Skype Blocked in #Belize by Local ISP

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According to reports on Twitter and what we here from people in Belize, Skype is now Blocked there by the local internet service provider Belize Telemedia Limited. Belize Telemedia is the only internet service provider in the small country located in Central America. The ban on Skype Belize in country does not come as a surprise as people in different countries are pron to ban on Skype, for the reason it allows almost free internet calls and cheap rates on landline and mobile calls.   No Surprise! As Belize Telemedia is the only ISP in the country, plus a home and skype belizebusiness telephone service provider, which may have blocked the Skype Belize to protect their telephony services. People in Belize are shifting to VPN services to restore access to Skype Belize. as a VPN review site and guide will advise their censored friends in Belize to go with VPN Services like,

These are some of the reliable VPN Services that won't take advantage of the blockage in the country and scam the people of Belize like many small VPN services tend to do in circumstances like these. Have a secure and free internet life!  

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