Reports: Iran Internet Censorship Filters are Down and Not working !

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Last week Iran blocked all VPN services running on PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols, which not only strengthened the Iranian Plans of local internet (famously known as ethernet) but also raised concerns in Iranian internet community. Now, according to the reports , iran censorship filters are down due to unknown reasons.Iran Censorship

Netizens in different areas of Iran are able to access all blocked websites including Facebook, Youtube, Anti Government Websites and Porn websites in Iran for some hours now.

Iranians are of the view that this block has been deliberately lifted for sometime in order to track the IP addresses of the people who accessed the websites which are prohibited by Iranian Government. These IP addresses will be helpful for Iranian Government to track the users of these prohibited websites, so that they can be punished.

There were frequent disconnections reported by netizens in Iran while accessing these blocked websites. One of the harshest internet iran censorship in the world, where it censors millions of international and national websites. International websites include Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and almost all International News websites. It also block various national websites including all websites from local opposition parties and movements. There is also a history of arresting bloggers and internet activists in Iran.

Local internet freedom activists have asked Iranians to not use any of the blocked websites due to iran censorship without proxy or VPN, so that any risk can be avoided.

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