iOS 5 VPN – How to Setup iOS 5 VPN

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Since its inception, Apple has been at the forefront of smart phone innovation. iPhone 5, being one of the celebrated additions, shows the commitment of Apple Inc. to bring in the best for smart phone users.

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A Word for Apple’s Founder, Steve Jobs


Apple, the global leader in the world of technology would not have been a possibility had Steve Jobs not come forth with his innovative ideas. Like all the other notable dignitaries, he has also been an inspiration for generations to come, for his significant contributions have laid the world for a technologically sound world.

Be it iOS5 or the recently introduced latest iPhone5, all the gadgets and facilities from Apple inc. keep on reminding us the heroics of this great man, RIP Steve jobs!

How to Setup VPN on ios5

We would follow the entire procedures by considering the support for PPTP on your iPhone 4 as most of the iPhone devices provide support for this particular iOs 5 VPN protocol

Step1: On your iPhone, search for settings and from there, tap General.

Step2: Next, tap Network to navigate to Network settings. Look for VPN option.

Step3: Tap the VPN option and move to the space where it says, “Add VPN Configuration”.

Step4: Choose PPTP protocol to add the VPN.

Step5:Now mention all the information of your iOS5 VPN service provider, which includes:

• Description: This requires you to give a name to the new VPN setting on ios5 connection on yyour iPhone, like “

• Server Name: Consult your VPN provider to fill in this particular detail. The name would follow a format very much similar like

Step6: In the next step, provide your User/Account name, followed by Password as given by your VPN vendor.

Step7: Set the Secure ID that you will see in the next window to off mode.

Step8: Set to Auto the option of Encryption level and then, set “Send All Traffic” to ON.

Step9: Save the change you made just now while configuring VPN setting on ios5, and go back to the iPhone’s home screen.

Step10: Tapping the settings will show you a VPN Slider Tab below the WiFi Tab, set it to ON and that is it. Start securing browsing on your iPhone through iOS VPN.

Supported Devices for iOS 5

This fifth major version in the line of iOS can be used freely in all the Apple devices introduced after iPadTouch (3rd Generation), iPhone 3GS and the original version of iPad.

Furthermore all the devices including iPhone4S and onwards have iOS 5 pre-installed with the much talked about siri software. In all these devices, you can use iOS 5 VPN service after going through the requisite configuration steps.

Want to setup PPTP VPN on iPhone 4 or older? Check out this!

All about iOS 5

In the world of mobile operating systems, Apple holds a respectable name, thanks to the series of iOS it keeps on introducing from time to time.

iOS 5 is a widely OS from this Apple family in this regard that has been the apple of eyes for tech savvy users longing to work on iPhone the world over, which could allow them multiple advanced facilities, all at once.

With the sophisticated Siri software, availability of iCloud, built in iMessage app, facility to sync with iTunes without the need of wire, twitter integration, accessibility of camera even from the locked screen and as obvious, iOS5 VPN, you just cannot ask for anything more in a mobile iOS.

Perhaps these are some of the exceptional qualities that you would love using almost any time on your iPhone.

Bottom line

It is no doubt great experience to leverage the capabilities of the best mobile phone OS available in the market. But while you go on to make the most of iOS 5, the security concerns also tend to increase appreciably.

Thankfully, by configuring VPN on your iPhone, you can get rid of severe data theft online to a great extent. Still, the need is to come in contact with the genuine service providers that could allow you the most bankable iOS 5 VPN, totally free of intrusions.


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