices against surveillance, ISP tracking, geo-restrictions and hacking threats.

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