PureVPN Review 2015: Inside Look into Software, Servers, Speeds and More

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PureVPN is a veteran VPN service by a Hong-Kong based GZ Systems limited. The company has been operating since 2007 and boasts its name among the top-notch VPN services. With servers in 89 countries, custom apps, dedicated desktop software, 24/7 support and more, PureVPN comes as one of the finest providers of the industry. Let’s get on with this PureVPN review and evaluate its features in detail.


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PureVPN Servers and Server Locations

True to its top-tier image, PureVPN has a fully-owned VPN infrastructure comprising of 45+ nodes in 89 countries. All servers rest in world’s most secure data centers and guarantee a 99.99% uptime.

 purevpn servers

In total, PureVPN gives you an opportunity to connect from virtually any place of the world, from popular locations like US, UK, Canada and Australia, to exotic locations like Bulgaria, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The best part of PureVPN is users can switch from one server to another without paying any extra money, as many times as they want. This offer stands for all PureVPN packages.

Software and Apps Compatiblity

No other VPN provider has brought enough innovations in their product and services as PureVPN in the last few years. Previously, PureVPN’s software is compatible for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, but now it has also launched its most private and secure services for iOS devices.

purevpn device compatibility

Moreover, PureVPN is also compatible with DD-WRT routers, Boxee Box, SmartTV, Chromecast, FireTV, BlackBerry, HP WebOS, and other internet enabled devices.

Dedicated apps are available for iPhone and Android users. These apps are realy easy to install and use. You won’t need more than a few clicks to get your smart phone secured by PureVPN.

PureVPN has developed custom VPN app for both Windows and Mac, to appeal to the differing tastes of the two OS users.

The PureVPN desktop software for Windows/Mac is very thoughtfully designed with a very user-friendly interface. The app can be used to start VPN services in multiple ways, such as:

  • For quickest connection, press the ‘Quick Connect’ button to connect with default server and protocol selection.
  • For manual selection, pick the server and protocol of your choice from the dropdown menus placed on the main screen of the app.
  • If unsure, use the ‘Country Selection Tool to pick the purpose of using a VPN and the app will sort out everything for itself and connect to the optimum server.
  • For downloading and streaming, the VPN app offers the ‘Fastest Server’ option that automatically connects the users to the fastest server according to the users’ location.

If the users get stuck at any point, all tutorials are available at PureVPN websites; and they’re very helpful, too!

Protocols, Encryption and Security

PureVPN has strengthened security features in its software over time, including support for more secure encryption protocols. Specifically, PureVPN supports the popular PPTP protocol, the L2TP/IPSec protocol, the SSTP protocol, the SSL-based OpenVPN protocol and IKEv2 protocol.

purevpn protocols


The default encryption standard is usually 256-bit SSL or AES, which is similar to one utilized in military communications.

Among other security features in its software, PureVPN has an Internet Kill Switch and NAT firewall. The former is a fail-safe button in case your VPN service or internet connection is ever distorted or goes down. Once it is activated, it restricts access to all ongoing internet activities so that not even the toughest of hackers can break in while the security shields are off.

The NAT firewall is a similar feature which comes as a security add-on with PureVPN. It is specifically developed to restrict data leaks from wireless routers which may seem to compromise security when a hardcore hacker is after your information.

Pricing and Packages

PureVPN has over time reduced its package prices. This gives it a particular appeal amongst the cheap VPN services, because users get the chance to enjoy quality at an extremely affordable rate.

You can go for monthly, half-yearly, and annual package plans with PureVPN. Unlike many providers, PureVPN gets you all options enabled across the board – including unlimited bandwidth, server-switching, multi-logins, SmartDNS, torrents and others. Besides, the wide variety of payment options makes PureVPN subscription a breeze of an affair.

PureVPN Pricing

As you would note, the monthly package comes for just $9.95, while the 6 months plan is priced at $44.95. The best offer, however, comes with the 12 months plan which comes at an incredibly reduced $49.95 and averages for just $4.16 a month. This deal also gets you a whopping 65% discount from PureVPN compared to the monthly plan.

PureVPN Payment Options

It seems like PureVPN has not left any payment model untouched when it comes to receiving subscriptions from its users. It is a surprising 50 options on the whole, so 10/10 for its collection department for that!

