Tiger VPN Review – Features, Packages & Turnoffs

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tigervpn review

Claiming to be the “most complete VPN ever built”, TigerVPN has been in operation since 2012 based in Slovakia. Tiger VPN offer a mix of brilliant features including high speed servers, easy to setup guides, a rewards program, maximum online security and more.

Our TigerVPN review will analyze each of the provider’s features while we highlight the new features of the service and those that have been improved.  We have compared TigerVPN with two of its closest competitors in terms of service quality and service features. Below are our TigerVPN vs. IPVanish and TigerVPN vs. ExpressVPN comparisons:

As low as
$4.16per month
As low as
$7.5per month
As low as
$4.87per month
Visit Site >>Visit Site >>Visit Site >>
100+ Countries 42 Countries 60+ Countries
3 day Moneyback Guarantee 3 day Moneyback Guarantee 7-day Moneyback Guarantee
24/7 Support Limited Support Ticket And Email Support
SmartDNS For Fast Streaming No SmartDNS No SmartDNS
5 Simultaneous Logins Only One Login At A time 2 Simultaneous Logins
Desktop Client Software No Desktop Client Desktop + Mobile App

Let us discover each of these areas in this comprehensive tigerVPN review.

Unique Selling Proposition

Tiger VPN consider their high speed server infrastructure their unique service feature. The brand is highly accredited for their superior download bandwidth and browsing speeds. The brand has recently been overhauled to improve the service experience and add new features to the Tiger VPN service bundle.

Tiger VPN establish that their service performs best when streaming HD media with excellent results on Netflix, Hulu and many other video streaming services.

Tiger VPN Plans and Pricing

Tiger VPN offers two subscription plans and both come with a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Annual Plan: Offered at $7.50/month or $90 (one off payment)
  • Monthly Plan: Offered at $9/month

All TigerVPN plans come with fully loaded features including Unlimited Usage , Unlimited Bandwidth, 62 servers in 42 Countries, Three unique protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), P2P & File sharing servers, No logging policy and definitely no NSA!

Tiger VPN Review of Servers

Currently, Tiger VPN offer 62 servers in 42 countries providing specialized high speed servers for streaming HD media and allow file sharing. The server network is strategically spread to include the most important locations for accessing entertainment, online banking, news and other region based services.

Tiger VPN Review 2015 Server Spread

Customer Support

Tiger VPN offers a dedicated customer support page addressing all requirements of subscribers in one place. The support page includes:

Priority Support

This feature is available for subscribed users to ensure they receive immediate help when required.

Dashboard Guide

The Dashboard guide or the FAQ section is not ideal but helpful with few support manuals.

Product Features Support

This dedicated section provides insight on connection errors, protocol configuration, payment methods, multi user help and torrent policies.

Feedback and Community

This is a dedicated section to get feedback from customers, ideas to improve the service and add new features. TigerVPN take pride in their customer support and it reflects in their 96% customer support success rating.

Payment Methods

Tiger VPN offer 3 payment methods for subscribers, including:

  • Credit Card/ Debit Card
  • PayPal, and
  • Bitcoin

TigerVPN aim to keep the buying process simple, making subscribing to their service faster and convenient through universally accepted payment methods.  There should however be more anonymous payment methods available since CC and PayPal are not even close to being anonymous.


TigerVPN although claim they have vast compatibility with online devices including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, gaming consoles, routers and media boxes there seems to be no guides available on their website except a Windows installer guide and a Mac/iOS manual setup guide.

There is however no mention of TigerVPN Linux compatibility and the absence of a Tiger VPN client for Windows. Although there is configuration software available for iOS, but there is no app available for Mac. A TigerVPN Android app is also available on the Google Play Store.

Tutorials Provided

The support section provides a how to setup section for only Windows PC and Mac. Although the brand is available for use on most OS & devices there seems to be a chunk of support guides missing on their website. The brand must put emphasis towards populating their support and setup guides.

Protocols and Encryption

TigerVPN currently offers 3 tunneling protocols for enhanced privacy and data security, these are PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. Depending on the tunneling protocol used data encryption keys vary between 128bit & 256bit standards. TigerVPN offer a mix between high security and high speed service delivery.

