Shared vs Dedicated IP VPN

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Generally, most of the VPN users are not aware of the type of IP that is allowing them the desired internet services since all they need is to enjoy TV shows or communicate with their peers over the internet. However, those who are comparably more concerned about their IP addresses for different reasons feel it better to choose the VPN packages depending on whether they provide shared IP or dedicated IP. Let us discover some essential points regarding Shared vs Dedicated IP in detail.shared vs dedicated ip

Shared (Dynamic) IP

As the name suggests, a VPN connection having shared IP shares its IP address with many other users logged currently in that particular network. It is mostly preferred by the users who use VPN for purposes such as internet browsing, emailing, watching programs over Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and other streaming websites.


  • Preferred while using an unsecured Wifi connection.
  • Access to comparably higher number of VPN servers throughout the world depending on the vendor’s services.
  • Assure high degree of anonymity from other users; it is a tough task to single out a particular user from among uncountable netizens sharing similar IP address.


It may happen that a user sharing your IP is involved in sending spam messages at random to thousands of email addresses and is consequently blocked. Since you are also working on the same IP, it is likely that you may also be blacklisted, banned or blocked, as you are using the same blacklisted IP address.

List of Best Shared IP VPN.

Dedicated IP

VPNs with dedicated IPs are for the users who want privacy and seek secure transfer of data over the internet without the intervention of any third party in between. A dedicated IP is helpful in accessing the network ports that have been blocked by the respective Internet Service Provider.


  • You get your own IP address and hence negate the fear of being blocked due to any undesirable activity online.
  • Best for open ports that operate with the help of routers (preferably DD-WRT).
  • Sets you free from Remote Port Forwarding.
  • Also gives you additional security in limiting the access of particular information or particular server from on or more specific IP address(es).


  • Dedicated IP VPNs won’t allow you to use distinct servers as per your requirement and your scope of work is limited to a single location only.
  • Chances are higher that your anonymity is affected and your log data might be unprotected, since it is far easier to find out a user operating with an IP address named on his own credentials.

List of Best Dedicated IP VPN.

Bottom Line

Shared vs Dedicated IP VPNs have their significance and are quite useful in coming out with positive solutions when it matters the most. No matter if you are foreseeing to accomplish your business goals by remaining hidden over varied networks or if you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows from US, UK or some other location that are you deprived of otherwise, choosing any of the shared or dedicated IP VPN would definitely come as a viable remedy to your requirements.


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