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About UnBlockVPN:

The company has been into the internet business since 2005 and is working as a prominent VPN security services provider since February 2009. It follows certain quality guidelines to make its efforts the most lauded ones in the industry.

At present, it offers both the dedicated as well dynamic IP addresses from multiple servers located in USA, United Kingdom,  Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden, (P2P available in the last two countries). With its affordable and secure offerings, approaching it could well prove to be fruitful decision.

Coveted Goals

UnBlockVPN promises to be customer friendly in all its offerings, as depicted by ts website. Its services comprise of all the available servers and protocols well within the mentioned cost, thereby negating the chances of including any hidden charges.

Among its other craved goals comprise of complete data protection, Availability of VPN servers  and favourite online services in almost all the desired US and European locations, assuring totally anonymity over the internet and maintaining the price to as low cost as possible.

Unblock VPN


UnBlockVPN website is attractive enough to keep the visitors glued to its home page and appeals them to go through its various services without making any further click.

Customer wishing to enquire further about the VPN services may click the ‘learn more’ link provided below each of the important points regarding ‘Why to use unblock VPN’ on the top. It offers both the dynamic as well as dedicated IP addresses at affordable prices as depicted in the image above.

Should you want to know about the sites you can connect to, or the servers that are available at its end, all such information is available in the form of icon on the right hand site.

The topmost menu takes you deeper into the website. Ovreall, the website flaunts a soothing color scheme and strives to offer maximum information right at the home page.

However, the need for an appropriate interaction mode with the cusotmers in the form of live chat support, ‘a sign in column’ or something like ‘send an email’ could have made it look more credible.

You can register yourself with the website by clicking the ‘member’ tab in the main menu. But one such feature right on the home page would have been even better.

02-Features (UnblockVPN-BVS)

Additionally, you can expect to avail any of the dynamic as well as dynamic IP addresses from the company with capable support for multiple protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OPENVPN and SSTP in both of them. You can use its services for your desktop, laptop or the handheld devices, through a secure and encrypted channel.


  • Pricing Plans:

With UnBlockVPN, you get the privilege of buying affordable plans for both the dedicated as well as dynamic IP addresses. Below are some of the specific details in this context:

03-Pricing Plans (UnblockVPN-BVS)

  • Dynamic IP Address

31 Days Plan: $4.99

93 Days Plan: $14.97

186 Days Plan: $59.94

365 days Plan (annual): $49, that saves 18% of your investments


  • Dedicated IP Address

31 Days Plan: $9.99

93 Days Plan: $29.97

186 Days Plan: $29.94

365 days Plan (annual): $99, that saves 18% of your investments

Payment Options

You can make payment via multiple sources like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, 2CO, PayPal, Plimus payment gateway, Alert Pay, WebMoney and Liberty Reserve among others.

With such abundant options users from all across the globe can comfortably make the payment to avail the multifarious benefits of its VPN services.

This also negates their reliance on the friends and relatives located in some other country to pay for the services.

04-Payment Methods (UnblockVPN-BVS)

Ease of use:

The VPN services of UnBlockVPN is easy and simple to use. It is compatible with all the known platforms of the contemporary times including Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone3G and OpenVPN.

To use it for windows (vista XP or 7) you can carry with the configuration settings manually as per instructed by the How to guide provided under the ‘Support-HowTo’ tab. Alternatively, you can also use ‘Unblock VPN installer for Windows’ to make the things even more simple.

As far as Linux is concerned, first of all you have to check if your system possesses a  PPTP plugin or not. Install it if it is not there by following the instructions in the guide. Once done, you are on your way to configure  UnBlockVPN services on your Linux OS.

Depending on the package you buy, whether dedicated or dynamic, you will be logged into your account from where you can activate your 3-day trial period or can Purchase/Renew VPN Service.

05-Client Account (UnblockVPN-BVS)

Online Client area:

The client area is pretty simple and straightforward. The left side give all your account related information along with the available VPN servers.

The right side gives the link to navigate to ‘My Account’, ‘Purchase/Renew’ and ‘Contact Us’. The section below these links gives latest updates about UnBlockVPN from twitter.

