Samsung Galaxy Note 2 VPN – How To Set Up Samsung Galaxy Note II VPN

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 needs no introduction. Since its introduction, millions have been sold till today. Being a combination of asamsung galaxy note 2 vpn phone and a tablet, this new ‘phablet’ has been wowing users across the globe.

Be it the flawless 8MP camera, the 4.1 JellyBean OS, the creative stylus, or the overall usability of the device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has really won people over with its multiple talents.

So why does it have to sacrifice on the security front? Not anymore!

Security Issues with Note 2

There have been some security risks related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that have come to light since its launch. These data breaches have been carried out through SMS or URL service asking the device users to respond to a text or visit a URL to get infected.

Moreover, hackers can also infect a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device by having its user scan an infected QR code or by sending an infected NFC signal.

So how can one make a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 invincible? The answer is simple – VPN Service.

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Hackers Love Unprotected Devices

vpn galaxy 2Hackers and data thieves are constantly on the prowl looking for devices utilizing unprotected internet networks. These data snoopers can be found across the internet but they are most active near public internet services like wifi hotspots in schools, at work, coffee shops, etc.

Therefore, it is empirical to setup a VPN connection on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as quickly as possible to secure one’s data activities and privately browse the net.

 Setting Up a VPN on Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note II VPN

Tech nerds already know the importance of VPN on mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and they possess the relevant know-how to install a VPN on such devices as well.

For those who are not as tech savvy, fear not. Following is a clear and concise explanation of how to configure a VPN on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  • Open Settings and in the Settings tab, select on More Settings.
  • In the next page that opens, find and select VPN option. This option will give a choice as Add VPN Network, select this option.
  • The next screen asks for naming the VPN connection. Select a name for the VPN and select PPTP as the default protocol type.
  • The next window will ask for the server address. Type in the server address provided by the VPN service provider.
  • Uncheck the PPP Encryption (MPPE) option and then select save.
  • The next screen will ask for a username and password for the VPN connection. Use the username and password provided by the VPN service provider and log in.

Voila! you are now connected to the internet with a VPN network providing you a secure and private browsing session.


So get a VPN connection today for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet and start enjoying a seamless and private browsing experience.

Apart from ensuring security and privacy against data snoopers, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 VPN also provides its users with the ability to browse location-restricted and time-restricted content from anywhere in the world. So what are you waiting for? Get VPN for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, today!


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