Windows Phone VPN and Why We Need VPN on Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”?

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Nokia will now be launching all their Smart Phones with Mango loaded in them.  However, Nokia and Mango update has a very serious draw back by not offering built VPN client for its users. Before moving on let’s explain to our non-techie readers what VPN is, let’s have a look into the top VPN services for Windows 7.5 phone. 

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What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is basically an application or a feature that enables you to secure and encrypt your internet traffic on your smart phone. We usually are connected to various secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks on our smart phones, which is one of the biggest risk to your data and information security, as anyone can hack your unsecured Wi-Fi sessions. This means your data, information, passwords, accounts can all be taken hacked. Moreover, VPN also enables remote workforce to have secure and private Remote Access sessions to their centralized work stations. Simply putting it, no organization would allow remote access to PC or Server without VPN. In addition, VPN also enables users in countries which censors internet and block websites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype to use it while they are on VPN as VPN has a capability of changing their IP address to some other country or to some other network which is not censored. VPN also protects and secure your internet traffic while preventing ISPs, Hackers, Information thieves and organizations to monitor your browsing.

Expectations Regarding Windows Phone 7.5 Update

windows phone vpn

Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ Update is set to release in a week or two, most probably in October’s first week. It is confirmed and not a rumor as Mr. Brandon, in charge of apps and developers at Windows Market Place, announced through a tweet that it is rolling out in a week or two weeks time. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update is a do or die for Nokia this time, if not for MS. As Nokia has recently discontinued their own OS Symbian and signed a deal with MS to feature their OS in all of their Smart Phones. With the huge success of iPhone and Android Based Smart Phones, Nokia was left with nothing then to overhaul their business model and focus on Smart Phones with multitasking and flexible features.

Why is VPN so important in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update?

By now, I believe you must be aware, why is VPN so important. If not here are few pointers,

  • Businessmen, Professional won’t be using Windows Phones 7.5 on their Phones, if it does not have support for VPN.
  • Smartphone users, who are on unsecure Wi-Fi networks most of the time will not use it.
  • No remote access for professionals (which is highly needed these days) if they are on Windows Phone 7.5 enabled phones.
  • No one will use it in censored countries, as people over there deem VPN as the necessity in their smart phones.

Your Windows 7.5 Phone Calls for an Update

So, now we really think VPN was something not to be missed in Windows Phone 7.5. It won’t only hurt Windows Phone 7.5 but will also be a major dent to New Range of Nokia Smart Phones acceptability in above mentioned echelons. According to the answer by Microsoft Support Staff to the question of one disgruntled Windows Phone 7 user back in November of 2010, Windows Phone 7 did not support VPN and they could not give specific time period but the support for VPN is expected in future. Unfortunately, sadly, future hasn’t arrived for Microsoft yet and they still don’t support it. Let us all hope they soon roll out update to Mango and give Windows Phones 7 Users access to VPN with built PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec and IPSec VPN. So that we all can enjoy Windows Phone 7 and all its amazing features with security, privacy and freedom.

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Wish you a Happy and Private Internet Life !!

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10 thoughts on “Windows Phone VPN and Why We Need VPN on Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”?

    • Honestly, it kind of does make a difference.
      I received an HTC Trophy from Verizon to use for testing for 2 weeks. It’s been 1 week since I’ve had it and as I’m looking through the things it can and cannot do, I noticed this feature missing (which led me to this site).
      I installed mango on it yesterday which went smoothly. The phone is nice. But you can’t sync Outlook NOTES or TASKS which my BlackBerry can do no problem. Besides that the VPN is missing. I see RPD and VNC apps in the marketplace but this will only help if I’m connected to the company’s network directly (WiFi). It’d truly be beneficial if I could connect to the company’s network from elsewhere and troubleshoot / check on servers and clients.
      I have to give the phone back very soon and the more stuff I find lacking on this phone, the harder it’s going to be to convince upper-management to dump the BlackBerry devices…

  1. When I bought a Windows Phone I thought “VPN will be available soon”

    Now… 10 months later I still have a beautiful but almost useless phone…

    When my 2nd phone (Windows 6.5) dies, I will quit using WP7 and switch to a device which offers the features I really need.

    I’m using Mango since Wednesday and haven’t seen any useful improvement yet…

  2. Of course it makes a difference. Anyone that works on the go needs a VPN to connect to their business network LAN over the Internet. Windows Mobile had it, WP doesnt.

    Microsoft doesnt know what they want. One point they force you to use Exchange for Outlook sync, but then don´t put a VPN on their phones? So what is this? A consumer phone or a business phone? Guess what? None.

    If you are a consumer you dont have an Exchange server, and you cannot sync locally anymore like you could with Windows Mobile, via USB for example. Actually even with Exchange 80% of the stuff is gone, only some Outlook stuff is sync the other is gone. Hotmail does not sync either, its creates a copy in Outlook.

    So its not a friendly consumer phone. And its not an enterprise phone either. No VPN even after Mango. And before Mango there was no sockets support, this means no Voip Apps, no nothing that actually required network access.

    I purchases my WP phone exactly one year ago. Today its almost the same crap it was it was before. I love how fast it is, I like how it feels, the app store has improved allot, but I cannot buy apps either because its locked to only Microsoft US and I dont want to reset my phone to change my billing country.

    One year later, Mango fixed some stuff, but still no VPN, still not apps in the background and still not allot of things. Microsoft failed. They took to long and now they are talking about replacing the whole WP phone with WP8 which will require probably a new phone. So why should I wait another year? Android 4 is here today, and it has everything, from firewall to decide which app has internet access, to VPN, to local Outlook sync, everything I need and I can customize it like I want.

    So this is im dropping my Windows Phone.

  3. @Epinephrine, @Guti:

    Thank you very much for posting your comments.

    Yes, we agreed with what you have said. But according to some news it has been in a state of assumption that Windows might introduce VPN feature soon.

    Though, we are still waiting for it to be released. Let’s hope that one day Window’s phone will also be integrated with VPN 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  4. I did not do good research before buying 7.5 I assumed since 6.5 had it who in the right sense of mind eliminate vpn in their next hopeful release to break into smart phone mkt? That was my rational…but microsoft dissapointed me…i have a cool looking useless device…they better fix it soon

  5. It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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