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During the early years of the internet in the 1990s, two high school friends and techies started Spotflux Review a journey together; a journey that would alter the way many of us use the internet.

These young and aspiring high school graduates witnessed the unfortunate transition of the internet over the course of two decades.

The internet went from being a very friendly, safe, and accessible place in the early 90s to a place dominated by cybercrime, data breaches, and unjust restrictions.

After a decade in their careers, the two friends decided to introduce a solution that will allow people to take back control of the internet.

This ‘solution’ has now transformed the way people access the internet with respect to privacy and accessibility.
The two friends under consideration are Chris Naegilin and Dean Mekkawy. The solution is Spotflux.

Chris and Dean introduced Spotflux in 2012. Working with only a few servers from their basement in New York City, the two co-founders of the business managed to secure funding from venture capitalists and angel investors.

Now, Spotflux has a massive user base that is enjoying the true taste of a private, secure, and completely unrestricted internet.

The Benefits of Spotflux

As aforementioned, the vision behind the introduction of Spotflux was to give ordinary internet users the power to surf the internet with complete privacy, absolute anonymity and without restrictions. Spotflux remains true to its vision and offers cross-platform compatibility to its users.

Spotflux works equally well on desktop PCs, laptops, tablet PCs, and smartphones. Therefore, Spotflux users can enjoy the benefits of a private, anonymous and secure internet whether are at home, at work, or on the move!

The extremely simple and usable Spotflux software conducts millions of cloud-based calculations in real-time to protect its users from all sorts of malware, viruses, trackers, etc.

Moreover, Spotflux encrypts and compresses its users’ data to deliver a completely private and secure internet experience along with substantial savings in bandwidth usage.

Spotflux Features

Spotflux provides its users the ability to hide their identity and internet activities while enjoying unrestricted access to all websites and web services. Moreover, Spotflux works through a cloud and protects its users from all sorts of digital threats like viruses, malware, keyloggers, and such.

Following are the few primary features of Spotflux

• The Software – The Spotflux application can be installed with just a single click and integrates itself seamlessly with the operating system. In other words, Spotflux keeps on managing configurations, updating software, and protecting your internet without you noticing at all. The people at Spotflux contend that using Spotflux is easier than proxy and VPN accounts. The effectiveness of Spotflux is also considered to be better than proxy services.

• Total Privacy – Spotflux continuously innovates to deliver the best levels of privacy to its users, whether they are at home, office, or on the move. So go ahead and connect to that dreaded public WiFi hotspot at your favorite coffee shop, your privacy is taken care of by Spotflux.

• Complete Protection – Spotflux works through a cloud and conducts real-time calculations to protect its users from malware and virus threats, at all times.

• Zero Tracking – Prevent tracking cookies from spying on your internet activities and preferences by using Spotflux.

• Unrestricted Access – Spotflux allows its users to access all unrestricted websites and web services from any location in the world. Now, it does not matter if Spotflux users are living in a country with internet restrictions or travelling to one, the internet will always remain unlocked for them!

• Ad-Free Browsing – Enjoy a clean and ad-free internet experience with Spotflux. By hiding the IP address of its users, Spotflux provides them absolute anonymity on the internet without nagging advertisement and cookies tracing their location and activities.

• 100% Free – The best part about Spotflux is that it is absolutely free, no strings attached. Yes, IT IS FREE!


The internet has come a long way since its introduction in the early 90s. Although the internet has transformed the world, it also can be used to spy on the activities of internet users, steal their information, damage their devices through malware/viruses and prevent them from enjoying completely internet freedom.

Therefore, Spotflux is the best solution available to common internet users for protecting their online identity, securing their privacy, and unblocking restricted web content.

The fact that Spotflux is offered absolutely free is no less than magic! Internet users must sign up for Spotflux today to enjoy a friendlier internet.

Spotflux Review


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  1. I have been using Spotflux for a long time now. Absolutely excellent product. Thanks Chris and Dean for this.

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