Amongst the common methods, PureVPN subscription can be paid through PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, Moneybookers, Amex, Discover, Plimus, Payza, WebMoney and Bitcoin.

purevpn payment modes

In addition, PureVPN can be paid through a variety of gift cards, coupons and e-credits like MyCard, Dotpay, iDeal, Paysafe, CashU, SMSCoin, Alipay, GScash and Ukash.

Free Trial

PureVPN is yet to come up with 100% free trial. However, there is a 3 day trial account available for $2.50 USD, which pretty much eases up concerns of quality and service for a VPN newbie.

There is also a 3 day money back guarantee with a 100% refund policy in case a user is not satisfied.

PureVPN Setup

PureVPN takes a minute to install. All you need to do is to download your desired client (Windows, Mac, iOS or Android) from the site, and run the setup (or exe.) file from the download location. The automated setup process will then land you into the first screen, also known as dashboard. Here it is for the Windows software.

purevpn settings

Linux, Blackberry, Xbox, Smart TV and DD-WRT users can also easily set up PureVPN. For operating systems or devices for which a dedicated PureVPN client is not available, and for those who wish to go with manual configuration, there is a comprehensive list of tutorials given on the provider’s website.

Speed Test Results

Here are some speed tests from PureVPN’s server. We had a 25 Mbps connection which did not showed up as good as it was in usual times, so speeds without VPN were around 22 mbps.

For our test, we used the simple PPTP protocol and tested two servers, both in United States.

purevpn speed test

As you would note, the speed test result for Los Angeles server gives a download speed of 14.59 mb/s, with a ping of 86. The second server, the NYC, takes it better at 20.45 mb/s download speed and just 15ms ping.

If you are not familiar with how VPN affect internet speeds, know that this result is pretty much awesome because it has retained some 60-80% of the pace from the original speed of 22 mbps.

Privacy and Log Policies

PureVPN has no interest in its user’s internet activities. It does not monitor your web sessions at any level neither does it have any clues about your web preferences.

Further, no data logs are created by PureVPN servers. They remain blind to everything except your bandwidth usage and times.

However, a minimal amount of personally identifiable information is taken at the signup process, including names and IP, operating systems and sometimes operational logs. This is necessary to keep service quality under optimal levels and marketing and after-sales correspondence.

Unique Selling Proposition

Before we move on to seeing the unique selling proposition of PureVPN, here is a brief video that tells why this provider sees itself as one of the best options for a personal VPN service.

There are two, instead of one, unique selling propositions of PureVpN.

First, PureVPN Windows and Mac software has the Split tunneling feature, a thing which is still a rarity in the VPN industry. Split tunneling allows users to split their internet traffic for VPN and non-VPN use, at the exact same time.For example, general browsing can be done without a VPN while financial transactions can be carried out with PureVPN’s protective shield, at the same time. Isn’t that just great?

Second, PureVPN has an extremely friendly and engaging after-sales support. They are available round the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Only a few other VPN services can make for such an expensive and tedious arrangement. We describe features of customer support later in this PureVPN review.

Customer Support

PureVPN’s quick and effective support is available to customers through live chat, email and ticket system, 24/7/365. PureVPN says it out loud that they have the best after sales services 24/7. For this PureVPN review, we tried every customer support option on offer and were very pleased to find out substance in those claims by PureVPN. Here is a snapshot of the chat I randomly took at 2 at night, just to see whether they are awakened.

purevpn support chat

Guess what, the response time for the chat to activate was not more than 30 seconds!

We are also very pleased with the friendly attitude of the customer care representative of PureVPN customer support.

If we have to rate PureVPN on one feature that differentiates it with the rest of the industry, it has to be its customer support. It is where you are truly treated as the king!

Conclusion and Recommendations

For almost eight years of now, PureVPN has stayed to maintain the best levels of service quality, software standards and innovative approaches.

With an expansive network in 45 countries, dedicated clients for Windows, Android and iOS, exceptional customer support, and features like split-tunneling and kill switch, PureVPN has all the right essentials to qualify itself as a top-tier provider.

The only things we’d like to have in PureVPN in the coming days are free trials and flexible money back guarantees. Given that some of industry’s giants have already have it, PureVPN must hurry to make its might into these areas.

On the whole, if you are really looking for a VPN service that treats you like a royal customer then you sure must take a thorough look at PureVPN.

PureVPN Review


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