Pure VPN Launched Split Tunneling in Beta

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Another news just came in from PureVPN.com that they have launched an update of their Windows Dialer with an awesome feature i.e. Split Tunneling. There are very few VPN providers that understand the true meaning of Split Tunneling and offers in its true essence. In fact PureVPN becomes the second provider after Ivacy that offers split tunneling.

What is Split Tunneling?

Split Tunneling allows VPN users to put particular applications on VPN, while the rest of the internet traffic flows through normal internet connection.

How does Pure VPN Split Tunneling Helps?

Pure VPN Split Tunneling has many advantages like,

  • It resolves the ever growing need of VPN users that, they want certain apps to not to go through VPN, whereas all other applications go through VPN. PureVPN Split Tunneling allows VPN users to do that within their dialer.
  • VPN might slow down your speed sometimes. Therefore, users want only critical and data sensitive apps to go through VPN. PureVPN split tunneling also solves that, while giving the normal internet connection speed to all other applications.
  • It allows users to remain connected to their own local area network while at the same time accessing VPN. Without Split tunneling feature a user who connects to VPN loses access to local area network (LAN). This is a big disadvantage for business users or even individuals accessing resources e.g. printer, scanner or data over LAN.

How to Use Pure VPN Split Tunneling?

If you are new user, you will see Split Tunneling option in your dialer. If you are an old user, you will have to update your dialer.

In order to use it, run PureVPN software as an administrator. You will find split tunneling tab with all other tabs on the left side. Click on it, and search for applications on the computer that can used through Split Tunneling.

It will give you a list of most used apps on your computer. If you want to add your custom application, click on the button on the bottom right corner and add your specific application.

Enable Split Tunneling by clicking at the button on the top. Connect VPN from the dashboard tab, and then launch any app from the Pure VPN split tunneling tab.

Make sure to enable split tunneling before you connect to the VPN and make sure to launch the app from the Split Tunneling tab.

You are all set to enjoy, all new split tunneling feature.

One slight shortcoming I see in the split tunneling is that, in order to use split tunneling users have to launch PureVPN software as an administrator.

pure vpn split tunneling

Bottom line:

Over all, it’s an awesome addition to what PureVPN already offered. They are surely on a road to become the Top VPN provider in the industry and they are doing their best to get their as soon as they can. This only makes their offer better. Way to go!!

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Wish you a Happy and Private Internet Life !!

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