Why You Should Use Whatsapp For Web Over All Other Messaging Apps

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After years of staying walled-in within a selecpt few mobile platforms, Whatsapp has finally found sense in embracing the open web as a platform. The announcement came from the official blog’s announcement for Whatsapp For Web stating the following:

“Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device — this means all of your messages still live on your phone.”

With inspiration from critics and haters, BestVPNService figured an apt response should be made.

whatsapp messages

Well that was just our initial response. We huddled around one laptop trying to get the web based Whatsapp working and after a little research were left puzzled, amused, intrigued and a little… racoonish (we aren’t entirely sure what that means but seemed to fit).

whatsapp for web


You can easily start using it right now by heading on to web.whatsapp.com and scanning a QR code from your phone. Make sure that you have the app updated to the latest version for the option to appear. Just open up the app, go to menu and select the WhatsApp web option. The service only appears to work if your phone is already online, though. A bit of a caveat but clearly designed for people who don’t want to bother picking up their phones that often.

With the announcements of the web client came numerous complaints. Though they ranged from the color being used to the sarcastic double tick memes, most had the following issues.

1- The service is only available on Android and is not supported by Apple.
It wouldn’t make sense to be honest, why create competition for iMessage applications?

2- The mirror is only available to current Whatsapp users, saying no to new markets
The application is based on security and seclusion. People with my number, vice verca,  will be able to contact me. Moving away from the strategy would cost the application rather than benefit.

3- Your phone must be connected at all times
This is debatable. If the live connection was removed from the equation, connectivity would have increased a hundred fold. Roaming charges, data restrictions, battery woes would no longer hinder communication.

Note: If the WhatsApp web option isn’t appearing for you, try going to settings->apps, scroll until you find Whatsapp and Force Stop it. Opening up the app again should resolve the problem. In my case, starting the app directly from the Play Store after an update also solved the problem.

I’ve always found it tedious to check my phone while at work just to be able to reply to the contacts I have there. There’s always Skype or Facebook but somehow people tend to prefer Whatsapp over other messaging services when they’re mobile. The fact that the app cannot communicate with browsers on computers has been a gaping hole in the service’s repertoire. It would seem that after being acquired by Facebook last year, some outside influence has shaken things up to bring the app to the modern standards of cross-platform communication, which is a lot bigger than just Android and iOS.

Of course, it also means that you can’t avoid “those” people anymore:

The Only Reason You Need: Security

Of course having less of an excuse to not respond to people is a nuisance worth having, considering the fact that Whatsapp has one of the best message encryption implementations in the industry. The app makers partnered with Open Whisper Systems in late 2014 to implement end-to-end message encryption for Android devices, which means that only the end users who are sending and receiving the messages can read them without fear of the data being intercepted. The resulting layer of security is so robust that even Edward Snowden himself praised the encryption tech from Open Whisper Systems. Whatsapp, which had until that point a rather shaky reputation among security experts, suddenly became a respected & trustworthy app among its critics.

Whatsapp has over 600 million users around the world and was purchased by Facebook early last year. Remember to update the app and head on over to the official website linked at the start of the post to get started- Next step: Whatsapp for heavens:

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