VPN: A way to Hide yourself and your IP Online

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While there are genuine people who utilize world wide web for personal or professional growth, there is also no dearth of hackers who might track your IP location to use your sensitive information to execute an objectionable task. Internet is no doubt an exquisite facility and it is definitely hard to part ways with it just because few goons also use the same platform for their immoral benefits.

Hence, the need is to save your current location being tracked by the intruders instead of backing off. And yes! Of course, there are bucket full of tricks to assist you in such a cause with flying colors.hide online

Hazards of IP address intrusion

As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”, therefore, before knowing ways to hide yourself online isn’t it good to know some of the dire side effects of the unscrupulous IP address tracking? It would simply make you more cautious the next time you share your sensitive information over the internet.

Guerilla marketing. It is the practice of capturing your personal information online without your permission that is then sold to the vendors in the market for business purpose.

Online Blackmailing: While you are online, your presence is tracked persistently by the cyberpunks who can track your identity to know about your business or personal life. They can mishandle this information to deal with you accordingly.

Threat mails: Sending of threatening emails to other internet users, from your own email id is also a possibility if your Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account is hacked. Hence, beware or Face the music!

Hiding your IP address

Did I tell you that VPN or Virtual Private Network is the best choice for such a cause? Though, there are many other modes to send you in the ‘safe mode’ while online such as Proxy websites, IP hiding software, DNS, or the upcoming SSHv2, but VPN holds the lion’s share when it comes to assuring complete anonymity from those whom you don’t want to notice your presence over the internet.

On the other side of the story, you can also bypass Facebook, Twitter restrictions if they are blocked in your current location or can check out your emails on Yahoo and Gmail if your company’s policy limits you to access the same. After all, there is a key to every lock!

Hide Online – VPN

The Virtual Private Network, as the name suggests creates a network on the public internet that assures you the height of privacy in the virtual world. Put into simple words, its the best way to hide online while you are on an internet surfing spree. It accomplishes hide online task with the help of certain protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IPSec OpenVPN and SSTP VPN among others, and requires you to have any of the Widows, Linux, Mac or Android operating systems installed on your device such as computer, laptop, iPhone or, iPads.

Alongside offering the hide online benefit of privacy, VPN also enables you to view your favorite online TV shows from streaming websites of the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, 4oD and BBC iPlayer that are otherwise inaccessible from your IP location. With so many pluses, buying an affordable VPN package would definitely be the smartest of your decisions. You can opt from among a wide list of VPN services with HideMyAss VPN, OverPlay, PureVPN, IAPS VPN and StrongVPN, further topping the charts.


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