USB Flash Drive VPN

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The need for VPN is no more confined to ant particular geographical location, perhaps it is universal. If that is not enough, then the aggravating incidents of online security breach and internet censorships would surely compel you to use this sophisticated form of technology that keeps you anonymous over the internet.

At times you may run the requirement to set up VPN in multiple computers, but most of the VPN providers ask you to install the client software in each of the computers you want to connect to VPN.USB VPN

This poses a major setback to your purpose of using VPN on any of your preferred computer as per your own wish. To help you overcome this situation, USB Flash drives make up for the most coveted solutions.

What is USB Flash Drive?

If you think that a USB drive can only be used to transfer data in out of your computer then its high time that you change your perception. With the newly introduced USB flash drive VPN, you can use the USB to connect to VPN as well.

These advanced VPN machines consist of fully functional Operating System, complete VPN setup and browser support just to let you have the experience of  accessing internet in assured anonymity as you use to

use to relish through your computer or mobile phone. Since you perform all the secret activities online through this flash drive, none of the data would remain on the computing device you use to make it functional.

In short, the host computer cannot track your activities once you remove the drive from its port.

Advantage of  using USB Flash Drive VPN

Using this improved form of VPN has certain an edge over the usual VPN types owing to a flurry of reliable reasons such as:

  • As a big advantage, it allows you to freeze your browsing session to revert to it some other time
  • You can use it in as many devices as you can, (of course one at a time)
  • It does not leave you with the obligation to load client software as a priority requirement to use VPN on your computer
  • You would be free from the apprehensions of leaving behind the surfing history on the computer that could otherwise create serious problems in some testing conditions.
  • There is no need of having admin rights to connect to VPN, just plug-in and use; as simple as that
  • It can be used together in sync with all the known Operating systems including windows, Mac and Linux
  • The entire VPN configuration is encrypted that further negates the intrusion of any third party user in your network


Not many companies are into the business of offering USB VPN services considering the fact that they are still new in the market as compared to the other modes to connect to VPN. Some of the most bankable names in this regard include:

Any of these and even more VPN vendors could be approached if you wish to assure better security during internet surfing. However, while choosing the preferred one, it would be good to know there their whereabouts including cost, varied features, customer support and so on.


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