You can click the edit link to change your details regarding contact information, billing specifications and passwords .

06-Account Info (UnblockVPN-BVS)

Quick and Easy Installation

The company website provides detailed information on how to configure the VPN on your system or how to download and install the unblockVPN installer. Depending on your selected device and OS, whether windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iPhone .

If you are stuck up with configuring your selected VPN protocol, the website is there to help you in such a cause as well. It consists of accomplished guides for PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP.

Alongside, it also offers capable assistance to setup UnBlockVPN on router, if that may be the case.

07-Tutorials (UnblockVPN-BVS)


We found both the Dedicated as well as Dynamic VPN connections upto the mark, both performing neck to neck with the originial connection. The Dedicated connection however, had a  slightly upper hand over the dynamic one.

We connected both the Dedicated and Dynamic VPNs, one after another to a US server, located in Chicago, IL and checked out their speed via speedtest.net the renowned web based internet speed testing tool.

We then compared their speed with the original internet connection with an Indian based server located in New Delhi using the same tool. The results after selecting the best server based on ping are given below in the image form as well as in the tabulated form:

08-Speed Test (Original)

09-Speed Test with Dedicated IP

10-Speed Test with Dynamic IP

Download Speed

Upload Speed

Mbps Kbps Mbps Kbps
Normal Internet connection 12.29 12584.96 2.84 2908.16
UnBlockVPN connection (Dedicated IP address) 5.76 5898.24 2.71 2775.04
UnBlockVPN connection Dynamic IP Address 5.81 5949.44 2.77 2836.48

The download speed in both the cases have little differences within themselves and on a halfway mark as compared to the speed of origninal connection. The upload speed at the same time is a field that could be worked upon.

As compared to the originial speed, both the dynamic as well as dedicated IP address perform slower.

However, on putting the resulting speeds alongside those offered by rival competitors, UnBlockVPN surely does scores better.


The UnBlockVPN connection is reliable and quite dependable. VPN Connection with both the dedicated as well as dynamic IP addresses performming well. We continued to use them with 7-8 hours and during this time, there was no abrput disconnection on diferent systems.

OS & Device Compatibility:

Abiding strictly by the competiiton, UnBlockVPN is also well in the race of foremost service providers with viable support for all the known operating systems for desktops, laptops, and handheld devices such as iPhones, and iPads.

You can run it conveninently on Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7), Linux, Mac OS and Android. Additionally, you can configure these OS and devices as pre your own preferred protocol support, whether PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP or OpenVPN.

Browser Compatibility:

We tested UnBlockVPN on varied browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Chromium and Opera. In each of these platforms, we found the VPN provider to be quite browser compatible.

The connection performed well in all these browsers with slight difference in speeds . However, you may find different results since much depends on your computer configuration, your ISP, the number of applications you have currently opened and the server with which you are currently connected.


If you wish to share files over the internet using UnBlockVPN, it is duly secure but a bit slow. The same can be said for the streaming websites that you open such as Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube and more.

However, yet again, it is the location of your server among other factors that plays crucial role in deciding the speed of such streaming videos. In comparison with other competitor VPNs, you can enjoy an appreciable viewing of the online streaming videos via UnBlockVPN.

Trace Route Tool:

There is no specific trace route tool from UnBlockVPN. But you can trace the route to your connection through a number of tools available online. Sites such as whatismyipaddress(dot)com , net(dot)princeton(dot)edu and others can help you significantly in this casue.

Below is the findings of the trace route as checked out through net(dot)princeton(dot)edu

11-Trace Route Tool


UnBlockVPN assures considerable security through all its connections, whether PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, SSTP or OpenVPN. It allows you to do safe browsing with  an IP address that is different from your original one.

It is but obvious that you can remain anonymous throughout your internet browsing session while using UnBlockVPN as is the condition with almost any other service provider.

However there are definitely certain things that separates it from the rest, prominent of them being the encryption.


It is strong and helps you to be secure online. The PPTP connection provides 128 bit MPPE encryption  which is strong enough to keep you hidden without the intrusion of any third party. With L2TP over IPSec connection, you can get Strong AES 128bit & AES 256bit encryption provided by IPSec which can be termed as very strong in technical jargon.

