VPN for MMO Gaming

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Massively Multiplayer Online Game or MMO (MMOG) allows hundreds perhaps thousands of online players to play the interactive online games simultaneously. In order to enjoy MMO, all you need is;

  1. A fast internet connection
  2. Personal computer
  3. Gaming console and
  4. A single world or environment where all the players could compete with.

However, like all the other websites, these gaming websites also face internet censorship blues, thereby barring one to play the games outside a particular location.

This is where a VPN comes into effect and enables the ardent MMO lovers to continue romancing with their favorite game to the climax.

VPN for MMO Gaming

 MMO Games in brief

  • Taking over from the traditional video games, MMO promises to be much more fun frolic medium in the gaming world that gained a worldwide acceptance after the thriving success of MUDs, Dungeons and Dragons and other popular social games
  • Gamers worldwide are rapidly getting inclined towards these and many more MMO gaming environment as compared to other available temptations of the likes of FPS, RTS and more
  • Besides personal computers, ardent fans of this game use an assortment of gaming consoles to rejoice its thrilling excitement, prominent of them being Xbox 360, PSP, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS and many more
  • But don’t freak out if you have none of these, even your Android and iOS smartphones or Windows Phone would be perfect enough to let you relish the fun to its maximum.

 MMO gaming Censorship

MMOs and MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) are a hot favorite in most of the nations, be it US, UK, India or even China.

However, the list of games that are restricted from being played outside a particular country is also long enough which otherwise leave the fervent gamers in the lurch.

Thankfully, VPN protocols lets all those MMO fans to have a sigh of relief by assisting them to play the games unperturbed irrespective of their current geographical location.

Especially for games hosted in US and use TCP/IP instead of UDP, such as Aion, Guidwares, Wow and so on, opting for SSH tunnel having a US endpoint would be a viable choice.

Asides these, you can approach a number of VPN providers that offer useful VPN protocols that are necessary for the proper functioning of MMO games outside their hosting place.

Setting up any of these VPN services on an affordable router that performs DD-WRT Routers will let you hide your original IP address and will provide you with a masked one to allow you play uninterruptedly.

 VPN MMO For gaming

There is no dearth of VPN MMO providers that enable you to play MMO games without hassles.

  • Before choosing any of them, it would be good to check out if it is reliable with respect to internet connectivity, is stable and fast enough to move on with your high paced games.
  • To play certain location specific games, you would need to avail the services of a VPN MMO that provide the server based in that specific location.
  • Having an eye on all these and many more factors, some of the most widely used VPN MMO services for gaming may include HideMyAss, StrongVPN, PureVPN, IAPS VPN,  OverplayVPN and more.

Top 5 VPN for MMO gaming

From a wide range of more than 170+ providers on our website. We have collected the Top 5 VPN vendors who are well recommended to opt for MMO Gaming worldwide. Here you go with the list of Top 5 VPN for MMO Gaming;

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