Secure Online Shopping on Thanksgiving, BlackFriday & CyerMonday

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Folks! The festive season is around the corners yet again and I am damn sure that you would not like to miss even a single opportunity to make the most of your craved occasions.

Though Christmas is still far away but we do have Thanksgiving Day, CyberMonday and Black Friday, all lined up one after another to give you more than one reason to cherish your way through happiness.

This is exactly the time to hit the bull’s eye and go out for a shopping spree! But if you are wary of surmounting crowds in the showrooms and streets, do not fret, for the option of online shopping is always open, round the clock.

However, while technology acts as a boon for some, the others often use it as bait to harm others, and the world of internet shopping has not been kept bereft of it.

So, what to do? Should we stop shopping for all those goodies online and pull up our socks to barge our way into branded showrooms? I guess not! Perhaps, maintaining utmost security over the web while doing any such e-commerce transaction could be a better choice. How? Let us know about it.

Online Sales Boost on Thanksgiving, BlackFriday & CyberMonday

Secure Online Shopping

While it is celebrated with the name of Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the rest of the world enjoys it with the name of Black Friday.

And as for Cyber Monday, it is the Monday that follows immediately after Black Friday (or Thanksgiving Day).

Whatever be the occasion, the volume of shopping across the world, especially in countries where Christmas is the biggest festival, is at the peak in these times since Black Friday is regarded as the beginning of an extended shopping season prior to Christmas Day.

As per a survey conducted in 2005, near about 80 percent online retailers accepted a significant increase on Monday; post Thanks Giving Day, i.e., Cyber Monday.

5 years hence, in 2010 yet again a report from comScore revealed the worldwide craze of online shopping where $1.028 Billion were spent right on this super Monday which was comparably much higher than the total expenditure of $887 in 2009.

As for Black Friday, the total amount spent in 2011 was a whopping 39.3% more than 2010, which amounts amount $816 million. With all such incredible numbers, there is every reason for the shoppers to go for the best deals online, but as we said earlier, there are miscreants waiting for your arrival over the web and you have to make sure not to let them satisfy their anti-social causes this time.

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VPN Technology – Easiest Way to Secure Online Shopping

VPN, as we all know is a highly efficient method to overcome this anomaly that lets you shop online in a quite safe and secure manner.

The additionally layer over the regular security measures you adopt on your device makes it sure that you do not get cheated during transactions.

Moreover, your identity also remains under veils throughout your shopping sessions over the internet, which is a further plus. Below is the list of Best VPN Providers that can secure your online shopping to a great extent.


Are You Aware With All These While Shopping Online

We have mentioned here some important measures that you can thus lift in this regard, let us have a look:

  • Know your retailers: Make sure that you are well aware of the whereabouts of the company from which you have opted for online shopping; the details that need to be confirmed should include the exact location of the online retailer, its contact details and its reputation in the industry.
  • Confirm the payment details: Assure yourself completely of the billing methods being used by your retailer. Prior to making payment through your credit card, be sure to check out for all the expenditure details or additional costs that it is charging.
  • Read out the privacy Policy: Going through the privacy policies of the concerned company would be a recommended move if you are interested to close deal with it.There are certain things that they don’t tell you on their website’s home page or landing pages, but it might be hidden somewhere in the privacy policies. Better read it out rather than becoming pray to their tricks.
  • Be aware of credit card clauses: While paying through credit card, if unfortunately, you have been made the scapegoat; even then awareness about online fraud protection policy that is provided by your credit card firm could be helpful.Most of the companies have this facility to safeguard your interest against fraudulent attempts by retailers during online shopping through various special clauses.
  • Adopt apt protection measures: Make sure to secure your computer from the entry of malware or hackers through some significant protection measures.
While a reputed anti-virus is recommended to deal with viruses and malware, approaching VPN service providers would be apt to keep the imposters and hackers at bay.

There are some of the important steps that you can raise in order make your online transactions more safe and secure on this uber auspicious occasion.

I am sure, you would get a good respite from the anti-social elements over the web once you follow these and similar other safety measures religiously. Wishing you a basket full of Happy Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday .


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