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Rugby fans must have been going crazy, as one of the biggest event of Rugby is being played and watched all over the world, i.e. Rugby World Cup world cup 2011

We have been getting queries on our support channel, where many of our visitors have inquired about the Best VPN Services that they can use to stream their favorite matches without any problem at great streaming speeds.

All matches of Rugby World Cup 2011 are being streamed live on (famous UK based Free Streaming Website) in HD quality on iTV Channel 1 and iTV Channel 4. will stream the entire World Cup with experts analysis and closing ceremony.

The only problem using iTV or streaming Rugby World Cup  2011 live from anywhere in the world would be your location as people in UK will only be able to stream iTV and not you and me if we are anywhere else in the world. Therefore, what we will need is a UK IP Address to stream iTV and rugby worldcup successfully.

VPN Service that offers a UK IP address is the answer to this problem. There are several VPN Services that offer UK IP addresses, but not all of them can support live streaming of HD live matches, as it need greater bandwidth, gigabit network and extreme stability, so that videos do not take time to buffer and do not give you frequent disconnections.

Therefore, we at have compiled a list of Top 10 VPN Services that can help you stream Live matches of Rugby World Cup 2011 with a UK IP Address.

Best VPN for Rugby World Cup


IAPS VPN Moreover, if you want to follow Rugby World Cup on New Zealand Channel, you will need a New Zealand IP Address. Below are some of the Best New Zealand IP VPN,

I hope this article helps you out in finding the right VPN providers for your live streaming of Rugby World Cup.


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