Top 5 Best VPN Services For Malaysia

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Choosing The Best Malaysian VPN Service

Selecting a VPN service for Malaysia is the hard part, since this is where you have to conduct some research and trial some free Malaysia VPN services. I will give you the best possible tips when choosing your VPN provider, the buying decision will be your to make. A word of advice here though, never take word of mouth as guarantee for a good VPN service, always try yourself first.

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Uses for VPN In Malaysia

Historically Malaysia has been victim to some very strict censorship in the areas of journalism, movies, social media and content delivered over websites. Dr. Mahathir Muhammad (former PM of Malaysia who claimed internet freedom would never be challenged) established last year that more censorship was required in Malaysia, raising his concerns over the propaganda being paraded by opposition political parties.

After reading and researching in details I did realize one thing, just like other censorship states like Iran, Syria, China etc. the Malaysian government  is also looking to enhance internet filtering. Dr. Mahathir’s scrutiny was based on a rational reason as you can read below (but not the true reason it seems):

“The Internet has played a major role in undermining public morality,” … “today any child can access pornography of the worse kind… I don’t care how sacred is freedom but I think the time has come for governments, at least the Malaysian government to censor the Internet.”     

The Malaysian government punishes those who feel free to scrutinize the royal family (who rule most of Malaysia) and the political elite (who have been in power for more than 20 years).  In 2008 eight bloggers were arrested while one of them was prosecuted in court for criticizing the  “royalty”, since they are just above us aren’t they.

Malaysia is one of the select few countries that block P2P torrent pioneer the Pirate Bay. But fear not netizens “they can take our ISPs but they can never take our online freedom.” Including TPB, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) blocked a massive 1400+ websites after receiving complaints about the domains.

VPN Malaysia

Comments from Malaysian Facebook user Brian Ritchie – Source

The use of VPN services has multiplied in Malaysia after numerous users were reported to for expressing their sentiments on social networks. MCMC minister Ahmad Shabery claimed that it practically impossible to catch all events of misdemeanor on social media due to anonymity tools being deployed, 11 cases have been brought to court though.

VPN Trends in Malaysia

After the ban on 10 famous file sharing websites in 2011, a phenomenal rise in VPN searches was noticed on Google Trends.  The 10 following websites are still blocked under Malaysian cyberspace

  1. Warez-bb
  2. thepiratebay
  4. megavideo
  5. putlocker
  6. depositfiles
  7. duckload
  8. fileserve
  9. filestube
  10. megaupload
vpn malaysia trend

Interest in keywords Malaysia VPN from Dec 2010 to Dec 2014 – Source : Google Trends

If you notice in the graph above a sharp increase came about in the second half of 2011, about the same time the Malaysian government began blocking file sharing and snooping on social networks. By 2014 you can see how significant the change is compared to the 2012 and 2013 trends.

The 2014 trend came at the time the Malaysian government began cracking down on users through ISPs, causing a massive uproar as multiple demonstrations (that were censored on TV and news publications online) were observed in the country.

Server Network

The most essential feature in a VPN service for Malaysian users is the global server network and infrastructure of the provider. You will notice that all VPN providers claim they have blazing fast speeds and flawless, never believe claims without testing the service.

The best VPN service for Malaysia will have multiple established servers in several  countries. For instance,

  • IPVanish is based in over 60 countries with more than 140 servers
  • Pure VPN enjoys over 450 servers in 85+ countries
  • Express VPN offers 100+ servers in more than 75 countries

These are just a few top choices from a vast range of options at your disposal. Ensure you research the server list for all possible VPN services.

Encryption Standards

Considering the surveillance climate in Malaysia is  not favorable to the common user, and a toe out of line gets you prosecuted, encryption plays a massive role in hiding your online activity. Encryption refers to encoding of  your communication, files, messages, emails etc. so ISPs, government surveillance or cybercriminals cannot steal your data or look at your activity.

Encryption ensure that snoops can only get to see a wall of numbers rather than your usual activity. This is accomplished by using what is known as encryption standards. Today the common data encryption standards are

  1. 128bit keys – ideal data encryption with fast broadband speed
  2. 256bit keys – brilliant military standard encryption but slower speeds

Authentication of your passwords and usernames are accomplished using even tougher standards that include

  1. 1024 bit keys
  2. 2048 bit keys
Multi Device Access and Compatibility

After a Malaysia VPN service has met the above criteria the next feature to research is the ability of the service to cater to all your devices including phones, tablets, routers and varying desktop OS. While most services will secure only your primary device, the best service offerings will provide you cover over 3-5 devices.

Most VPN providers will be compatible with a range of OS including Windows (variants included), Mac OSx, iOS, Android, Linux (distros included) and routers. This compatibility ensures your internet activity and files are secure wherever you go.

Information and Activity Logging

When operating under a certain legislation, even VPN providers have an obligation to record customer information and activity. ALWAYS, read through the privacy policy of a VPN provider (especially if based in Malaysia), as this policy will inform you about the information and activity logs that the service provider saves for future reference.

A good VPN for Malaysia will ensure none of your personal information including location and email addresses are ever recorded. A service that does not record any activity when you’re behind VPN protection is the ideal candidate to do the job.

Privacy policies can be found on provider websites, so make sure you read through this very crucial and easy to read document.

Customer Support

Having someone to help you throughout the day or possibly throughout the year is a brilliant prospect. Imagine never having to worry about trouble with your VPN software. Most good providers have an always present live chat option available on their website.

In case your provider does not offer live chat, there will be other options like ticket system for complaints, email, Facebook messaging and Twitter feeds. Another important area that you should probably have a look at is the FAQs, blogs, forums or troubleshooting sections available on websites. These sections are usually very helpful if you are even an amateur at using networking tools.

Added Benefits

As you research various brands there will be other interesting benefits you will discover on VPN provider websites. For instance, there are providers who have SmartDNS services exclusively available to enhance the broadband speeds for video streaming.

Other added benefits include

  1. Speed Boost
  2. NAT Firewall
  3. Dedicated IP addresses
  4. Unlimited server switches and more.

It’s time to say goodbye, hoping that I have provided enough insight to my Malaysian friends about VPN services and what to be careful about. Remember that the most expensive provider will not be the best choice neither will the cheapest. While free VPN services will offer you  limited features, as I mentioned above you will have to conduct research and tests before choosing the ideal provider.

To leave you with a smile at the end:

malaysia tracking

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