Since last year, TigerVPN had immense room to grow in this area but we have seen no changes to their encryption and tunneling features. Various premium VPN providers are offering up to five or six protocols.

User Data Logging and Privacy Policy

Possibly the best feature of their service is Tiger VPN’s brilliant and quite exemplary Privacy Policy. The brand claims no logs, no NSA and no IP records. This excellent feature although not unique to TigerVPN does create a credible picture of the brand.

Tiger VPN does not See or record anything you do online, Intercept your communications, Track your downloads, Practice data retention or Maintain log files. TigerVPN servers do log in two things, the bandwidth use and time of using the bandwidth.  The privacy policy also informs users about ethical usage and cautions criminals.

Free Trial

TigerVPN offer no free trial and is a very crucial feature missing from their service bundle. A well timed free trial can be the difference between a good sale and a missed opportunity. While many competing brands are offering limited time or limited feature trials, TigerVPN is missing out on a huge chunk of VPN prospects.


TigerVPN presents a decent service bundle at first look but in depth look at their services provides better insight.

Here are the things we loved about the brand:

  • High speed server infrastructure
  • Excellent No Logs Policy with absolutely “No Retention”
  • Simplified subscription plans
  • Highly compatible with different OS and devices (including routers, consoles and media boxes)
  • Strong data encryption and resilient tunneling protocols

Here are features we didn’t like:

  • Fewer server nodes available compared to the competition
  • Lacking setup guides and tutorials section – huge room for improvement
  • No apps for iOS & Mac or Windows
  • No free trial for the service
  • 1 simultaneous login available only
  • Additional charges for additional simultaneous logins
  • Fewer tunneling protocols offered
  • Fewer payment methods available    



Ameer Abbas

Ameer Abbas is a writer with a keen interest in information technology and presents a critical point of view in his writing. Ameer takes interest in outdoor sports, geo-political affairs and finance. Apart from being an athlete and swimmer he also enjoys online gaming.

15 thoughts on “Tiger VPN Review – Features, Packages & Turnoffs

  1. I am with tigervpn since a couple of months and I share your experience. For me the most important criteria is their network speed, which frankly speaking is pretty amazing. I don’t really need support because its anyhow clear what to do! Well, you only need a username passwd and the servers names. Would be cool if they had a windows client, not that its a must, but I am lazy and rather like a one click solution. Price is fair, search for coupons to make it even better

  2. Although not the cheapest one, Tigervpn has surprised me with a steady performance during my test. What I like is the daily plans that come in handy when I am on business trip in Oman and China.
    Will sign up for the yearly plan as soon as my vyprvpn will run out.

  3. I have tested them for about 1 week and most of the servers where I connect are very fast! I like the Karma points challenges they have and they really motivate their customers to share some feedback. Well don!

  4. Been using TigerVPN for several months now and I’m more than happy with the speed, reliability and support. Check out their instruction guide to see how easy it is to setup!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  5. good,speedy service and a lot of server all around the world.only vpn company they have server in ankara,i use at home and work,need the change servers time to time.

  6. Tiger VPN has been really easy to use. Kudos, and good luck. Not only have I gotten stable internet, it has been the easiest time i’ve had to keep in touch with friends using facebook, twitter, and other methods blocked in countries overseas.\

  7. Horrible service. The VPN connection keeps on disconnecting every now & then. The technical support is useless, they can’t troubleshoot simple issues. Don’t waste your time & momey.

  8. TigerVPN has been a great service. I have been connected for 5 hours straight with no disconnects and very low latency. The instruction guide for getting their vpn to work on different systems is very easy to follow as well. Highly recommended.

  9. dont use or buy this vpn ,, conection is very low Need over 1 minutes do open next page/Windows j ask (after 1 day) send my Money back, he will not send Money back, no good custumer Support!!!! he like MONEY and no Custumer

  10. I am trying to get my money refunded. This is not a good program. Cannot get it to work on a consistent basis. The documentation is not good. When I start Windows 10 a client load but I have to use task manager to close it down. It is always not responding. Wish I had not purchased this software.

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