Need Secure Cloud Computing? VPN Helps in Securing Cloud Computing

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Technology has seen a flurry of twists and turns in the past few decades with each advancement dragging the earlier innovations to the backseat. Evidently, networking is an effervescent topic to talk about in this context. First internet, then VPNs and then cloud computing, all intend to make your life more safe, secure and simple.

secure cloud computing


While internet connects you with the rest of the world, the VPN protects your identity from the third party users or cyber bots. Cloud computing is yet another sensation that that lets you develop the web applications through a remote server without installing any of the requisite hardware or software on your own system. Let us try to know more about this latest technology and its connection with the VPN.

What is Cloud Computing?

Before we march ahead, it would be worthwhile to have the basic knowledge about Cloud Computing. Abiding by the definition, Cloud computing is more a computing service than merely being a product. It allows the computers and varied other devices spread across different geographical locations to access a common infrastructure, use a single platform and work on shared software. In layman language, you can consider cloud computing as an electricity grid where you just utilize power without bothering about the place from where it originates or the underlying infrastructure that is responsible for its production, you simply use it.

What does it offer?

It has a whale of options in the stores for you with the facility to access online data, use software, carry out computation, and access the storage devices that the respective service providers offer. Interestingly, you need not to worry about the physical location of all these services. Such an innovation only minimizes the need to empower your computer with the requisite configuration and alongside, it also solves the speed and space considerations that often pose major setback during the development of a web application or while accessing the data from your database.

But why Cloud Computing?

If you are in to the field of software/web development, you better know the ingrained nitty gritty that could make your life no less than hell if you cease to handle the things perfectly. Some of the hassles you may often face while executing such a task include:

  • Large-Scale data processing
  • Assembling all the required machines under one roof
  • Distributing large-scale jobs on the requisite machines
  • Perform an auto-sale up and down depending on the dynamic workloads
  • Dismantling the machines where you are done with your work

If you use Cloud computing, you can get a deep routed respite from all such compulsions with the only job left to concentrate on your application development work. Among its effectual benefits, include costing as per the usage, perfect infrastructure, comparably far efficient utilization of resources and time saving.

Classification of Cloud Computing

The technology can be broadly classified into:

Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS): It makes up for all the requirements related to networking, bandwidth, data storage and hardware considerations, for example, Switches, Routers and servers. Some renowned companies that offer such services may include Rackspace and Amazon.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): As the name suggests, it proves the necessary platform such as .Net, VS.Net, SQL Server and more to help you in your efforts. Some preferred service providers include Google AppEngine and Azure from Microsoft.

Software as a Service (SaaS): It is the application or software that you would need to perform your task online that you otherwise do on your computer. A preferred example in this category is

Relation between Cloud Computing and VPN

Cloud computing has no doubt gained a high eminence among the technology freak netizens that keep on looking for new enhancements on the block. As a matter of fact, their concern for security throughout its usage of Cloud is also obvious. Hence, to answer for their curiosity regarding secure cloud computing, VPN joins the party. Though both are entirely different tools, while cloud computing enables you to move your servers in the cloud (term used for internet), VPN helps you to access the services of a private network over an existing internet connection.

In a specific case, let us consider that an enterprise wants to enhance its server capacity for a certain time interval and hence wants additional server from the cloud. To establish a secure LAN connection between the cloud and the enterprise data center, the Virtual Private Network thus plays a significant role. It is this tunnel that established a site-to-site VPN connection between the two end points by using public IP addresses. Such a VPN integration with site-to-site VPN network is possible with the help of service providers that offer virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). Companies offering Enterprise and Cloud computing services are the best to use such type of network service

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