How to Setup VPN on Windows XP

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vpn windows xpThere are many ways through which you can assure the twin benefits of anonymity and high degree security for your network while accessing internet.

Not surprisingly, VPN can be termed as among the most bankable ones of all of them. In this post, we would like to concentrate more on Windows XP VPN, which is comparably much easier to set up and equally simple to use.

Advantages of VPN Windows XP

You can convincingly install and setup a VPN on Windows XP, all you need is the right guidance. And once you that, there are a whole lot of benefits awaiting your attention, some of which include:

  • Enhanced IP address protection
  • Apt support for VPN and networking protocol
  • Easy and free of cost communication with friends located remotely
  • Simple to install and setup
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Availability of certain built-in features to help you in your safe browsing endeavors
  • Ease to watch your favourite TV shows through live streaming video sites

How To Configure Windows XP VPN

Enough of general knowledge for Windows, now let us start with its setup and installation procedure on your computing machine.

Step1: Click Start and then click Control Panel.

Step2:  Open Network Connections in the Control Panel to see the list of LAN and Dial-up connections.

Step3: On the left hand side of the window, under Network Tasks, click ‘Create a new connection’ to open Network Connection Wizard.

Step4:  Click Next to start the wizard.

Step5: Click “’Connect to the network at my workplace’ and then click Next.

Step6: Check ‘Virtual Private Network connection’ of the two option present on the resulting window.

Step7: Click Next to get the New Connection Wizard and ‘Public Network’ screen. Check  ‘Automatically dial this initial connection’ if you want the VPN connection to initiate automatically even if internet is not active on your computer.

Else, click ‘Do not dial the initial connection’ if you want a public internet connection to be created first before the fresh VPN connection is established.

Step8: This is the point where you are required to mention the IP address being mailed to you by your VPN service provider. Depending on the availability of servers at your vendor’s end or according to your own choice, you can change the host name or IP address later on. After mentioning the requisite description, click Next.

Step9: On the ‘Connection Availability’ screen, choose an option from among the default option, My Use Only,’ or  ‘Anyone’s use’ option.

Step10: You are almost done. To give way to finishing touches, click ‘Finish’. You have now saved your new Windows XP VPN connection information . 

Hopefully these 10 steps would be sufficient for you to configure VPN on your Windows XP system. However, as you do the honors, there are certain things that you should keep in mind, such as:

  • Mention only the correctly name of VPN Server or IP address; wrong entry may bar you the access to connection.
  • It would be better if you use an easy connection name while filling out the ‘Company Name’ field.

List of Best Windows XP VPN

If you are looking for the best Windows XP VPN, we have compiled a list of those VPN providers through which you can set up a VPN connection on Windows XP without having any problem.


Wish you all the good luck in your Windows XP VPN set up endeavors and welcome to safe, secure and anonymous world of internet browsing.


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