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BTGuard Overview:

BTGuard is based out of Toronto and positions itself as an ‘Anonymous Bittorrent Services’ provider. Apart from bit torrent privacy and security, BT Guard also offers a VPN service for those who use other web services along with torrent use. The three core benefits offered by BT Guard are:

1. Anonymous Bittorrent Support
2. Bypass Throttling
3. Unlimited Network Speed

The BTGuard Network

As already mentioned, BT Guard is based out of Toronto, Canada, and that is where it’s servers are hosted, as well. BTGuard uses the premium server carrying spot in Toronto to host its servers. Moreover, BTGuard also has its servers at the Frankfurt Internet Exchange in Germany – The biggest internet exchange facility in the world! BT Guard uses Tier-One networks for its infrastructure to provide the fastest speeds to its customers. BTGuard has collaborated with network carriers such as Deutsch Telekom, Level3, Tiscali, Cogent Communications, Teleglobe, and Global Crossings for supporting its network.

BTGuard Services Offered

BTGuard offers two types of services to its users:

1. Bit torrent Proxy – This is offered for those users who want to have anonymous bit torrent use. For this purpose, BT Guard promises automatic anonymity for the user whenever the bittorrent client is used.

2. Virtual Private Network – This package is for those who want complete privacy, anonymity, and security whenever they log on to the internet, be it for bittorrent use, email, browsing, or anything else.

The BTGuard Promise

BTGuard promises an effortless download and installation of its software. Moreover, it promises not to share any details of its customers with any other entity. BT Guard employs a 256-bit AES encryption for securing it’s user’s data and supports PPTP/OpenVPN protocols. BTGuard’s servers in Canada, Europe, and Asia offer unlimited download speeds.

BTGuard Package Plans

There are two different package plans for the two different services offered by BTGuard. These are:

1. Bittorrent Proxy – The 1 month package costs
$4.41. The 3 month package is available at a discount of 5% at $12.57. The 6 months package is offered for $22.49 at a discount of 15%. To get 25% savings, opt for the 12 month package costing $39.69.

2. BTGuard VPN – The 1 month VPN package is offered at $
6.31 while the 3 month package costs $17.98 with 5% off. A 15% discount can be had by opting for the 6 month package offered at $32. For ultimate discount, opt for the 12 month package offered for $89.95 at 25% off!

BTGuard Compatibility

BT Guard works with Windows OS, Mac OS X, and Linux; it also supports Utorrent, bittorrent, and Vuze.

BTGuard Payment Modes

BTGuard accepts a variety of credit cards and gateways for payment such as PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

BTGuard has servers in 3 countries.



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