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LG Optimus is a touch screen, Android-based mobile phone that is the pioneer to be launched with dual core -processor. And to make sure it stays safe online, you need a VPN service. Here are the top LG Optimus VPN to secure your Android Phones.

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LG Optimus running Android 1.6 Donut which can further updated to Android 2.1 Éclair via an LG software release. It performs every function of a Smartphone like Web surfing, Instant Messaging, Video streaming and much more.

Regardless of proxy extensions and security firewalls, using an Android device in open network is always a threat. Snoopers will never let go any chance they avail on Wi-Fi to sniff your valuables.

Seemingly Android devices especially Smartphone like LG Optimus are the best availability of malicious actors. Recently a malware name “Droid cleaner” is supported by researchers that can sweep every information within your LG mobile phone from contacts to media files.

LG VPN Gives You Maximum Protection

No doubt to say, without internet LG Optimus is totally useless. And without a VPN internet is totally unsecure. The end point is LG Optimus can produce wonders and best use of your money only if LG VPN is along with it.

With LG VPN here comes accessibility, security and most important invisibility of online presence that will save you from snoopers and malicious actors all the time. Live the life with rainbow colors in association with LG Optimus. Now the major concern raises here, how to connect a VPN on LG Optimus Smartphone?

Easy Guide to Connect VPN on LG Optimus

Setting a personal VPN on LG Optimus doesn’t require you to master in technology. It’s a very easy and simple process. So, Let us help you to guide each and every step to connect a VPN to your new LG Optimus.

LG Optimus with Android includes support for VPN so no other installation will be required. You just need to get a VPN account and then follow the under said steps.

• First you need to add a new VPN connection on your LG Optimus. So, let’s begin,

• Check the home icon on your screen, go to menu

• Tap on settings from the menu

• In settings go to Wireless and Networks and then tap it

• Tap VPN settings

• Select add VPN

• Now select the type of protocol from giving option (PPTP, L2TP, SSL, SSTP and others)

• Fill up the mandatory details (VPN Provider name, Server IP and so on) *information will be offered by VPN provider

• Save the settings and return to the Main Screen

Now once you are done with VPN settings it time to make the connection with the VPN server. So let’s start again.

• Select the home menu

• Go to settings and then Wireless and network selection

• Tap VPN settings

• VPN you have added is already listed, so it’s time to tap it

• You will now have to enter username and password provided to you by VPN provider

• Tap the link option and your connection will shortly establish

Once a connection is built in a notification will appear on your status bar, if you wish to disconnect repeat the same process and off the VPN connection.

Top LG Optimus VPN

After an analytical research we have produced a list of top LG Optimus VPN providers. Not to mention, these VPN providers offers the best services for LG Optimus, especially regarding security.

You and check out the list and performance rating below at wrap up. At the moment we announced the top three LG Optimus VPN providers for you.

1. ExpressVPN

2. PureVPN

3. NordVPN

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