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Modern businesses are evolving to integrate online models – exposing them to an all new set of opportunities and threats. These threats have the capacity of compromising and leaking sensitive business data, without leaving any detectable traces. The hack attacks on Amazon, Tesco, Sony, and JP Morgan are classic examples of this fact. A business VPN is the most significant step any organization can take to secure confidential business data, servers, employee data and online devices.

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The most brutal hacks are directed towards organizations that retain a massive volume of online payment-related and personal data on their servers. Securing online businesses with impenetrable security and untraceable privacy requires innovative business VPN solutions.

Why use Business VPN Services?


Business VPN Services Provider

The advantages of a business VPN include cost saving, precautionary disaster management, organizational database security, and secure file sharing.

Cost Savings

Normally you have to lease phone lines, data connections and enter into contracts with ISPs to setup your private network using broadband or even dial up connectivity. The primary advantage of using business VPN services is financial, i.e. they save enormous amounts in form of communication and networking costs.

Leased networks require additional fiber cable wiring, modems and routers, special equipment for remote workers in addition to the costs of the lease itself. In comparison, Business VPN services will require nothing more than an internet connection, a VPN server setup at the organization’s HQ, and the correct network configuration.

Instead of investing millions in setting up a cabled infrastructure, a business VPN service will cost a few thousands per year, with minimum maintenance costs and a dedicated support.

Business Database Security

A modern business’ primary asset is data. That is why access to databases and networks is monitored strictly. Every day, cyber security headlines report on organizations hacked because of vulnerability to hackers.

Notable hack-attacks on businesses include the databases of the Estonian government (2007), NASA (2006), Defence Research and Development Canada (2011), NATO (2012), EBay (2014), Sony Pictures (2014), Ashley Madison Dating (2015) and many others.

Precautionary Disaster Management

Securing your data and network (against competitors and cyber criminals alike) is an undeniably necessary step.

This means that you can either protect your network by buying a reliable (usually branded and expensive) security solution or by deploying a VPN server to keep your private data encrypted and separated from public traffic.

In August 2015, it was reported that a gang of hackers succeeded in infiltrating the Pentagon servers and gained access to the cafeteria cash tills; leaking out the financial and personal data of an unknown number of employees. Other major organizations that have been targeted by cybercriminals include giants like Staples, Amazon, Twitter, and Twitch.

Remote Connectivity and Employee Security

Even if you secure organizational data and servers with complex software and network architecture, a significant vulnerability exists in the form of exposed employees travelling around the world. Remote workers (those working from home or field offices) and travelling employees (making trips to clients) require immediate access to company databases.

A business VPN ensures iron clad security and maximum privacy for remote workers and travelling employees, allowing them high speed tunneled and encrypted access to HQ servers. This allows all remote workers to have secure and ready access to the main business servers from anywhere in the world.

Online Privacy and Security of Business VPN Services

Over the past 5 years hackers have declared war on corporations and small businesses alike, causing financial damage worth over $400 billion each year.

Relentless attacks were carried out on customer data of JP Morgan Chase Bank; intellectual property of Sony Pictures; employee data of Morrisons; customer data of Ashley Madison dating; and many others; indicating that the threats from cybercrime pose a clear and present danger.

Business VPN Software

The most significant advantage of using business VPN is the assured security of employee devices both mobile and desktop. Corporate VPN providers offer state-of-the-art business VPN software ensuring that entire business networks are secured using one business VPN solution.

Corporate VPN clients are built to provide plug-and-play protection to SMEs and MNCs alike, with a single click. Modern apps not only offer connectivity, but also allow tweaking other settings like managing DNS leaks, port forwarding, auto reconnection, internet kill switch and dedicated IP selection.

Business VPN Compatibility and Flexibility

Business VPN software are now available over a wide range of online devices including those that run on Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, HP Web OS, Blackberry; and devices like DDWRT routers, Tomato routers, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, multimedia boxes and many others.

Most Business VPN providers come with advanced multi-login, allowing a single account to be used over 20 devices simultaneously in some cases. This brilliant feature ensures that your organization is secure and your employees’ activities are private.

Business VPN services are also compatible with routers, so no matter what networking technologies or ISPs are employed by an organization. Apart from DDWRT routers business VPN are compatible with Tomato USB, Sabai technologies, CISCO routers and many other router brands available across the world.

Business VPN Advanced Security against DDoS Attacks   

Business VPN can’t completely negate the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on business websites or work networks, but the chances of being victim to them can be significantly reduced. However, a few VPN providers, such as PureVPN, offer exclusive DDoS protection offer as an add-on.

The PlayStation online gaming network was DDoS’ed by The Lizard Squad a couple of years back and they only stopped the attack when Mega Limited founder Kim Dot Com negotiated with them to stop the attack.

A Business VPN accomplishes protection against DDoS attacks by replacing organizational IP addresses and server addresses with unique IP addresses provided (and hosted) by the Business VPN provider. Businesses can employ this unique protection to secure their websites, servers and their everyday devices – in the same way as professional gamers, P2P and torrent users and online streaming fans.

Business VPN Remote Connection Protection

Employees who are constantly travelling tend to use public networks a lot. Public WIFI networks are jackpots for hackers and malware who often hijack them to infiltrate devices and are the primary reason behind the very brutal iCloud hack even happened.

Business VPN is the one stop solution to protect all businesses or personal devices from outside intruders prying on public WIFI networks. Remote workers can join their office networks and access headquarter data servers at anytime, and from anywhere in the world with complete data protection and privacy.

Businesses that have employees working in field offices, travelling workers and those always connected on mobile networks or public networks can secure themselves with business VPN services. The business VPN will provide field staff an alternate private IP address, cloaking their network activity using state of the art tunneling and encryption, and cancel out any deep packet inspection from hackers, ISPs, government or any other malicious entities.

Business VPN Data Encryption

Encryption is by far the most useful and effective technology available from business VPN providers. Encryption is the feature you will find in all business VPN services (varying by security level), present to secure your business data transfers, communication and individual user privacy.

Encryption is the conversion of your ordinary data (files, documents, photos etc.), communications (chat, email, Skype etc.) and employees’ online activity into a series of cyphered characters. This feature ensures that even if your data is ever intercepted (including username and passwords) it makes no sense.

In a Nutshell

Imagine having someone hack your business servers; as in the case of Mrs. Clinton’s email server recently. The prospect is embarrassing, plus your business loses credibility over what is lost; in this case the customers’ trust. A business VPN service will ensure your daily business is conducted without the threat of hackers and surveillance from other malicious parties.   


Remember to research the various ways you can protect your business over the internet. Learn about new tools to protect your servers, read up about protecting your remote workers and travelling employees and learn how to secure your websites and precious data from hackers. Access our expert business VPN provider reviews and find a solution for your online security and privacy today.

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