Google Nexus VPN Guide – Setup VPN Connection on Nexus One or HTC Passion

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Google Nexus One (or HTC Passion), running high on Android 2.1 operating system is among the most valued ones in the line of smart phones.  Especially, the corporate people have found an exceptional option to connect to the world with its inception in January nexus one vpn

It offers a gamut of features including a microphone to suppress the dynamic noise, voice guide navigation support to drivers and the facility for voice to text transcription. As a further icing to the cake, you can also set up a VPN connection on your Google Nexus One. Sounds too good to be true but it is indeed true. Read the complete Google nexus vpn guide.

Configuring VPN on Nexus One or HTC Passion

If you are a corporate person, it is likely that you run a piercing need to connect with your customers, business partners or with your workforce persistently. To help you in your coveted endeavor, several VPN providers offer you the services to set up a VPN connection on your Google Nexus One. Let us know how you can do it.

Creating VPN connection

Step1: While in  a computer you click the items, similarly in a cell phone,  you tap them. Hence,  in order to create a VPN connection on your Google Nexus one, after pressing the home icon and then menu, move ahead to tap “Settings”.

Step2: Tap the “Wireless & network” option to get a list of options in the next screen such as Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Settings and VPN settings. Tap VPN settings.

Step3: Next, tap “Add VPN”  that will take you to the list of VPN protocols. Select the one that you want for your Google Nexus one from among PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN and L2TP/IPsec CRT VPN.

Step4: Fill in the details of your VPN service provider in the next screen, such as VPN name, VPN server, DNS search domains and more. You won’t need to fill in DNS search domain field if you are using commercial VPN provider. Just enter you VPN name (can be anything), VPN Server address, Username and Password (Provided by VPN Service provider).

Successful completion of these four steps would assure that a VPN connection has been created in your phone. Your next task is now to connect your phone to the VPN.

Connecting VPN to Google Nexus One

Step1: Press Home, navigate to Menu and then tap Settings.

Step2:Tap or hit wireless & networks

Step3: Next, Tap VPN settings as you did while creating the VPN connection and check out the connection that you just configured.

Step4: Press the newly configured VPN connection or any other existing one that you want to use for VPN.

Step5: The resulting dialog box would ask for your credentials such as username and password. Provide the requisite information and touch connect to avail flawless VPN services on your Google Nexus one.

Once connected, the phone’s Status bar would continue to flash  ongoing connection updates.

Disconnecting the phone from VPN

It is not that big deal. All you need is to open the notifications panel (at the top of the screen), press VPN Notification and then, tap Disconnect.

List of Top VPN Providers


Android VPN Apps

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