Then there is SSL/SSTP connection which is highly desired among the VPN users nowadays where you get strong encryption provided by TLS/SSL layer. Finally the SSL.OpenVPN connection keeps you high secure with an extensively secure AES 256 bit encryption.


As soon as you get connected to UnBlock VPN, you can be rest assured of full privacy of your confidential data since the entire connection is encrypted and way beyond the reach of intruders.

Still, as per the company website it would be better to implement some additional measure such as firewalls or anti-virus applications over their securoty measure to make way for an impeccable VPN connection, free of hackers.

The privacy is assured while creating an account with the conmp[any as well, where it cares to verify your credentials at each step of your registration including the demand to verify tytour contact number before you are logged on to the VPN package page.

Log Policy:

The VPN company does not record, monitor or keep log of the online activities of its users. However, it does keeps the record of certain important things that comes handy while executing some significant tasks such as implementing terms of service and bandwidht policy, keeping a regular check on the crimes and antosocial acts being carried out over the internet and so on.

In case of occurence of any of these unwanted incidents or violations of terms & conditions, these trace logs are of much help to track the concerned users and to deal with them accordingly. Things whose record is kept by the company, thus include the time stamp of every VPN connection, duration for which the connection was used, bandwidth utilized during the connection, and the IP addresses of both the orignial as well as assigned location.

Customer & Sales Support:

UnBlock VPN offers an appreciable customer support through their mail feature. The site consists of a noteworthy knowledge base section that help you to install and configure the VPN on your own irrespective of the operating system or the device you use.

Email support:

We made our  queries to the support team at UnBlockVPN regarding the services at their end. Though we did get the reply, but it was only after 1 and a half hour.

Considering the volume of competition in the VPN industry, taking care of such a point is essential since it is indeed the time that matters the most.

Customers nowadays want prompt replies to their queries and it is easier for them to switch over to some other service provider that assures better response time.

Chat support:

There is no chat support that could go against the popularity of these VPN. Most of the VPNs nowadays prefer to have a live chat support where visitors can post their queries to get prompt replies within few minutes on that very platform.


The ‘Support-HowTo’ section provides ample knowledgebase with accomplished guides to configure VPN using different protocols.


The ‘Frequently asked Questions’ section helps you know more about the services at UnBlockVPN. It provides valuable information about Purchasing and renewing VPN packages, Free trial packages and about setting up VPN.

If you are facing any problem while establishing the connection, you can refer to this section and is more likely that you get apt solution to your problem.

If you want to clarify about the basic difference between Dedicated and Dynamic IP Address, all this information can be gained here, along with satisfying answers to certain other specific and relevant issues.


UnBlockVPN Review Quick Snapshot


  • Easy to Use
  • All Protocols supported in same price
  • Free switching of servers
  • Quick connect and switching
  • Capable Support for both Dedicated and Dynamic connection
  • Multiple Billing & Payment Options
  • 3-day Trial VPN Package
  • Good knowledgebase
  • 3-Days Money back guarantee


  • No trace route tool
  • Average looking online client area


Overall, UnBlockVPN is a considerable VPN provider to opt for. It offers viable support for maximum protocols with high encryptions that keeps the users safe from being tracked by the hackers online.

To help the users avail its services, it offers remarkable help in the form of its how to guides for almost every connection type.

The Good: It helps you to unblock most of the websites and VoIP thereby  enabling you to  access the whole of internet without any interruption. It offers capable protocol support and has affordable packages at its end. It is also among the rare VPN service providers that assures multiple payment options.

The Bad: Speed is a grave concern including the downloading/uploading and streaming. Alongside, customer support could be worked upon to some more extent including the improvement in the response time of its support team through email. We also felt the need for a live chat support system.

The BottomLine: UnBlockVPN makes way for cheap yet noteworthy solution for accessing internet anonymously. It is safe, secure and encrypted and at the same time, has support for multiple OS and devices. Multiple payment options gives an edge over the  others in the industry. Enhancement in certain specific points such as speed, customer support and user interactive features could work actively in accentuating its reputation even further.

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