Top 10 Best List For Win 7 VPN

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Windows 7 has proved to be a lot better than its predecessors, Vista and XP. It is a lot faster, easy to use and with few bugs as opposed to majority of the Microsoft Software and OS (Sorry, if some Microsoft Guy is reading this, I am a Windows fan, but you need to do more testing before launching a new OS). Since, the launch of it, we have seen various VPN providers, who have been claiming our Win 7 VPN is the best, ours is the best, ours is the best and ours is the best. No doubt every Win 7 VPN connection is best in its own capacity, but we need to recommend the best Win 7 VPN to our visitors and readers. There are variety of VPN protocols that can be used while setting up a Win 7 VPN, which include, PPTP, L2TP, SSL/OpenVPN and SSTP. PPTP is rather less secure than other protocols, whereas, SSTP provides you with the ultimate security, its almost undetectable. Following is the list of the Top 10 VPN for Windows 7 and the protocols they offer, [ws_table id="252"] You can also find relatively inexpensive alternatives to these VPN Windows 7 services, but they will limit you on bandwidth and transfer. Plus you may want to dump your VPN Windows 7 after few days and you might be coming back to refer to this list for the Top 10 VPN for Windows 7. With this, I do not mean to say that the VPN Windows 7 Services not listed in this list are worthless or are not good enough. They are very good, in fact some of them have a potential to become the best VPN for Windows 7 in a month or so. But, for now after a very thorough and tough decision making, I came to the conclusion about my preference VPN Windows 7, which has been presented to you above. These Windows 7 VPN Providers are ranked in this TOP 10 List because of the number of servers they provide, quality of customer support, VPN features, protocols offered, experience in the market and consumer reviews. Visit, for the list of all VPN Providers. If you like it, show us your love by following us at Twitter. Click here to follow. Wish you a Happy and Private Internet Life !!

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Kamil is a techie who loves to stay online 24/7/365 to keep his fingers on the technological pulse and feel its digital heartbeat. Kamil is a proponent of complete internet freedom for all and likes to write about internet privacy and security, especially Virtual Private Networks or VPNs.

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