Be Anonymous! Go with VPN Outside US and UK

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VPN helps to assure due confidentiality of your credentials since the service providers mostly prefer not to keep the log of the traffic generated from your server. But due to stiff security measures being followed by the US government and several other countries, the companies based in this country may often be asked to tap some requisite information and forward it to the concerned authorities.VPN Outside US

As a result, the VPN vendors mostly prefer to keep distance from such nations and shift to some other country that is more secure and free from the compulsion of providing user logs with the intention to keep an eye over their activities.

Hence, in order to avoid being tracked while accessing VPN, it would be suitable to opt for a service provider that is stationed and registered vpn outside US. Some of the prominent companies in this regard are mentioned here:


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN offers varied plans to its customers that promise to be highly reliable, fast, affordable and secure. As per its terms of services, it does not log any of the user activities, be it related to the websites accessed, emails sent or received, or DNS checked out. For security reasons, it only cares to log the bandwidth, session durations and access attempts to its servers. Overall, it respects the privacy of users and their reason for being anonymous. One of the best vpn outside us.


Based in Romania, this VPN provider has its servers in 8 countries. It allows the customers to utilize the services of its virtual private network for personal use and cares not to leak their vital information. However, it may take legal actions if it finds any of its customers using the VPN for activities that are otherwise prohibited in its policies. These may include the use of ibVPN for commercial purposes, for harassing or threatening the other party or to send spam messages and so on. Second best vpn outside us.


It is one of the foremost service providers in the field of VPN and has its bases located in Singapore. It  has no hold over the information being passed through all its systems. It values user’s privacy and cares not to monitor, store or record the user activities until and unless asked by the law. However, it does store the email addresses to accomplish various tasks such as to help the users recover their account password, for network optimization or to track the IP addresses of the users in case they are found involved in any unscrupulous act. It discloses the personal information of the users only in some limited conditions otherwise it is totally safe and secure for use. Third best vpn outside us.


Based in Switzerland, VPNSwiss has its server located in two countries. As far as its data protection policy is concerned, it treats all the information as per the Swiss Federal Telecommunications and Data Protection Act. It uses the user’s data only to improve its services for the betterment of its clients. The company makes all the possible efforts to safeguard the interest of the customers from breach of privacy.

Below are provided some major VPN providers that are located outside USA and are of great help for the users.

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Bottom Line:

There are innumerable VPN service providers that extend their full support to the customers in accessing the online destinations that are blocked by the respective governments. However, due to strict measures being employed in the US, UK and some other nations, they prefer not to operate from these countries and hence shift their bases to some other place where there are comparably more lenient laws. Thus further helps them to attain full privacy of their client’s private data.

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6 thoughts on “Be Anonymous! Go with VPN Outside US and UK

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I have been searching for a good VPN to use for P2P (I am based in the U.S.). And after reading several websites about best VPNs I stumbled across an article about HideMyAss and how they had to turn over information about their users. And it struck me that any U.S. VPN service is going to have to comply with U.S. laws. Thus, all the U.S. folks that signed up for a VPN service with a U.S. based company and are using the service to hide Torrent activity are basically living in a false sense of security. Any monitoring agency in the U.S. is simply going to request the source IP address from the VPN service, which is forced to comply and then the agency will take source IP to the ISP to track down the individual. The only real way to be safe is to use a VPN service outside the U.S. that doesn’t log the user’s IP.

    • Exactly. You can with VPN Services registered outside USA and UK, plus also use servers outside USA and UK. Prefer servers in Sweden or Romania over others, as they are not legal bind to keep logs for anything.

  2. thank you for these useful advices. I’ve bought purevpn service through bestvpnservice.
    I’m using thier server in Washington, USA
    Does the us government still could track my activities since the purevpn is based in Singapore?!

    • Hey,

      Yes your data will be protected and kept safe until you keep yourself safe from activities like hacking, child porn and torrents.

      It will be perfect to use servers outside USA, like PureVPN has server in Romania, that will help you in further anonymizing yourself.

      Going with VPN service registered outside USA and UK protects you half, and using servers in countries outside USA and UK and of countries having less or no USA influence protects you full. Servers in Sweden and Romania are best.


      • What about the tracking and security of servers in Hong Kong and Singapore? I’m having problems tracking down info about servers in those countries.

        Also what about the VPN4ALL service? They are based in Norway. I’ve been doing a lot of research and they say the do not keep logs and they mark certain servers safe for P2P.

        (Of course doing nothing illegal as mentioned or using USA or UK servers)

        • Hello Jimmy,

          As I said above, go with VPN servers which have clearly defined and tested laws and policy attached to it regarding logging and tracking.

          Going with servers in Romania and Sweden, would help you avoid all tracking and monitoring.

          I will be honest as I am not quiet sure about VPN4all as well, as i have not interacted with them a lot.

          Plus if your intentions are clear and safe for others you should really not worry about server country, as no one would read your log even in UK or USA until or unless you are doing something suspicious, which I am sure you won’t :)

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