Finding The Best Windows VPN To Stay Secure Online

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Windows Users Around the World reported in October this year that Windows OS is used in 80.1% of computers being operated in the world today. Apart from being the most user friendly OS, Windows features functions for home and business users alike.

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Usage statistics of different operating systems as at October 2014 – courtesy

Snooping Threats for Windows OS

One of the most easiest features on Windows OS especially 7 and XP is the ability to setup internet connections.

windows virus infection rate

Windows OS have major infiltration threats on the internet, and while some will only steal bits of personal information others will try to hack into your files, bank account numbers, emails and social networks. The infection rate of online threats are ranked by OS version in the graph above. – Source : kalmstrom

But what most users don’t realize is the tendency of Windows OS to send usage statistics and information to Microsoft, software vendors, social networks and literally anyone who can install a cookie on your computer . From there on it cannot be said where the information is disseminated.

Today any entity like governments, NSA, CIA, your ISP provider and notorious individuals aka hackers, all of whom are snooping on and can infiltrate your Windows operating system. For this purpose, Microsoft built into the Windows OS Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

Built-in Windows VPN Feature

Initially built into the OS to help travelling business personnel, VPN today are established as a means for privacy, anonymity and security. Users can hide themselves from government and NSA snooping when at home, similarly a Windows VPN can be used when accessing public networks to secure your computer against hackers.

VPN for Windows comes embedded in the network connections menu allowing users to manually setup one if a software is not available. Most Windows VPN providers today have their own desktop client free in most cases unless specified.

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Protecting You identity with VPNs

VPN providers provide ordinary users the exclusive privacy and anonymity making their online activity safer. A VPN for Windows does this by masking/hiding the IP address of the client machine and replacing it with one from another region.

This way all third parties, hackers, government snoopers and NSA spies have no trace of where you are, what you are doing and who you are contacting. The VPN ensures all those monitoring your connection see is a tunnel link to the VPN Server.

Encryption by Windows VPN Features

VPN in Windows allows encryption of data and authentication certificates to ensure that not only your files but your usernames and passwords are safe when you are browsing the internet.

Encryption of data is achieved through 128bit and 256 bit key standards. Similarly, passwords and usernames are encrypted with 1024bit and 2048bit encryption standards. This encryption feature in Windows VPN services allows your data to flow through the internet without the threat of theft. It also ensures you passwords other sensitive data like bank accounts are secured.

Unblocking Websites & Geo-Restrictions

Windows VPN services also allows users to access geo-restricted content like YouTube, Vimeo, HULU, Netflix and Spotify. Windows VPN services also allow users to download through P2P and torrent clients anonymously in regions where such services are banned.

Gamers can also make use of VPN in Windows to access foreign servers by connecting to different regional servers and access games not available in their regions. The VPN will also ensure all your packet data passes through a firewall ensuring proactive management of threats from websites and online services.

Setting Up VPN in Windows

Different Windows OS have although the same setup processes but users need to go through a slight variation when setting up a Windows VPN manually. You can find the old XP interface instructions here.

Windows 7 came out with a much easier VPN setup process making it much easier for home users to manually create Windows VPN connection, we take you through the Windows VPN setup in our detailed guide. Windows 8 was a bit complicated but we made the setup look very easy for you as shown on our blog post on setting up a VPN on Windows 8.

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