Syria Blocked all VPN Services After Iran and China !!

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After Iran it is Syria that has blocked all Syria VPN Services running on PPTP and L2TP Syria VPN protocols. For those who don’t know what is PPTP and L2TP, kindly read VPN protocols to get the details.

It has been confirmed to us by one of the biggest providers in the industry that they have been receiving several complains from their customers in Iran that Syria has now blocked all PPTP and L2TP ports. Only SSTP seems to work but that too is very unstable.

Same thing happened with Iranian’s last night, when PPTP syria vpnand L2TP protocols were blocked in Iran and SSTP remained unstable. There have been reports that Iran has been trying to create a local internet hence blocking all ports, so the internet can be converted in to Local and Halal Internet, where only government and local websites that complied to Iranian law can be accessed.

There is an extremely serious anger among the Iranian internet community on this block but they cannot show it or communicate about this to outside world. Few who can communicate, want to remain anonymous, therefore we had to hide the identity of the Iranian Netizen in the last post on Iranian VPN Block.

This situation in Iran and Syria brings us to the stage where entire internet in Iran and Syria would be censored and we might soon see complete internet block in these two countries.


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One piece of advise for our Iranian and Syrian netizens is that they either switch to SSTP or OpenVPN, because they can’t be blocked until governments in both the countries decide to stop all the traffic flowing on HTTPS. Also change your DNS to google DNS i.e. or, to further avoid any government monitoring.

Here is the list of best SSTP VPN and OpenVPN Services that you can opt for you. Citizens in Iran and Syria can also try their luck on some other Free VPN services if they can’t go for paid. You can also see our post on how to pay online in Iran and other censored countries for VPN.

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9 thoughts on “Syria Blocked all VPN Services After Iran and China !!

  1. This site is excellent and so is how the subject matter was explained. I also like some of the comments too. Waiting for next post.

  2. Until recently OpenVPN was still working in Syria but we’ve confirmed that even OpenVPN is being actively blocked whether via UDP or TCP. There is one secret work-around in these situations that we find works in most cases.

    China does not seem to block PPTP consistently (most customers report no issues with PPTP) and never blocks OpenVPN.

    With Iran OpenVPN seems to work fine.

    In most cases there are advanced solutions available even when it appears all VPN services are being blocked.

    • I am not sure, but I think that from today even this workaround will not help 🙁 or may be, you are using some different from mine…

  3. even the sstp vpn is bad for what i am doing i play online and that needs fast clean connection with no delay and no packet loss but recently they have somehow managed to block our gaming server i was forced to get a vpn and with the vpn i lag in the game huuuge delay its almost unplayable my point is that there is no solution the the oppression we are under.

    • Hello Mansour,

      Thank you for dropping by and considering our worth taking advise.

      Mansour, there are plenty of VPN providers available in VPN industry which are offering reliable, secure & fast VPN services to their customers. Only at, over 200 VPN providers are listed. Therefore, it would be difficult for us to give you complete price list of all the VPN providers.

      However, we have tried our level best to make your search more easier. For the same purpose, we have listed top 10 VPN providers along with their prices that can give you ultimate online security and anonymity. Here they are:

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      StrongVPN ($7)
      ibVPN ($4.95)
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